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Tocqueville on Islam

  THE Washington Times has an article (posted at Galliawatch) on great thinkers who have issued warnings on Islam. Here is a quote from Alexis de Tocqueville: “I studied the Kuran a great deal…I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly […]


  VINCENT C. writes: October 7th marks the 441st anniversary of the great naval battle of Lepanto in 1571 in the Gulf of Corinth, where Christian naval forces met and destroyed a larger Turkish Ottoman fleet, putting an end, albeit temporarily, to Muslim seaward incursions and expansion into Western Europe. How striking this victory is in light of the sycophantic servility that Christian officials […]

“Innocence of Muslims”

  DANIEL S. writes: I had time to watch the video “trailer” of Innocence of Muslims (I am not sure if there is an actual full length version), and found it stupid, juvenile, and poorly produced. Supposedly $5 million was spent on it, though it doesn’t show. The content is deliberately inflammatory toward Muslims, depicting […]

Centuries of Outrages Against the Koran

  IN A DISCUSSION last year, a reader named Charles wrote: Here is an article from Asia News reporting on a Christian couple in Pakistan who were each given 25 year sentences for allegedly touching a Koran with unwashed hands. The article is dated March 3, 2010 – a little over one year ago.  This was before Pastor Jones was […]

Terry Jones Against the World

  SEE the heated discussion here last year about the actions of Terry Jones. As I said at that time, Jones was acting courageously when he announced he would burn the Koran as a form of protest and resistance to Islam. In another entry, I quoted Jeff Culbreath of What’s Wrong with the World. He wrote: That […]

Steve Klein

  HERE’S a story in the Los Angeles Times about Steve Klein, an insurance agent and activist who was involved in the making of Innocence of Muslims, the movie that sparked the violence in Libya and Egypt. He said the purpose of the film was to provoke local terrorists so as to identify them and that, contrary […]

The Just Response to 9-11

  A COMMENTER at VFR, Chris K. writes: Eleven years ago it became pretty obvious that a significant portion of the Mohammedan world hates us and wants to kill, convert, or conquer the West. If I suddenly found myself in a war with hundreds of millions of people, I’d get serious pretty quick about fighting […]

Geert Wilders Speaks on His New Book

  STEVE KOGAN writes: Commenting on the general clamor among “thousands of little groups” in Germany in the 1920s, each one hawking its own “set notion of life,” the novelist Robert Musil foresaw a time in the near future when “a genuine paranoiac” would no longer “be able to resist competing with the amateurs.” I […]

Photos of French Decline

  TIBERGE of Galliawatch writes: Elizabeth Badinter, like Simone Veil, has consistently closed her eyes to the reality of the destruction of the French family and the slow steady takeover of the country by Islam. Both women, being Jewish, have aroused no small amount of resentment among traditional Catholics. Robert Badinter, her husband, was responsible […]