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Family Factories

  THE brave new world of commercial reproduction creates a welter of interesting stories for journalists. There is never a dull day for the news media as long as the child-production factories, with their sleek labs and carpeted waiting rooms, roll along. Engineering human life is extremely complex and therefore extremely interesting. For instance, Cathy […]

Primitive Tribes Show Shocking Interest in Procreation!!

  IN THE ATLANTIC, Alice Dreger, a professor of “medical humanities” at Northwestern, ponders the findings of two anthropologists who have discovered two African tribes where homosexuality and masturbation are unknown. These tribes present several puzzles to the liberal mind and their ways of life are instructive. Indeed, I would say anthropologists will be studying them for decades, […]

Same-Sex Unions in Maryland “for the Kids”

  THIS maudlin Washington Post story, more editorial than balanced reporting, argues that the same sex “marriage” law on the Maryland ballot is in the interest of children, echoing the slogan used by Gov. Martin O’Malley, who says people should vote for homosexual unions “for the kids.” That’s right. The governor of Maryland believes that […]

The Myth of Marriage Inequality

  SUPPORTERS of homosexual “marriage” now commonly refer to their program as a question of “marriage equality.” This is one of those phrases, similar to “reproductive rights,” that is so remarkably illogical and absurd it can be demolished in but a few words. And yet so few people speak up to point out that it […]

Bullied by Smiles

    NOTICE the happy, warm faces of the “transgendered” freaks, I mean, individuals in the shocking publicity campaign by the Washington, D.C. Human Rights Commission. The point of these ads, ostensibly inspired by brutality toward transgendered individuals, is that men in lipstick, cross-dressers, self-castraters and women who have undergone barbaric mutilations, and physically injured […]

Obama Supports Marriage for Homosexuals

  NOT only did Obama finally say he supports same-sex “marriage” today, a statement which was no surprise at all, but he specifically affirmed the importance of redefining marriage for members of the military: I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when […]

A Temporary Victory in Colorado

  STEVE writes: Colorado Speaker of the House Frank McNulty (R) last night finally stepped up and killed the Civil Unions Bill before it could go to the floor for a vote. Had the bill gone to the floor, most likely it would have passed because of the votes of moderate Republicans. The media reports on […]

Discussion of Homofascism

  NEW comments have been added to the entry on recent attacks by homofascists and their hate-filled supporters. It’s important to emphasize one point. These attacks are not simply the work of a fanatical fringe. Not only do we see ordinary people driving and walking down the street participating in them, but we see the vast portion of America participating. This […]

When Christian Martyrdom is Replaced by Terminal Sentimentality

  JEANETTE V. writes: I made a remark in an online discussion of this article about transgendered lesbians that got several people in an uproar. I said: “These freak shows are covered to desensitize the public into accepting the bizarre as normal.”  This an example of the responses I got: 

Why Men Become Homosexual

  ANTHONY ESOLEN, in two recent articles at Touchstone magazine, offers ten reasons why homosexual marriage is wrong. I highly recommend his arguments, which are aimed at a non-religious audience. In the last of the two articles, he offers a compelling account of why men become homosexual. The perfectly normal desire for male companionship and approval leads to an obsession with male love. He writes: […]