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Pyle and Childhood

  [The Mermaid, Howard Pyle; 1910. Courtesy of the Delaware Art Museum.]  THE WORKS of the great American illustrator Howard Pyle, who died 100 years ago today, are a message from the past. They have the same effect as coming upon an old letter, buried in an attic, in which a relative in poetic tenderness speaks to another person long […]

Pyle in His Studio, 1898

    HERE IS A photo of Howard Pyle taken by C.P.M. Runeford in 1898 (courtesy of the Delaware Art Museum.) A reader named Jim writes: Growing up, my mother read me stories of King Arthur and Robin Hood, and I loved the Howard Pyle illustrations. I assumed that everyone was read these stories, along […]

Pyle on Imagination

   ["We Started to Run Back to the Raft For Our Lives," Howard Pyle, 1902. Courtesy of the Delaware Art Museum.] SUCH are the glories of the Internet that I was looking up this painting by the great American illustrator Howard Pyle, whose centennial I have been honoring in recent posts, when I found a blog devoted to the […]

Pyle on the Rush from the Stock Exchange

  THIS IS Howard Pyle’s illustration, The Rush from the New York Stock Exchange on Sept. 18, 1873. It appeared in Scribner’s Magazine in July, 1895. Pyle, who lived from 1853 to 1911, was one of America’s most popular illustrators. His works were featured in Harper’s Monthly, Collier’s Weekly, St. Nicholas, and Scribner’s. He also illustrated works of myth and fiction, including books by Robert […]

Pyle with His Children

  HERE is the famous American illustrator Howard Pyle on the beach with his children in 1897. I will be featuring more of his illustrations in the next few days in honor of the hundredth anniversary of his death on Nov. 9.

One of Pyle’s Pirates