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Category Archives: Lesbianism

Same-Sex Unions in Maryland “for the Kids”

  THIS maudlin Washington Post story, more editorial than balanced reporting, argues that the same sex “marriage” law on the Maryland ballot is in the interest of children, echoing the slogan used by Gov. Martin O’Malley, who says people should vote for homosexual unions “for the kids.” That’s right. The governor of Maryland believes that […]

Lesbian Chic

  AT Camera Lucida, Kidist Paulos Asrat explores the manly style of Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of the clothing retailer J. Crew. Lyons received widespread criticism for appearing in an ad earlier this year that showed her painting her young son’s toenails pink. She recently left her husband for a woman.

The Mother as Kidnapper

  WHAT CAN one say about a society in which a “family” court seriously entertains a child custody dispute between two women and then grants sole custody of the child to the non-mother, thus inciting the mother to flee with her daughter to a foreign country, risking arrest for kidnapping her own child and causing the Christian missionary who arranged […]

Kidnapping Charges Against Mennonite Missionary Dropped

  IN THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT in a child custody case that will either go down in the history of American jurisprudence for its flagrant violation of parental rights or represent a radical shift in the legal defintion of parenthood, federal prosecutors last week dropped kidnapping charges against Timothy Miller, the Mennonite missionary who helped Lisa Miller flee the country with her daughter in 2009 after a Vermont judge ordered […]

Late-Blooming Lesbians

  A READER writes: A Toronto Star article on ”late-blooming lesbians” contains all the latest mumbo jumbo on the theory of female sexual fluidity. It is a slickly written piece. Beyond the obvious message it intends to deliver, I noticed the events the author quoted as examples of what led the women to become lesbians. Interesting. This “sexual […]

Lesbianism Explored

  Kidist Paulos Asrat writes: I read the intriguing interaction you had with Rose, the conservative lesbian. I guess my view is that Muslims will be Muslims, and lesbians will be lesbians, however intelligently and insightfully they (lesbians) present their unconventional life style.  

More on Lesbianism

  Dearest Wife, I am lesbian and conservative, (rather like Florence King, I suppose). I have spent some time pondering your thoughtful post titled “Why Lesbianism?” and have come to think that there is much truth in what you say. While once a man would be obliged by societal expectations to stay with his wife […]

Why Lesbianism?

  The growth in lesbianism is one of the least-discussed cultural changes of recent years. No society on earth has seen lesbians become more comfortably open with their way of life as ours. Why? Why are there more lesbians and why are their numbers almost certain to grow? The celebration of individual desire, the loss […]