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More on Carl Larsson

  MEREDITH writes: It pained me to read that some of the Swedish painter Carl Larsson’s critics questioned the happiness of that family, and called him a hypocrite.  What rot!  And how wonderful that he had such a family and a haven to retreat to, as all men should.  It allowed him to go on, and continue to paint, […]

The Home of Carl and Karin Larsson

  THE SWEDISH PAINTER Carl Larsson created one of the Europe’s most beloved visions of domestic harmony. Dozens of Larsson’s watercolors and paintings featured his immediate surroundings: his wife, Karin; their children, their house and the countryside near Sundborn, the village where they lived in the late nineteenth century. A son confined to a chair in punishment, the children diving into the river, two daughters getting dressed with […]

The Principle of Non-Decoration at Work

    These two 21st century goddesses are fashion designer Donna Karan and her daughter Gabrielle, pictured in Karan’s vacation retreat in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The compound was featured in the December issue of Architectural Digest, along with the homes of Elton John and other celebrities. Karan’s beachfront buildings typify what might be called Sybaritic […]

Principle No. 1 of Traditionalist Home Decoration

  IN PREVIOUS ENTRIES, I discussed the influence of sterile modern design on the home. In a series of intermittent posts, I will be offering some basic principles of interior decorating for traditionalists. Here is Principle Number One.       I.    DEFLECT THE EYE FROM UGLINESS. Traditional homes, in an age when the model of the two-income family reigns, have one big problem. Let’s call […]

Lydia Sherman on Clothes and Home

  Lydia Sherman continues to explore traditionalist clothing and home decorating at her blog, Home Living. She writes on these subjects within the larger context of the spiritual mission of home. Unlike Martha Stewart, who recommends that women meditate and eat chickpeas to attain enlightenment, Lydia hearkens to the Bible and the traditions of the West. This painting by Charles Edouard […]

Why Modern Design is Anti-Woman and Anti-Family

                                             Interior Design Magazine/ Photo by Eric Laignel.   Natalie writes in response to the previous post on interior design:     I was interested in your thoughts on current interior design trends and the rise in minimalism. First, minimalism is a very masculine style, and one could say that the more androgynous […]

The Principle of Non-Decoration

    Photo by Eric Laignel.   Modern design and fashion are characterized by a love of uniformity, monotone colors, and visual barrenness. In clothes, this means grays and browns for women with few embellishments or frills. In interior design, this translates into an absence of pattern, vibrancy, texture and warmth. It’s egalitarian chic and deliberately plays down luxury. Only […]

The Tactics of the Anti-Woman Woman

  It is a standard rhetorical device of feminists to always and unfailingly make token nods to the domestic woman, as if to say, “I’m not against domesticity. I only want women to have the freedom to choose.” This is a lie. They do not want freedom, but the transformation of female nature. A perfect example of this […]