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Category Archives: Obese America

The Diet Merry-Go-Round

  Mark writes in response to the previous entry: Very interesting subject, and I’m delighted you’re devoting the space to it. [Laura: I'm not devoting space to it. Haven't you read? I've officially resigned.] Finding a diet that works – or rather, just learning how to eat healthily – can involve a lot of trial […]

Carbs Kill

  Richard writes: Your writing is usually refreshingly free of modernist claptrap. But that’s not the case with your “Obesity in America” article, and certainly isn’t so with much of the Oprahized conventional wisdom from your correspondents on that article. The current obesity epidemic is the result of four decades of bad public policies and […]

Fat and Defiant

  Some readers of my article Obesity in America gently accused me of insensitivity toward the overweight. I am not complaining about these comments and I recognize there are people who suffer from metabolic conditions and cannot hope to be thin unless they set about starving themselves.  But, I do think these commenters have missed the phenomenon I am describing. There is […]

More Criticism and Comments

  Nadege Armour writes: Although I realize that there is an obesity problem in America, I do not believe that the majority of folks experiencing  this phenomenon  have “spiritual problems of over-eating”.  I do however believe that illness and limited funds play a significant role in the people being described in your article. Did it ever occur […]

A Criticism, and Comments on Fat

  Rita writes: I’m a little hurt. I have an underactive thyroid (probably because my mother insisted on feeding me milk, which I was allergic to) ….do I get off a little easier? You sound a teensy bit mean in Fat and Unhappy and Obesity in America. If you have any suggestions for someone who […]

Obesity in America

  A new veterans’ cemetery is being built about 20 miles from where I live. The entire periphery of the enormous landscape will be reserved for bodies that are too large to fit in the normal vaults. It’s just one small example of something we all know: Americans are hideously fat. Obesity in America is not […]

Belly Report

  More than one in four adults are obese in at least 31 states, according to a new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. But, this is not news. We all know Americans are fat. Disastrously fat. Go to your local hardware store and try to sidle through the bellies in the aisles. You […]