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Is Sex Really Better Today?

February 17, 2010


IN RESPONSE to the previous post on the widely-held conceit that we live in an age of unprecedented sexual discovery and pleasure, a reader offers this view.

Anna H. writes:

As a Mennonite, I am aware that we are considered backwards by society for such “repressive” practices as encouraging modest clothing and a family-based lifestyle and discouraging divorce, premarital sex, and abortion. Clearly, these beliefs are terribly oppressive to modern folks, especially women. Or are they? And they certainly must stifle the enjoyment of sex. Or do they? Read More »


Sex Discovered Eons After Procreation Began

February 16, 2010


THE IDEA that women suffered sexual frustration for millennia is central to feminism, as I mentioned here. The human race lived in darkness for thousands of years. Then a few enlightened men and women came along and introduced pleasure to half of humanity. Before that sex was just glorified rape.

Lawrence Auster writes:

Here’s a typical example of the attitude you discuss. Read More »

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