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Category Archives: English Girls

Lovely Laura’s Laments

LOVELY LAURA’S LAMENT Where is the Man is tried and true? Where is the Man will see me through? Don’t want a Wimp; Don’t want a Slug; Don’t want a Pimp; Don’t want a Thug. Where is the Man is tried and true? Where is the Man will see me through? I want a bit […]

O, Warrior Queen

  BOADICEA Boadicea, Charioteer; Boadicea, Charioteer. Queen of Iceni, Boadicea; Queen of Iceni, Boadicea. Government comes to burn and slaughter, Burn and slaughter, burn and slaughter. Government comes to burn and slaughter, Roman soldiers rape her daughter, Rape her daughter, rape her daughter. She raised an army, came on down, Came on down, came on […]

Five Men Who Could Have Benefited from Game

  HERE is a free rendering of the Prologue to the Wife of Bath’s Tale by Chaucer. This is the third of five poems in Keith Jacka’s series “English Girls.”  THE WIFE OF BATH The Wife of Bath trod the Marriage Path, Husbands five took her to wive. Three dowered her with Gold and Land, She had […]

“She Did Her Bit, She Played Her Part”

     ANNIE ROSE Annie Rose Smith of Bethnal Green Couldn’t care less what Life should mean; Didn’t use her Mental Powers Mulling over the passing hours; Didn’t believe it was her Station Spending her time in Cogitation. Worked in the City with Needle and Thread, Sewing fine seams for her Daily Bread. Sewing fine […]

English Girls

  KEITH JACKA  is the author of “English Girls,” a series of five poems. Here is “Arundel,” one of these poems and the first to be published here. The others will appear shortly. Mr. Jacka, who lives in London, is a reader of this site.    ARUNDEL Arundel the kindly girl. She knew How to be both Wife and Mother; true […]