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Rage and Race in a Casino

February 18, 2015


KARL D. writes:

One thing I have long come to realize about blacks in this country is that they have been weaned from day one to believe that whites are responsible for every bad thing that has or will ever happen to them. They have been taught this from their parents, the media and in school everyday. This blame and hatred is so ingrained that even an act of kindness or consideration can be taken as a slight and reason for a full on nuclear assault. Let me give you one small example that happened about two weeks ago. It’s a little long, but bear with me.

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SPLC’s Hate Lists

December 13, 2012


I DID not realize until today that the militantly anti-white Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists websites such as View from the Right and Vdare as “hate groups,” also defines traditionalist Catholics devoted to the Tridentine liturgy as extremist haters. That’s interesting. It seems wherever there is life, the SPLC is there to smear it.

As posted at The Remnant, here is Conservapedia’s informative entry on the SPLC, with descriptions of its extensive activities and finances. The organization now has over $200 million in assets.

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Rushton on Race Differences

October 8, 2012


J. PHILIPPE RUSHTON, the Canadian professor of psychology who died last week, wrote a very succinct “Question and Answer” chapter to an abridged version of his well-known book Race, Evolution and Behavior, the book that made him the object of so much hatred and political pressure.

I highly recommend this chapter, as well as the entire, very short abridged book, especially to anyone who is new to the extensive evidence of race differences in physical traits and behavior, and to Rushton’s theory of why these developed over time. Many people say race is not a meaningful concept and is purely a social construct. Rushton answers this question. Here is an excerpt:

 Q: You write as if race is a valid biological concept. Aren’t you only repeating the stereotypes of 18th and 19th century Europeans?

 A: True, there is a 200-year history of “European” research on race. But similar descriptions were made by Arab and Turkish writers nearly 1,000 years earlier and some can even be traced back to the ancient Greeks. Today, new methods of genetic DNA analysis agree with the original classifications made by early European scientists based on their observations. Read More »


Must-Have Accessories for Beautiful Movie Stars

May 10, 2012

CHARLIZE THERON, who is single, appears with a stunning designer handbag and her adopted son, Jackson. Imagine these two walking together in an airport 16 years from now. Will they even be speaking to each other by then?

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A Policewoman Killed in Her Home

November 7, 2011


JAMES P. writes:

According to the Daily Mail,

A veteran police officer, 55, was beaten and stabbed to death by her 15-year-old grandson after she came home to find he had skipped school, prosecutors said. Read More »


How to Control Riots by Theresa May

August 9, 2011


 WHEN ASKED whether police should resort to water cannons to control looters and rioters in London and elsewhere, Home Secretary Theresa May replied:

I don’t think anybody wants to see water cannon used on the streets of Britain because we have a different attitude to the culture of policing here. We police by consent and it depends on that trust between the police and the public. Read More »


“Angels Never Sung Across the Floor as We Walked By”

August 9, 2011


I CAME across this 2008 homemade video by an anonymous young black woman and, though I don’t agree with her understanding of the 60s, I was charmed by her simple and direct honesty. She is responding to a call by the radical Kamau Kabon for the extermination of white people. She thinks anti-white racism is a great evil and is enraged by it. To the general idea that blacks are morally superior to whites, she says, “Hate does exist in every race, not just the white man. Angels never sung across the floor as we walked by.”

“I pity you,” she says to Kabon, whom she calles “Hitler with [dread]locks.” “Spreading all that hate. You need help. You need counseling.”

By the way, Youtube does have policies on hate speech, but has not removed the version linked above of the Kamau Kabon speech.


On “Flash Mobs” and White Women Who Delight in Black Liberation

August 8, 2011


Penny Hess, chair of the African Peopl's Solidarity Committee

Penny Hess, chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee

JANE writes: 

While we here in the U.S. have had flash mobs all summer, the latest occurring at the Wisconsin State Fair, we have yet to see the degree of destruction of the London riots. The race war is on and the provocateurs have been extra busy since 2008.

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Testimonial of a Black Republican Woman

August 1, 2011



I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and have found it to be very thought-provoking, and revealing of so many errors of our society. I often discuss your posts with my husband in the evenings. Thank you for your courage in upholding such “political incorrect” views.

A friend shared this link, and I wanted to pass it on to you, because I found it interesting. The author is a black woman who realized that she needed to re-examine a falsehood she had grown up believing, that “since I was black, that made me Democrat.” Read More »


“Keep Thy Heart, Thou Man of Europe”

March 6, 2011


St. John the Baptist, Frederic Shields

St. John the Baptist, Frederic Shields

THESE are days of darkness for white European civilization. The sky is darkened. The sun is in near total eclipse. Illumination comes not from great schemes of political reform. It comes, if it comes at all, from the lighted candle of the human soul. It comes from the burning heart.

 The author of Cambria Will Not Yield writes:  

Reason alone cannot restore the European’s sanity, because reason lacks vision. Faith transcends reason, because faith involves the heart, which is the spiritual organ of sight. From an empirical, rational standpoint it makes no difference if one European stands before the great liberal tribunal and declares his eternal defiance of the tribunal and his unyielding support of the ancient Europeans. The tribunal is the sea, and the drowning men still drown. But in the spiritual realm, which we see when we look through, not with, the eye, every human soul contains a world. And the world of one antique European can outweigh the principles of a legion of liberal Babylonians. Satan conquers by distorting and diverting man’s spiritual eye, his heart. So keep thy heart, thou man of Europe, and thou shalt ride triumphant over ruin and death.


Two Views

December 15, 2009


TWO READERS below express conflicting views of Christianity and race.

D.H. writes:

I have been reading with what can only be described as a morbid curiosity as your conversations on race and interracial marriage unfolded. I don’t know how old you are, but I have lived a long time, seen a lot and the tone of the comments on your post struck me as the rantings of a bunch of people who frankly, need redemption from themselves. I want to keep this short f I can, so I will briefly touch on just a few of the ridiculous and sad commentary that was shared by you and your supporters.  Read More »


The ‘White Race’ is a Dangerous Fiction

December 13, 2009


MRS. JOHNSON writes:

What your commenter A.M. is alluding to regarding whiteness is not Godly or Christian and is historically and culturally deceptive in terms of how complex culture is among “white” ethnic Americans. 

There is quite simply no ‘white race,’ not even in America. There is certainly no ‘white Christian race,’ again not even in America. What there are are European ethnic groups, who despite varying degrees of intermarriage retain many of their ancestral cultural values.  Read More »


Intermarriage and Cultural Suicide

December 12, 2009


A.M. writes: 

I’ve followed your ongoing discussion on miscegenation with great interest. I come down on the side of Van Wyk, M. and Don Marco, and like many others, this topic provokes a visceral reaction in me.

It seems the side in favor is arguing from a standpoint of idealism, individualism and airy fairy abstractions, while the other side is defending concrete realities. One of your readers, I thought, had a good point when she said there are six interested parties to a marriage: the bride, the groom, their respective families, their unborn children, and society. I would like to add a seventh constituency, which perhaps is implicit in one of these groups: ancestors.




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The View from An Interracial Home

December 9, 2009


Amanda writes:

I write as a child of an interracial marriage. My mother is white and my father is black. I know that my father and mother’s marriage is based upon love, not conquest. Both of them faced personal challenges and family relations were strained when they wed in the mid 1970s. Despite these difficulties, my parents pursued their love and have lived a life together that I both respect and admire.

Is their marriage functional? In a word, yes. My parents have been wed for thirty-three years. They have faced personal joys, tragedies and all of the bumps of the road of life. Despite all of this, they have remained faithfully married, no mean feat in today’s society. I look around in my circle of friends and acquaintances and I cannot point to more than a handful of unmixed couples who can claim the same. Is their marriage perfect? Of course not. We are all sinners. However, they seemed to have weathered the past thirty plus years better than a good number of their unmixed counterparts.

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Race, Men and Women, and Crusoe

December 8, 2009


Please see Kimberly’s remarks in the entry, The Feminization of Race. I have urged housewives to read Robinson Crusoe, one of the greatest books of all time and a profound meditation on the metaphysical and practical tasks of home. Kimberly, a young mother, has followed my advice and, with truly brilliant insight, relates Crusoe to the issue of race. She also describes her own struggle to understand her husband’s approach to racial matters.

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Love and Race, Spirit and Matter

December 8, 2009


In the entry, The Golfer’s Wife, a reader accuses M., another male commenter, of insensitivity. He says M. denies the primacy of love over racial considerations in marriage and all personal relations. In his response to this criticism, M. gets to the heart of why these issues will always be troublesome and why they will never be absent of gray areas and blurred lines. He also succinctly describes the traditionalist viewpoint on the interconnection between spirit and matter in social affairs.

M. responds, in part:

“Look, I am not unconflicted about all of this. I think this is because we exist as human beings on several related but distinct levels at the same time, and what is considered Quality or Beauty or Excellence on one level may not be considered that way on another. 

At one level we are biological beings, animals, motivated by our survival and sexual drives. At a higher, related but distinct level, we are social beings, motivated by a need to be accepted, to gain fame and wealth and status. At yet a higher level, we are intellectual beings, motivated by a drive for truth, nobility, and idealism. And at yet an even higher level, we are spiritual beings, with eternal souls, living here to learn ineffable lessons and grow towards God. Each higher level is dependent on the lower levels for existence, but the values of each of the levels can be in conflict. 

So at a spiritual level, I agree with Rita in her interest in spiritual virtue and growth. And I even agree with liberals in their intellectual interest in what seems to be a noble ideal: the end of strife on earth due to racial identity. Who could disagree that, taken by itself, that is a noble ideal? I believe that when possible, the values of the higher levels must take precedence over the values of the lower levels.” 

Below is the exchange in full.

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The Feminization of Race

December 8, 2009


There have been heated discussions at this site about race in recent days. Some women find this puzzling. Isn’t this website largely about the defense of home and family? What does race have to do with it? The truth is, the issue of race is related to domestic concerns and these discussions are by no means accidental. They are consistent with the desire to fight feminism and preserve the home front.

Home and family depend not just on women, but on men. Nature has endowed men with the role of protection. That includes protection of family, but also of nation, ethnic group, and race. To say that this form of aggression is natural in men is not to say that it is good. Defense of race, tribe, and nation are only justified when any of these are threatened. Aggression is good only when it protects something vital, something that cannot be maintained through harmony and conciliation.

The belief by women that men – men of all races – can be stripped of these concerns is profoundly disturbing and essentially feminist. This anti-male notion, the fall-out from a wider set of ideas that scorns all natural distinctions and inequalities, is strikingly prevalent among Western women. But nature has apparently endowed all women to some degree with the desire for pacification. The habit of downplaying group connections and differences beyond those of immediate family seems deeply ingrained in women. As noted by two male commenters yesterday, this may extend from ancient survival instincts, an artifact of the days when women had to adjust to raids from enemy invaders by living peacefully with these enemies.

The effort to emasculate men, particularly white men, has been widely successful. Many men now agree with women that anything short of complete submission to or denial of racial hostility is wrong. This feminization of racial attitudes in the West comes at a time of pronounced racial aggression, both subtle and overt. When this aggression is clearly dangerous, when it seeks to destroy what is good, to demoralize and seize scarce resources, the effort by women to stand in the way of men, to chide and belittle them for their racial awareness, is wrong. It is disrespectful, insensitive and just plain foolish. Along with all else that seeks to rob us of domestic tranquility and to overturn the well-being of our children, I passionately condemn it.


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The Golfer’s Wife

December 7, 2009


In the entry on Mrs. Tiger Woods, M., a male reader, states that he is indifferent to the personal sufferings of the famous golfer’s wife. Her choice of a husband was a form of betrayal that angers him “on a very deep, existential level.” The reader’s comment illustrates something that many white women refuse to acknowledge: Miscegenation offends some men at the core of their being.

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