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Category Archives: Fertility

Fertility and the Counter-Culture

  JESSE POWELL writes regarding his recent report on fertility statistics in the U.S.: In regular day-to-day life, it is easy to think that there is no opposition to feminism, that American culture is dead, that nothing good is happening. Maybe one runs across a positive indicator here or there but that is only “anecdotal” […]

The Importance of High Fertility

  JESSE POWELL writes: What makes for a healthy community? Children. It is really quite simple. A community that invests in children is investing in the future; it is demonstrating the desire to perpetuate itself. This is not simply a worthy ideal. It is a reality apparent in the statistics of social health. The fertility […]

Is There a Baby Boom among White Liberals?

  IN THIS recent entry, readers discussed anecdotal evidence that a baby boom has occurred in some affluent, predominantly liberal white communities. This may be true in certain areas, but recent census figures suggest the trend is not widespread. As Jesse Powell reported previously, in the ten wealthiest zip codes discussed by Charles Murray, author of Coming […]

When Having a Child Elicits Sniping Comments

  SUZANNE writes: My husband and I are happy to be expecting our fourth child in seven years of marriage. Unfortunately, I rather dread telling most of my family members. We are Protestant, and the idea of “openness to life” has not been embraced for at least three generations, as far as I call tell. […]

A Look at Fertility and Educational Attainment

  JESSE POWELL writes: Looking at fertility of white women in America over the past 40 years, we see the development of a sharp divergence between college-educated and non-college-educated women. In 1970, the fertility patterns of college-educated women, who represented a much smaller proportion of the overall female population, didn’t differ much from the non-college-educated. Both groups of women had a strong preference for […]

More on Health, Culture and Artificial Birth Control

  ANDREW writes: I read your recent blog posts on contraception, culture, white fertility and parenting with great interest. Artificial contraception was introduced in Europe and North America decades before Asia, Africa and Latin America. I am a cancer specialist, and I can assure you that growing evidence clearly shows the link between hormonal contraception […]

Islands of Fertility in an Ocean of Demographic Decline

  THE NATIONWIDE INCREASE IN FERTILE CENSUS TRACTS By Jesse Powell A traditionalist or patriarchal subculture is growing throughout the United States among all religious groupings (and presumably among people more secular in orientation as well). This is what a close analysis of the 2000 Census and the 2010 Census reveals. To support this claim […]

Fertility and Marriage Declines Continue

  [NOTE: The below report has been updated to fully include all the new information available in the 2010 Preliminary Birth Data report.] JESSE POWELL writes: The National Center for Health Statistics has released the Final Birth Data for 2009 and the Preliminary Birth Data for 2010. The pattern of “risk aversion” presumably in response […]

The Decline of Modern Women, Chapter 8,654,392

  Do you remember the glass slipper and the poisoned apple, the damsel with hair dangling from a tower window and the whole castle fast asleep? The Age of the Fairy Tale is past, dear reader. Today, we only have tales of self-fulfillment, of the social atom seeking fusion. Here is a perfect example.  In a new book, three women describe their quest […]

Emmie’s Adventure

  A Field Guide to Evil would be handy sometimes, wouldn’t it? It could offer graphics that look like geological cross-sections, with their observable layers of rock. Like the earth, evil is multilayered, extending into the past and composed of radically different materials. Here is a perfect example of what I mean. Lisa Belkin of the New York Times in her Adventures […]

Children No More

  Much has been said about fallen birth rates and what they mean for the economies of the Western world, especially for consumer and government spending. We are after all economic beings, are we not? We are only economic beings, yes? So whatever lower birth rates entail, it will be economic in nature, or so our wise demographers tell us.  Less […]