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Leaf and Mind

  THE phases of deciduous trees correspond to phases of the mind. The embers of autumn are the embers of memory. A child walking through a pile of new-fallen leaves, the crumbling fires flaming and crackling as he steps, may have the strange sense that he is walking through his future memories, with the written pages of his life burning and smoldering at […]

Winter in Autumn

  THE NORTHEAST storm I wrote about earlier this week was unquestionably one of the most unusual weather events in recorded history of the region. As a reader describes here, some people have been without power for the entire week. The heavy snow destroyed or damaged many trees.

The Brief, but Interesting Life of an Icicle

  A CORRESPONDENT writes: Even as the remnants of the record snows in the Mid-Atlantic corridor erode day by day, they continue to yield a spectacular harvest of icicles, in all likelihood one of the region’s most abundant ever. I saw one yesterday that appeared to be about 25 feet long, extending from just beneath a third-story […]

The Fugitive Leaf

                             The band of deciduous forest which extends roughly from the Blue Ridge Mountains to northern Quebec is unusual in the world for its autumnal color. The only other extensive swathe of forest that rivals it stretches across parts of East Asia. Deciduous trees elsewhere do not exhibit the spectacular mixture of reds and yellows. In Europe and midwestern United States, trees typically turn only […]