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Category Archives: Motherhood

When Motherhood Becomes Co-ed

  ELLEN writes: I wanted to bring up yet another cultural problem that women in the workforce have created in our society: The awkwardness of dealing with “stay-at-home dads.” When my child becomes friends with someone, it’s nice to have a play date. I can have a little grown-up time with the mother; they can […]

Intellectual Excellence for the Housewife

  CHRISTIE writes: I am so grateful to have found your website. I am struggling with my current situation and feel a light of hope shining in – the possibility of truly engaging my mind while being a housewife. I am a college educated, stay-at-home mother of two young, elementary school children. Having come up […]

Another Woman Writer Gloats

  “REAL FAMILIES,” is the name of a personal-essay series at Salon ”that celebrates the surprising and ever-shifting nature of domestic life in the 21st century.”  Salon means “surprising and ever-shifting” in the sense that tornados and hurricanes that lift whole houses off the ground and hurl them into the air are “surprising and ever-shifting.” The latest entry is “Why I […]