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The Greatest Nations on Earth Have Women Soldiers


Our Sexualized Military

  SEE this astounding headline in The New York Times: Military Has Not Solved Problem of Sexual Assault, Women Say   Why would anyone expect that a coed military would ever solve the problem of sexual assault? It’s much more likely that the problem has just begun. Also, might we ask, why women who are […]

The Sight of a Woman Maimed in Combat, cont.

  LAWRENCE AUSTER writes: Looking at the picture of Bush dancing with a female veteran who has a prosthetic device in place of a leg, I repeat something I’ve been saying for over twenty years: a country that, not as a matter of necessity, but as a matter of choice and discretion, puts women in combat or […]

Not in the Military but for the Military

  MARY M. writes: There are traditional ways for patriotic women to support the military without joining. Somehow those traditional forms of support have been forgotten or demeaned in the rush to push women into combat.

Do Women Join the Military out of Patriotism?

    HERE is an undated photo from the Facebook page of the Tea Party showing George W. Bush dancing recently with an injured veteran. The sight of  a woman dressed in military fatigues says a lot about what a society thinks of women. But the sight of a woman who has lost her leg […]

Is There Any Greater Abomination than the (Ideal of the) Female Soldier?

  JILL FARRIS writes in response to the post on the Navy’s “Love Boat culture:” Of course, the inevitable result of sex between shipmates under stress are unplanned pregnancies resulting in abortions. Women who undergo abortions have an increase in drug use, divorce/relationship problems, depression etc. In other words, these “love boat” conditions lead to an […]

The U.S. Navy’s Love Boat Culture

  SAILORS were once known for spending their leisure hours in brothels in foreign ports. Okay, they were not just known for it. They actually did it. That, for better or worse, was considered compensation for hard work and long hours at sea. Things have changed dramatically. Now men in the Navy have much less incentive […]

The Flying Amazon

  IN THE entry on a billboard that depicts a woman in the National Guard hanging in the air on a rescue line with a small child, apparently in her off hours while attending college full time, Terry Morris writes: She is Woman! Look at ‘er roar … or, soar! You wrote: “Normal women don’t […]

Every Woman’s Dream

  A reader writes: This is a billboard sign from McAlester, Oklahoma. As you can see it is a petite young woman on a rescue line. I thought you might find it interesting.

Better Body Armor for Female Soldiers, Hooray!

  JAMES P. writes: The Daily Mail reports that the Army has developed a new type of body armor for women. I am reminded of the old Secret deodorant ad — “strong enough for a man, made for a woman.” Of course, that armor won’t help them when their Afghan “colleagues” shoot them after they remove their body armor…

Mother and Soldier

  A FEMALE  Air Force sergeant and the mother of two children allegedly had her husband shoot her twice in the legs last week to avoid a military deployment to Asia. According to the Associated Press: Police say 25-year-old Judy Groomes was treated for wounds on both of her legs from one round from a handgun […]

One Mother Leaves the Army; Another Stays

  MELANIE writes: I’ve been reading your website for about a year now. I came across it at a time in my life when I was struggling with a lot of confusion in my family, as well as with my own conscience. You have been an inspiration and comforting reassurance to the “traditionalist” feelings I’ve always […]

A Few Good Men and Their Mamma

  N.W. writes: Your post on women in the military reminded me of an incident that occurred about a year ago when I was enlisting in the Marine Corps. The senior enlisted man at the recruiting substation was a woman. Under her command were a number of men. She addressed the group of Delayed Entry Program […]

Women in the Military, cont.

  AS HAS been noted here before, the entry of women in significant numbers into previously-all male portions of the military does not render the military less guilty in the eyes of liberals. It actually makes it more guilty. The issue of sex abuse against female soldiers, who are expected to defend themselves against aggressive foreign enemies but are […]

Trading Safety for Jobs

  BRUCE writes: It suddenly dawned on me this morning that with the ongoing feminization of the police and military, a watershed has been crossed, a step that demonstrates the profound unreality of modern life.  How could women ever have gotten themselves to the point where the idea of having large numbers of women working as […]