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Category Archives: Thought and Its Nature

Should Smart Women Sweep?

  Mopping and sweeping floors goes with the territory when you are a woman at home. The broom is the universal and most primitive of kitchen appliances. No home which is truly lived-in goes a single day without need of sweeping. There is constant precipitation from above. Sweeping has the reputation of being boring and mindless, but I […]

More on Discrimination

  Sara Rogers writes: In your article Why We Must Discriminate, you said: “Women provide an unseen defense against moral enervation. They cannot provide this defense when they are preoccupied with money and highly consuming work. I think that’s the big difference between some of my critics and me. This invisible task, which can never be fully […]

A Pointed Criticism

  Jen writes: I enjoy your site, but wonder why you don’t have any pics up; or even some insight to your everyday housewife occurences.  Your site, as interesting as it is, seems to favor the more simplistic, dowdy demeanor that is characteristic of men’s preferences. So I wonder…are you really a “housewife” or a […]

On Intellectual Revolutions and Liturgies

Kristor writes in response to Intellectual Revolutions: Intellectual revolutions are almost my favorite thing. I love the feeling of things falling simultaneously apart and back together, into a better, stabler order of thought, the way that water flows back into the hole one creates with an oar, vortices upon vortices. When they say that nature […]

The Pythagorean Woman

  There are many beguiling legends about Pythagoras, one of the most revered of ancient philosophers and a monumental presence in the history of Western thought. According to one account, the Greek philosopher was speaking to followers in a house in his adopted city of Croton when a local faction of men who opposed him came […]

The Idle Thought

  The mind longs to roam. We try in vain to keep it running toward a fixed destination. The path across a meadow, a trail through the woods, the rocky descent down a steep ravine: these beckon and it yearns to follow. It wants to remember. To wonder. To wander.   When we speak of […]

On Intellectual Revolutions

                                                                                                                                                   Much has been said and written about civilization’s great intellectual revolutions, the breakthroughs in thought that have led to ages of enlightenment and darkness, to waves of technological innovation and new ways of living. History is the story of ideas. It is an ongoing intellectual thriller with the slow and boring pages followed […]