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Category Archives: Manners

Interviews with Chassidic Women

  BUCK writes: An entry at VFR discusses and links to an article by Daniel Greenfield in which he discusses a possible way to restore America through by limiting immigration, cultural secession and by properly marshaling the forces of traditionalist demographics. Greenfield discusses how the Amish and Chassidic Jews successfully segregate their culture from others […]

A Lesson in Family Polemics

  DENNIS DALE writes: I happened upon your post about debating liberal family members and felt compelled to tell my own story. Recently I drove from Seattle to Southern California with my daughter and her boyfriend — he a committed lefty, she not yet committed (she has her father’s inborn good sense). We were, like […]

The Metamorphosis of Emily Post

    AT Tradition in Action, Marian Horvat examines the life and influence of Emily Post, the famous etiquette writer.  Mrs. Post, she says, went through a gradual transformation over the course of her life and ultimately embraced many of the abuses she once condemned. Ms. Horvat writes: Emily Post’s central commandment was to always put others at […]

A Movie Theater With a Dress Code

  ALAN writes: Many excellent points were made in the recent discussions, here and here, of proper dress. I contribute this additional example: In 1957, the manager of a motion picture theatre in North Tonawanda, New York, was plagued with rowdy behavior by youngsters dressed in leather jackets, blue jeans, shorts, and boots. So he decided to […]