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A Personal Question

June 5, 2009


Have you donated blood lately? If you have, then you know the world has moved one degree closer to full-bore insanity.

In addition to asking extensive questions about your medical history, your sexual history, your drug use, and your recent travels, the American Red Cross now asks a real mind bender: What is your biological gender?  The question comes after you have already identified yourself as male or female.

That’s right.  Say you are a 280-pound, six-foot hulk with a gravely baritone, stubble beard, 76ers sweatshirt and size-14 sneakers. Or, perhaps you are a 115-pound church volunteer in a floral dress and white high-heeled sandals. The Red Cross will not be so bold as to make any assumptions. You will have to tell them you whether you are, in fact, a man or a woman. Even though you have already told them that you are a man or that you are a woman.

Under federal regulations, blood donations are not accepted from homosexual men who are sexually active. The only conceivable reason why this question has been added is to further identify homosexual men, despite the many other questions regarding sexual experience, such as, “Have you ever had sex with a man who has had sex with another man?” But, one has to wonder whether its inclusion isn’t deliberate indoctrination, part of the ongoing effort to normalize the infinitesimally tiny underclass of sexual misfits known, incomprehensibly,  as the “transgendered.”

This is an offense to donors. This is an offense to common sense and decency. Volunteers give of their time and their physical substance.  A guy in a 76ers sweatshirt should not be subjected to the embarrassing insinuation that he may really be a girl. And, a petite old lady who has battled the elements to come to a church basement and give blood should not have to say, no, she never spent tens of thousands of dollars to have a sex-change operation.


Spring Warning

May 12, 2009

Carry your tissues today, dear reader
Please, carry your tissues today
These white little things
Are essentially things
For the rinsings and wringings of May

Green pollen, your sweet little nose stings
The thrushes, your tunnel-y ears wring
With petals, your mind sings
To secular lute strings
So carry your tissues today

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