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Category Archives: Male Genius

The Curse of Female Mediocrity

    WHY IS IT that women seem to be on average better musicians, better singers, better painters, better sculptors, better poets, better novelists, better artists, and yet the vast majority of artistic geniuses are men? How can this be? Patriarchal conspiracy, some active repression of female talent, must be responsible for the low representation of women at the apex […]

An Anti-Empirical Theory

  Sage McLaughlin writes: The notion that women have been deprived of the opportunity to express genius, and that this is the reason for the near total absence of female genius in the arts, is a long-standing meme among modern feminists. It runs up against the little problem that there’s no real evidence for it, […]

The Lost Masterpieces of Women

   A READER argues here that the talent of female artists and composers was long suppressed and that’s why we have no woman Mozarts. I disagree. The hackneyed idea that women could have created works of genius if only given the chance is rooted in envy.

Grammatical Engineering

  Laura F. writes: I wanted to send you this ridiculous little opening from a Wikipedia article:  The curse of the ninth is the superstition that a composer will die after writing his or her ninth symphony. The most prominent examples are Ludwig van Beethoven, Louis Spohr, Franz Schubert, Antonín Dvořák, Anton Bruckner and Gustav […]