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The Great Catastrophe in France

  TIBERGE at Galliawatch provides a translation of an article on mass immigration in France. From the piece: Many Frenchmen of European origin feel like foreigners in their own country. In certain neighborhoods, they become an oppressed minority. Foreign customs – the Islamic veil, boubous, djellabas – are forced on them in public areas.

Galliawatch on Events in France

  MUSLIM rioting on the Champs-Elysée, a glowing speech by a French bishop at the inauguration of a new mosque, the closure of a museum dedicated to Joan of Arc in Rouen and the new Islamic exhibit at the Louvre —- the blogger Tiberge at Galliawatch has these and other must-read posts about events in France.

France’s First Girlfriend

  FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE, the new president of France, is the first to occupy the Élysée Palace with a live-in companion instead of a wife. The political journalist Valérie Trierweiler is pictured above at yesterday’s swearing-in. (Tiberge of GalliaWatch writes about the event here.) Mrs. Trierweiler still covers politics for a television network. She is twice married and twice divorced. She […]