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Category Archives: Female sexuality

A Breast Cancer Story

    CHARNETTE MESSÉ had an abortion and used oral contraceptives. She believed these led to breast cancer in her thirties. In this video, she discusses her experience. As far as I know, it is not possible for Messé to have known conclusively that either the abortion or synthetic hormones caused her cancer. Nevertheless, there is […]

Just Another Career

  SEN. Harry Reid has called for an end to legalized prostitution in Nevada. He has argued it should end not because prostitution is wrong but because it is bad for Nevada’s image. Brooke Taylor, a leading spokeswoman for the business, strongly objects, according to The New York Times: “Here we are being safe and professional and earning […]

Brett Stevens on the Economic Value of Chastity

  BRETT STEVENS, at the website Amerika, argues that the loss of chastity as a social ideal is part of a larger denigration of hierarchy. As such, it is connected to economic decline of the middle class. He writes: Do we want each sexual act to have meaning, or should we remove context? Do we want a nation […]

The Decline of Modern Women, Chapter 8,654,392

  Do you remember the glass slipper and the poisoned apple, the damsel with hair dangling from a tower window and the whole castle fast asleep? The Age of the Fairy Tale is past, dear reader. Today, we only have tales of self-fulfillment, of the social atom seeking fusion. Here is a perfect example.  In a new book, three women describe their quest […]

Emmie’s Adventure

  A Field Guide to Evil would be handy sometimes, wouldn’t it? It could offer graphics that look like geological cross-sections, with their observable layers of rock. Like the earth, evil is multilayered, extending into the past and composed of radically different materials. Here is a perfect example of what I mean. Lisa Belkin of the New York Times in her Adventures […]

Female Immodesty and its Effects

  Catherine writes: I have a question about your article “Married to a Wimp.” I’ve been wondering about it, but haven’t had the chance to ask until now. In that article, it seemed to me that you implied that immodestly dressed girls are forcing young men to or toward becoming effeminate. You said something about […]

The Unfaithful Wife, cont.

  Fitzgerald writes: I was glancing through some of your older posts and found this entry on unfaithful women. I wanted to offer a few comments on the remark by a woman reader who said women have been forced to put up with male infidelity for eons.This is, sadly, very naive. While it may be true that […]

How Sexual Liberation Can Be Reversed, II

  In a previous entry, a reader commented that it was impossible to reverse the destructive course of sexual liberation because the age of marriage and child-rearing is now relatively late. People can’t wait to have sex until they’re 30 and it is no longer possible, for economic reasons, to get married earlier. I responded that there are a […]

How Sexual Liberation Can be Reversed

  JOEL writes: I’m not sure how conservatives, such as yourself, can object to teen pregnancies, such as Bristol Palin’s. While I agree that single-motherhood is horribly destructive to the fabric of society, I cannot see how preaching and pontificating makes any difference in its inexorable march. As the average age of first marriage steadily […]

More on the Unfaithful Wife

  A female reader writes about the previous post The Unfaithful Wife: That was a thought-provoking article. Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way, but it seems like you’re being much harder on women than men. Men have been having and getting away with having affairs for millenniums. And a lot of women have sucked […]

The Unfaithful Wife

If any good has come from feminism it is a dawning appreciation of female sexual desire and its potential to destroy. The monogamous instincts of women have been vastly exaggerated in the popular imagination, even by Darwinian realists who pride themselves on their clear-eyed appraisals of human nature. Sexual liberation has revealed the full extent of feminine waywardness and […]

The Well-Educated Slut

  Eighty years ago, when Virginia Woolf wrote A Room of One’s Own, her powerful argument for higher education for women, the world seemed in many ways an innocent place. I believe Woolf knew exactly what the new world she envisioned would be, but many others did not. Woolf argued that education must on principle be the same for both […]

The O-Movement

  In the last fifty years, there has been a prolific industry promoting the O-Movement, my working term for the widespread worship of the female sexual climax. This industry takes the form of popular literature exalting masturbatory sex – either alone or with others. Make no mistake about it. This movement is an enemy to genuine sexual fulfillment for women. 

What Women Need to Hear

  In the previous entry on female sexuality, Matamoros described a pragmatic approach to recovering the lost honor of women. He wrote: A movement that argued that the current political culture was pulling women in too many directions and resulting in the destruction of the family, with accompanying policy proposals that would involve a nationalist revitalization of […]

Female Sexuality and the Fall of Civilization

    Matamoros writes: Why is it that men are, in general, much more politically involved on the right side of politics than women, especially in the burgeoning traditionalist right? Some of the answers to that question are, I think, obvious.  Men are more involved in politics for the same reason that men make up […]