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SPLC’s Hate Lists

  I DID not realize until today that the militantly anti-white Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists websites such as View from the Right and Vdare as “hate groups,” also defines traditionalist Catholics devoted to the Tridentine liturgy as extremist haters. That’s interesting. It seems wherever there is life, the SPLC is there to smear […]

Rushton on Race Differences

  J. PHILIPPE RUSHTON, the Canadian professor of psychology who died last week, wrote a very succinct “Question and Answer” chapter to an abridged version of his well-known book Race, Evolution and Behavior, the book that made him the object of so much hatred and political pressure. I highly recommend this chapter, as well as […]

Must-Have Accessories for Beautiful Movie Stars

CHARLIZE THERON, who is single, appears with a stunning designer handbag and her adopted son, Jackson. Imagine these two walking together in an airport 16 years from now. Will they even be speaking to each other by then?

A Policewoman Killed in Her Home

  JAMES P. writes: According to the Daily Mail, A veteran police officer, 55, was beaten and stabbed to death by her 15-year-old grandson after she came home to find he had skipped school, prosecutors said.

How to Control Riots by Theresa May

    WHEN ASKED whether police should resort to water cannons to control looters and rioters in London and elsewhere, Home Secretary Theresa May replied: I don’t think anybody wants to see water cannon used on the streets of Britain because we have a different attitude to the culture of policing here. We police by consent […]

“Angels Never Sung Across the Floor as We Walked By”

  I CAME across this 2008 homemade video by an anonymous young black woman and, though I don’t agree with her understanding of the 60s, I was charmed by her simple and direct honesty. She is responding to a call by the radical Kamau Kabon for the extermination of white people. She thinks anti-white racism is a great evil and is enraged […]

On “Flash Mobs” and White Women Who Delight in Black Liberation

  JANE writes:  While we here in the U.S. have had flash mobs all summer, the latest occurring at the Wisconsin State Fair, we have yet to see the degree of destruction of the London riots. The race war is on and the provocateurs have been extra busy since 2008. As reported by the Philadelphia […]

Testimonial of a Black Republican Woman

  CHRISTINE SMITH: I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and have found it to be very thought-provoking, and revealing of so many errors of our society. I often discuss your posts with my husband in the evenings. Thank you for your courage in upholding such “political incorrect” views. A friend shared […]

“Keep Thy Heart, Thou Man of Europe”

  THESE are days of darkness for white European civilization. The sky is darkened. The sun is in near total eclipse. Illumination comes not from great schemes of political reform. It comes, if it comes at all, from the lighted candle of the human soul. It comes from the burning heart.  The author of Cambria Will Not Yield writes:   Reason alone cannot restore the European’s sanity, because reason […]

Two Views

  TWO READERS below express conflicting views of Christianity and race. D.H. writes: I have been reading with what can only be described as a morbid curiosity as your conversations on race and interracial marriage unfolded. I don’t know how old you are, but I have lived a long time, seen a lot and the tone […]

The ‘White Race’ is a Dangerous Fiction

  MRS. JOHNSON writes: What your commenter A.M. is alluding to regarding whiteness is not Godly or Christian and is historically and culturally deceptive in terms of how complex culture is among “white” ethnic Americans.  There is quite simply no ‘white race,’ not even in America. There is certainly no ‘white Christian race,’ again not even in America. […]

Intermarriage and Cultural Suicide

  A.M. writes:  I’ve followed your ongoing discussion on miscegenation with great interest. I come down on the side of Van Wyk, M. and Don Marco, and like many others, this topic provokes a visceral reaction in me. It seems the side in favor is arguing from a standpoint of idealism, individualism and airy fairy […]

The View from An Interracial Home

  Amanda writes: I write as a child of an interracial marriage. My mother is white and my father is black. I know that my father and mother’s marriage is based upon love, not conquest. Both of them faced personal challenges and family relations were strained when they wed in the mid 1970s. Despite these […]

Race, Men and Women, and Crusoe

  Please see Kimberly’s remarks in the entry, The Feminization of Race. I have urged housewives to read Robinson Crusoe, one of the greatest books of all time and a profound meditation on the metaphysical and practical tasks of home. Kimberly, a young mother, has followed my advice and, with truly brilliant insight, relates Crusoe to the issue of race. She also describes her […]

Love and Race, Spirit and Matter

  In the entry, The Golfer’s Wife, a reader accuses M., another male commenter, of insensitivity. He says M. denies the primacy of love over racial considerations in marriage and all personal relations. In his response to this criticism, M. gets to the heart of why these issues will always be troublesome and why they will never be absent of gray […]