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Category Archives: The Nursing Mother

A Mother Who Declined Government Formula

  CONTINUING THE discussion of subsidized infant formula and the culture of breastfeeding (see previous entries here, here, and here), Kimberly writes: When I was a brand new housewife with my first baby boy, two old men in a coffee shop asked me if I planned on going back to work sooner or later. My response was […]

A Defender of Human Milk

  DARCIA NARVAEZ, an ethicist and psychologist, recently did an excellent, lucid series of posts for Psychology Today on the many benefits of human milk for babies and young children. Afterward, she was subject to a ruthless pummeling by female readers, who accused her of mental illness, of writing “garbage” and displaying gross insensitivity to fragile mothers. One would think […]

More on Infant Nutrition

  GEORGE KENT, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii, writes: I was very pleased to see your recent piece, “The Welfare State and Mother’s Milk.” Very well done! I appreciate your very positive response to what I’ve said. I’ve now put my 2006 critique of WIC into a broader context, viewing […]

The Welfare State and Mother’s Milk

   THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has sounded the alarm in recent months. The state of infant nutrition in America is in disrepair. A number of reports have been issued, including a “call for action” in January from Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and one just last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An army of facts […]