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Interracial Marriage

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“My Father Fell in Love with an Image”

March 7, 2013


DAVID writes:

I must thank you profusely for your insightful posts. The interracial marriage discussions are of particular interest to me as a product of miscegenation. My father is a Jew and my mother Chinese. I am a college-age male living at home and my parents have been fighting recently with the looming threat of divorce. They mostly argue when they think I cannot hear, but their voices carry through the walls.

In one argument my mother accused my father of being a racist who doesn’t care about Chinese culture. He accused her in turn of only marrying him out of rebellion, not love. Both are probably correct to a certain degree.

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A Marriage of East and West

October 18, 2012


SEBASTIEN writes from France:

I have read some of the commentary regarding interracial marriage at your site and wanted to add my own perspective as my wife is of Asian origin.

I married a woman who is ethnically Asian but culturally white. In Russia, there are several Far Eastern Republics originally colonised by the Tsars who sent many settlers. Under the Tsars, the ethnic groups such as Yakuts and Evenks lived alongside the white Russians but there was very little assimilation during this period. With arrival of the Red Army, all changed and the ethnic groups were assimilated at the point of a gun. Read More »


The Stubborn Realities of Race and Marriage

September 17, 2012


IN THIS interesting entry about interracial marriage and the movie Mississippi Masala, the reader Jane. S. described the racial dynamics in the film. She used the phrase, “race trumps everything” to explain the end result of the interactions between the movie’s African blacks and Indians. A reader was very upset by this particular comment. She interpreted it in a literal way to mean that there are no human loyalties or obligations that transcend race.

Jane, who was once married to a man from a different race, now explains her meaning, which was that race often trumps the very best intentions in marriage. She writes:

Mrs. Campbell seems quite upset about the phrase “race trumps everything” and wants to know what I mean by that. To be honest, I don’t know precisely, so I’ll go back to the place where I first used it.

The Indian attorney in Mississippi Masala is born and raised in Uganda, and considers it his beloved homeland; he spends his entire life in good relations with blacks, he has a black friend he loves like a brother. All that goes out the window in a heartbeat, and he and his family are deported, just because of their race. He is afraid that his daughter may find herself in a similar circumstance, if she marries a guy from another race. There is no point in saying things like that don’t happen; they already have. Read More »


A Young Man’s Dilemma, cont.

September 17, 2012


MORE COMMENTS have been added to this entry about the efforts of a young black man to find a wife. Also, in that thread, I emphatically reject a statement made by a commenter yesterday that black women are “sexually unappealing to men of all races.” I unfortunately scanned over that comment when it was first posted yesterday. It is an incomprehensible and clearly false statement given the procreative record of black women, not to mention their objective physical qualities. It is also mean-spirited.

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Conservative, Black and Looking for a Wife

September 16, 2012


A YOUNG MAN from Massachusetts writes:

I decided to write in response to the race and marriage conversation that has been taking place on your site in the past week. I am a black young man in my early twenties who has been wrestling with the idea of interracial marriage for quite some time. I get along extremely well with conservative whites and am an active member of my local Roman Catholic parish, which is quite traditional. Read More »


Advertisers Love the Thrill of Black Man/White Woman

September 15, 2012


An ad for Jaguar

JEANETTE V. writes:

The man and woman in the back seat of a car is an ad for Jaguar. You can see more here.

The next one is an ad I received in my e-mail hawking Photoshop actions used to enhance photos. I will not be purchasing any of that business’s products.

Adriana writes:

The white woman and black man in the Jaguar ad are the two of the stars of the TV show “30 Rock.” 30 Rock features an ensemble cast, so one might try to argue that the advertisers specifically picked out a white woman and a black man from that cast, except anyone who watches the show will know that Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan play the two “always-at-odds” stars of the in-show television show (it’s a show about a TV show).

Laura writes:

Adriana’s point places the Jaguar ad in a different context.

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Mississippi Masala

September 14, 2012


JANE S. writes:

Mississippi Masala (1992) is a movie that explores the issue of biracial marriage rather well (Spoiler alert). It’s about a man who is a third-generation Indian immigrant in Uganda. He spends his entire life in close relationships with blacks. As an attorney, he valiantly defends the rights of blacks. Then Idi Amin comes into power and expels the Indians. The man learns that his dearest childhood friend supports Amin’s decision to deport Indians, including him. He realizes that, at the end of the day, race trumps everything.

He and his family wind up in Mississippi running a motel. Their grown daughter falls in love with a young black man in the community. Her father objects to this strongly. Read More »


Why Race and Marriage Should Be Discussed

September 13, 2012


PAUL writes about the recent discussions here on interracial marriage and relationships:

This is an extremely important topic for me and the West. I recall many years ago attending yet another wasteful business conference. I am white, and I date white women only. I met a very dark but wholly European-featured Hispanic young lady (whose elegance and heritage proved to me she was brought up in a middle-class or wealthy family and attended American Catholic schools, although she never said it, and I don’t pry). Read More »


Race and Love, cont.

September 11, 2012


COMMENTS have been added to two of the recent threads on interracial couples, here and here. In the first, a reader says, in addition to arguing that there are no innate racial differences in behavior or psychology, that it is simply wrong to discourage interracial marriage for the sake of some utopian goal of preserving Western culture. To which I respond:

Again, you are distorting my main points about interracial marriage, points which have as much to do with the happiness and welfare of individuals of all races as with the worthy project of maintaining Western civilization. It’s not a question of maintaining some beautiful abstraction in the form of Western civilization, but of helping people of all races find their identity and foothold in a heartless and impersonal world. You would deny them those bonds — bonds which are real though not all-encompassing and can be seen by all of us — and send individuals forth into the modern Tower of Babel in which identity revolves exclusively around abstractions, competition and material gain.

In the second of those threads, a reader, Aaron S., who is white and married to an Asian woman, makes some excellent points. Read More »


Race and Love Reconsidered

September 10, 2012


MICHAEL D. writes:

Thank you so much for bravely discussing the topic of miscegenation on your website. Of all the subjects covered, this has had the most significant impact on me. When I first encountered your website in 2010, I was dating an Asian girl and at the time, whilst I am a conservative, I genuinely believed the liberal nonsense that race does not matter in relationships. When my girlfriend at the time asked me to nominate the important qualities I seek in a girl, race was a long way down the list and I told her it was simply not a factor. I read every post in your archives on race and I realised how wrong I was. Thereafter I spent many hours deeply reflecting on this, and within a few weeks I had utterly convinced myself that miscegenation is wrong, against God’s natural order and it will lead to the sad destruction of my people, whom I esteem and care about very much. Read More »


More on Why White Women Fall for Black Men

September 9, 2012


THE discussion continues in the entry on the increasingly familiar phenomenon of white women pairing (“marrying” is often not the word) with black men. This phenomenon is evident in small rural towns and big cities throughout America. And yet no one ever discusses it. In the media, it is verboten to mention, let alone analyse, this immense cultural shift. This prohibition is borne of the standard-issue false humility of whites, which is a form of self-love.

The reader named Eric, who is a police officer, makes some astute observations, including this:

Certainly, we have all seen fat, white women with a white kid and a mulatto kid in tow. (If not, please visit your nearest Super Wal-Mart on the first of the month.) There seems to be a sense among some of these less-than-desirable women that any guy who is willing to be seen in public with them is as good as the next one, no matter if they are white, black, or Mexican. Read More »


White Woman, Black Man: It Must Be Love

September 8, 2012


KAREN I. writes:

Your post about white women with black men brought this to mind. This is Kelly Ripa with her new co-host, Michael Strahan. Ripa, a married mother of three, apparently has no qualms about publicly embracing her new co-host. In fact, she did so with great enthusiasm on his first day, leaping into his arms as he entered the studio:

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Pushing Diversity in the Bedroom

September 7, 2012


HANNON writes:

I have noticed over the last year or so a clearly deliberate attempt to market miscegenation to the TV viewing public. The commercial above depicts a couple in bed enjoying cream cheese, a classic American breakfast treat. Is it just a coincidence that the man (sorry, “male”) of the human pair looks a lot like Obama, beside his white female “partner” of indeterminate status? It is curious that there is a large minority of negative votes for this video but looking at several pages of comments I only found musings about the song. Read More »

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