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Pre-marital love

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Sown Oats

July 2, 2009


Is sex before marriage all it’s cracked up to be? There’s an interesting discussion of the issue at Lawrence Auster’s View from the Right.

Statistics suggest that scattering one’s wild oats before settling down does not lead to greater marital happiness. Perhaps this is why. Pre-marital affairs raise expectations of novelty marriage cannot satisfy.  They also offer experience in how to end it all – sometimes with brutal efficiency.

Here’s Markus, at VFR, on the subject:

“The idea that having multiple sexual relationships while young will help you get something out of your system that needs getting out, and will lead you to experience a more stable and contented life afterward, is flat-out false. Rather, such a lifestyle creates a set of expectations–and frustratingly vivid memories–that will cause those who find themselves in the humdrum of a marital relationship (with all that that entails) to pine longingly for the old days, when they had what now seems like not a care in the world…”

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