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Category Archives: Fatherhood

Male Authority Revisited

  SUSAN writes: I’ve enjoyed going through your archives, and in some ways I agree with you. I would like to ask about one of the issues you frequently address. A couple of notes about my situation: I’m married, and my husband is a man by any standard. He’s not a firefighter, police officer, or […]

The Matriarchal Society

  AS PART of the ongoing series of entries here on the decline of marriage and fatherlessness, Jesse Powell reports below on the final 2007 figures for out-of-wedlock births. These numbers are stark evidence of the ongoing shift to a matriarchal society. Three years ago, illegitimacy rates were close to 30 percent for whites, 50 percent for Hispanics and 70 percent for blacks. These rates are higher […]

A Man in the Cold

  The Rev. James Jackson writes: I’ve many favorite poems about manhood, but I particularly like the attached. Robert Hayden was a student of Auden (he sounds like Auden), though he has his own style. The discussion on your blog touches many things which Hayden expresses well, so I thought you might want to share it […]

Married to a Wimp

  Dear Thinking Housewife, Men are not taught how to be men nowadays. What can I do about the fact that my husband is such a girl? Regards,                                                                                   Anonymous (in an unspecified location)   Dear Anonymous, I’m sorry, Anonymous, this question makes me mad. Not mad at you, but mad at this. In many ways, the debate over marriage […]

Fatherhood and Democracy

  The ideal citizen in any high-functioning democracy is the father. He is more important politically than the mother;  more important than the young man without children or the single woman; more important as a type than even the property owner. If I were to build an infant republic, I would limit the franchise to fathers, possibly making ownership of property an additional qualification. […]

What do Fathers Want? II

  Bill writes the following in response to earlier entry on fathers and daughters: I think (decent) fathers want for their daughters what they have always wanted: a home and a life which give them the greatest chance of rightly-ordered flourishing.  For a long time, back to say Greek antiquity, giving her the best chance […]

What do Fathers Want?

  I recently talked to a man who was disappointed that his daughter, in her early twenties, was not eager to go to law school. She had an entry level job at a major food conglomerate.  He wanted her to get a law degree, too. I suggested she may be worried about later. He said, […]