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From ‘Father Knows Best’ to ‘Dad’s a Fool’

  JODI writes: I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and quite like what I see. It is refreshing to read common sense for a change. Thank you for your effort to be a light in this dark, ugly world. I found this image on a friend’s site today. Is it just […]

An Actress in Babylon

  WHAT happens to a woman as lovely, talented and patrician as Helena Bonham Carter when she embraces modern Hollywood? She becomes a raging nihilist. See Kidist Paulos Asrat’s post on Bonham Carter’s latest role as Miss Havisham in a remake of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. Forty horses couldn’t drag me to see this movie. […]

The Sesamization of America

  DANIEL S. writes: I never much thought much about the negative social impact of the PBS children’s program Sesame Street, but Mark Steyn, in writing about Romney’s recent debate performance, states: Unlike Mitt, I loathe Sesame Street. It bears primary responsibility for what the Canadian blogger Binky calls the de-monsterization of childhood – the idea […]

Singing to the Bee Gees

  PAUL writes: Here is a sweet vision of young children in 2009 singing to two men that are close to their great-grandfathers’ age. (Go to minute 2:04 in the video.) Of course, they are the vital surviving members of the Bee Gees, an unsurpassed ’60s-’70s rock group. Notice the difference between 2009 and 1968. […]

“I Saw You”

THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: Readers of The Thinking Housewife might recall the Swedish vocal quartet Kraja. It seems that the four young women are still singing and have issued their third album. Here is a Swedish television performance showing that they have kept their youthful grace from earlier appearances and have not succumbed to crass […]

Songs of Loyalty and Love

  ALAN writes: To a certain extent, your blog is a chronicle of loss – of common sense, moral principles, cultural standards, beauty, decency, manners, restraint, elegance, patriotism, strong families, respect for elders, and respect for the past, among other things; and a plea for the restoration of those things, a goal with which I […]

Ozzie and Harriet

  ALAN writes: Regarding the tolerant feminist who called you  an “ignorant housewife from the Ozzie and Harriet era,” your response was perfect.  But you should also feel honored (I certainly would) to be criticized in company with Ozzie and Harriet.    Because of decades of radical-leftist propaganda, many of your readers might not know the […]

Reality Shows and the Longing for Normalcy

  SAGE McLAUGHLIN WRITES: Eric writes in the entry on feminism and cooking that, “I am noticing a lot of cooking-type reality shows…I wonder how Hollywood turned meal preparation into a gladiatorial competition.” As a fan of cooking shows (though not the “reality” versions in which loud-mouthed, vulgar chefs abusively deride younger, less experienced ones), I […]

Songs of Marriage and Blue Skies

THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU WRITES: Aficionados of The Thinking Housewife do not need to be reminded how degraded commercial culture in Europe and North America has become, how a pornographic esthetic that sexualizes everything has pervaded all forms of mass entertainment including those aimed at children and teenagers. Those aficionados will be sadly familiar with the endless succession of tarted-up […]

It’s a Wonderful Life

  Fitzgerald writes: I’m watching one of my all time favorites movies, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and even though I’ve seen it easily 20 times I still find it compelling and most importantly, inspiring.  

Is TV all Bad for Kids?

  ANNIE writes in response to the post The Cheapest Babysitter in Town: Do you think that any TV at all is bad for a two-year-old? I am really wondering what your personal opinion is. I was in agony when my little boy started watching TV around the time he turned one! I wanted to fight my […]

The Cheapest Babysitter in Town

  Children between the ages of 2 and 5 spend more than four hours a day watching TV and playing video games, according to a New York Times article on the latest surveys by Nielsen. This is the highest figure ever. Electronic entertainment is the cheapest and easiest way to entertain young children. As neighborhod life declines, families grow […]

A Nihilist at the Opera

The eroticism of this photograph of Finnish soprano Karita Mattila in the title role of the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Puccini’s Tosca, one of the most beloved of Italian operas, gives you some idea of what it’s like when one of today’s hip nihilists takes over a traditional art form. This production was booed by Met fans […]

The Happy Couple

  In a previous entry, the Jon and Kate phenomenon was dissected. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, but take a closer look at this photo. Is this a man with his wife or a little boy with his Mom? Jon’s dressed in what appear to be kids’ play clothes and looks like he’s just eaten […]

Jon and Kate Equal Zero

  Mark writes:  From a cultural perspective, I was wondering if you had any thoughts worth sharing about the whole Jon and Kate plus Eight  phenomenon (which for all I know is just about played out). My wife & I are usually way behind the curve on these things; since we don’t have a TV, our only familiarity with the […]