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Category Archives: Pornography

Things Which Cannot Be Unseen

  JAMES M. writes: I’m ashamed of my familiarity with this subject [of pornography], and like so many others am living with damage done; I’ve seen things which can not be unseen. I was going to stay out of this but here’s a short poem I wrote about the feeling of self-loathing and hopelessness experienced […]

The Invisible Barriers of Porn Users

  MICHAEL N. writes: To my great regret, I have vast and intimate knowledge of pornography, and like one of your previous commenters, I wish I had never laid eyes on the stuff. I was a habitual user of pornography from early adolescence into my 40s. I started with magazines, then videos and from there seamlessly […]

Do Wives Drive Men to Pornography?

  YOUNGFOGEY WRITES: I pointed out in a recent conversation with you that men’s pornography use must be understood in the context of the misandrist culture where it takes place. I now think I can articulate more about why I think this is so important. If we look at God’s curse on the man at […]

Pornography and Totalitarianism

  DARRELL writes: One problem with pornography, and the reason it is propagated by elites, is that it tends to destroy the capacity of men for self-government.  And if men can’t govern themselves they certainly cannot govern their families, workplaces and political institutions. The purpose of pornography is to create moral anarchism and produces men […]

Pornography and ‘Mockery of the Divine’

  IN THIS entry, Stephen pointed out that pornography hurts a man’s ability to form and sustain relationships with women. Another reader asked for elaboration.  I wrote,  The more a person habituates himself (or herself) to solo sex or imaginary sex the more he is incapable of dealing with the complexities, unpredictability, disappointments and rewards of reality.  But here is […]

Is Pornography Good for Men?

  IN his book on evolutionary psychology and the sexes, Steve Moxon argues that pornography is benign and actually serves a useful social function. He writes in The Woman Racket: The male desire for a variety of novel sexual partners is insatiable, and for almost all men this cannot be met by actual sex. Masturbation to endlessly varying […]

“I Wish I’d Never Laid Eyes on Pornography”

  MARK writes: Laura wrote in the entry about Lady Gaga:  “Sexual and violent images are arousing. Young adults imitate what they see, and to a certain extent we all do. And, sure while they’re having sadomasochistic sex, they may be thinking, “This is the apotheosis of decay. I am rebelling by indulging in the […]