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Category Archives: Masculinity

Nonsense Men

  ALAN writes: If my father had ever been asked to name the worst thing about American culture that he had witnessed during the second half of his life, I am confident he would have said:  The surrender of authority by American white men.  To yield their authority, he would say, is as good as […]

More on Game

   HERE ARE more interesting comments from readers regarding “Game,” which many readers say is a nihilistic, anti-Christian, hedonistic form of manipulation of women. There is no question that it often is. We are all agreed on that. However, one reader adds another impassioned defense of Game and advocates a Christian interpretation of it that rejects hedonism and recognizes the moral responsibility […]

When Game Is About Love

  YOUNGFOGEY writes: It seems to me that a portion of your readers have fallen into some common misconceptions about Game. First, as I wrote, at the core of Game is acting like a man. That means being aggressive, that means having a plan, that means pursuing what you desire, living with honor and, I […]

More Thoughts on the Contemptuous Spouse

  MARIANNE writes: Your blog continues to be fascinating and I am a big fan.   But I’m writing to express a concern, and I hope you will not take it the wrong way, because I truly admire so much of what you have to say. My concern is this: I think it’s a mistake to […]

A Sterile Marriage

  A READER writes: Dear Professor Wood,  Thank you for your teaching. Your site shows the young generation of women and men, my nieces and nephews and the children of my friends, a path which they see rarely on campus or on the job. One young man whom you influenced was recently baptized (Eastern Orthodox) […]

The Decline in Male Achievement, cont.

  JOHN P. WRITES: I’d like to offer a contrarian view of your post on graduation levels of men and women. If I understand correctly Jesse Powell’s statistics are aggregate graduation rates for all undergraduate degrees. However, most undergraduate degrees are awarded for liberal arts courses, history, psychology, sociology, English, etc. I don’t have the […]

Illegitimacy, Class and an Anti-Child Culture

  IN THIS PREVIOUS ENTRY, Jesse Powell and I discussed the differences in illegitimacy rates and family stability along class lines, looking at the widely held view that because the college-educated and affluent suffer relatively low rates of out-of-wedlock births, they are not seeing serious levels of family breakdown. We continue our discussion here.

One Father’s ‘Remorseless Interrogations’

  SOMETIMES it seems the world has been emptied of fatherliness. You know, father, the big guy who lives with your mother. You know, the guy who says no. Maybe the world took Jean-Paul Sartre too seriously when he said, “There are no good fathers … It is not the men who are at fault but the paternal bond which […]

The Boy Revolution

  Six years ago, I took one of my sons, who was then 10, to a bowling alley about 30 minutes from our home. It was a weekday afternoon and the alley had been reserved for homeschoolers. I was stunned when I walked in the door. The place was filled to the rafters with boys. And, from […]

Every Day is Dress-Down Day

 The previous post on male attire criticized the self-deprecating, informal dress of men today, an outward sign of the flight from masculinity and authority. At work and on public occasions, most men look better in suits than they do in polo shirts and slacks, or even open shirts without jackets. Why have men abandoned suits? One reader offers an […]

When a Husband Fails as a Man

  A reader takes strong exception to my advice to a woman who feels her husband is not manly. Laurence Butler, in his comments in the previous post, writes to the woman: If the leadership role has been temporarily vacated, you had better step in lest your children grow up to imitate a stoic but sorrowful […]

Married to a Wimp

  Dear Thinking Housewife, Men are not taught how to be men nowadays. What can I do about the fact that my husband is such a girl? Regards,                                                                                   Anonymous (in an unspecified location)   Dear Anonymous, I’m sorry, Anonymous, this question makes me mad. Not mad at you, but mad at this. In many ways, the debate over marriage […]