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More on Pursuing Prettiness

  THE DISCUSSION in the previous entry of the search for modest and feminine clothing in the desert of feminist junkwear and ultra-bland chinos and polo shirts continues here. It has yielded great suggestions from readers of retailers and styles. You can even go so far as to buy historical reenactment wear. This dress above could be worn with […]

In Pursuit of Prettiness

AMY writes: I have been enjoying your blog for nearly two years now and have been enjoying a look down “blog memory lane” while perusing your archives. The wisdom contained in your archives is immense and your perspective both refreshing and fascinating. Several afternoons a week I sit at my computer with a cup of tea […]

Dressed in Mud

  LYDIA SHERMAN writes: I have been looking at the Paris fashion fiasco on your blog with interest. What could these designers be thinking? Perhaps they are preparing women to work in prison camps or plowing fields. Maybe they are trying to eliminate the task of sorting lights from darks when doing the laundry. Are they […]

The Death of Prettiness

    NOT ALL fashion designers despise femininity and refinement. But many of them do. Here are some of the latest from the runways in Paris. Look, and rejoice that you are not rich and fashionable. Civilization resides elsewhere.   

Every Day is Dress-Down Day

 The previous post on male attire criticized the self-deprecating, informal dress of men today, an outward sign of the flight from masculinity and authority. At work and on public occasions, most men look better in suits than they do in polo shirts and slacks, or even open shirts without jackets. Why have men abandoned suits? One reader offers an […]

The Male with No Plumage

Here is a picture taken a few years ago of Bill Gates and other Microsoft executives. I chose it because it seemed to typify the dress of men today, the schleppy, non-descript, I-wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly look. The wealthiest man in the world exhibits not the slightest hint of male authority or masculine bravado. Now here is a picture of a Roman […]

Female Immodesty and its Effects

  Catherine writes: I have a question about your article “Married to a Wimp.” I’ve been wondering about it, but haven’t had the chance to ask until now. In that article, it seemed to me that you implied that immodestly dressed girls are forcing young men to or toward becoming effeminate. You said something about […]

Clothing, Then and Now

  LYDIA Sherman writes in response to the previous post about her blog: I wanted to do a PowerPoint presentation to a group of women on the subject of clothing. I was going to say, “How did we get from this?”     “To this?”  :  from