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Category Archives: Male and female relations

Interviews with Chassidic Women

  BUCK writes: An entry at VFR discusses and links to an article by Daniel Greenfield in which he discusses a possible way to restore America through by limiting immigration, cultural secession and by properly marshaling the forces of traditionalist demographics. Greenfield discusses how the Amish and Chassidic Jews successfully segregate their culture from others […]

When Motherhood Becomes Co-ed

  ELLEN writes: I wanted to bring up yet another cultural problem that women in the workforce have created in our society: The awkwardness of dealing with “stay-at-home dads.” When my child becomes friends with someone, it’s nice to have a play date. I can have a little grown-up time with the mother; they can […]

What Women Never Hear

  FITZGERALD writes: This post at What Women Never Hear is spot on, especially these first few paragraphs: [Men and women] differ in so many ways. Women seek emotional fulfillment and they go after it. Men expect sexual fulfillment but they also expect not to have to work hard for it. They will work hard […]

More on Game

   HERE ARE more interesting comments from readers regarding “Game,” which many readers say is a nihilistic, anti-Christian, hedonistic form of manipulation of women. There is no question that it often is. We are all agreed on that. However, one reader adds another impassioned defense of Game and advocates a Christian interpretation of it that rejects hedonism and recognizes the moral responsibility […]

When Game Is About Love

  YOUNGFOGEY writes: It seems to me that a portion of your readers have fallen into some common misconceptions about Game. First, as I wrote, at the core of Game is acting like a man. That means being aggressive, that means having a plan, that means pursuing what you desire, living with honor and, I […]

A Sterile Marriage

  A READER writes: Dear Professor Wood,  Thank you for your teaching. Your site shows the young generation of women and men, my nieces and nephews and the children of my friends, a path which they see rarely on campus or on the job. One young man whom you influenced was recently baptized (Eastern Orthodox) […]

Brett Stevens on the Economic Value of Chastity

  BRETT STEVENS, at the website Amerika, argues that the loss of chastity as a social ideal is part of a larger denigration of hierarchy. As such, it is connected to economic decline of the middle class. He writes: Do we want each sexual act to have meaning, or should we remove context? Do we want a nation […]

The Unfaithful Wife, cont.

  Fitzgerald writes: I was glancing through some of your older posts and found this entry on unfaithful women. I wanted to offer a few comments on the remark by a woman reader who said women have been forced to put up with male infidelity for eons.This is, sadly, very naive. While it may be true that […]

When a Husband Fails as a Man

  A reader takes strong exception to my advice to a woman who feels her husband is not manly. Laurence Butler, in his comments in the previous post, writes to the woman: If the leadership role has been temporarily vacated, you had better step in lest your children grow up to imitate a stoic but sorrowful […]

Married to a Wimp

  Dear Thinking Housewife, Men are not taught how to be men nowadays. What can I do about the fact that my husband is such a girl? Regards,                                                                                   Anonymous (in an unspecified location)   Dear Anonymous, I’m sorry, Anonymous, this question makes me mad. Not mad at you, but mad at this. In many ways, the debate over marriage […]

Cold as Stone

  Hannon writes: Thank you for the excellent entry [on female sexuality.] I would like your thoughts on one aspect of this subject, which you allude to here: “They simply do not know what lies behind the glowing facade of young women. Women are weak and impressionable. The fun times are momentary. Simple happiness of […]