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Category Archives: Traditionalism

When Numbers Are Not Decisive

  IN his remarkable 1886 book, El Liberalismo es Pecado, or Liberalism is a Sin, the Spanish priest, Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany addressed the issue of the relatively small number of individuals resisting liberalism. I like what he says very much because it addresses a complaint I hear often: “There are not enough of us.” His […]

A Lesson in Family Polemics

  DENNIS DALE writes: I happened upon your post about debating liberal family members and felt compelled to tell my own story. Recently I drove from Seattle to Southern California with my daughter and her boyfriend — he a committed lefty, she not yet committed (she has her father’s inborn good sense). We were, like […]

What Women Need to Hear

  In the previous entry on female sexuality, Matamoros described a pragmatic approach to recovering the lost honor of women. He wrote: A movement that argued that the current political culture was pulling women in too many directions and resulting in the destruction of the family, with accompanying policy proposals that would involve a nationalist revitalization of […]

A Walk in a Patriarchal Neighborhood

It was a late summer afternoon and the shady front yards were in flower with hostas, ligularia and coneflowers. Red Impatiens and begonias bloomed in pots. The smell of cooking potatoes drifted from several houses and a mother in a dress was absorbed with sweeping the sidewalk in front of her door.  There were children everywhere, as if this was a reservation […]

The Perennial Bride

      Some women never lose their first ardor for home. They are perennial brides, their wedding day having been the entry point into a universe that is ever-new and stimulating. Affection this strong cannot help but inspire others. Lydia Sherman grew up on an Alaska homestead and then became a housewife in the West. She […]

Virginity for Sale

Mark Richardson, at Oz Conservative, has interesting commentary on a feminist’s reaction to a Roumanian woman who auctioned her virginity on the Internet for $20,000. To a feminist, a woman’s chastity could not conceivably be more significant than a man’s.

The Coming Storm

  Over at  Lawrence Auster’s View from the Right, in an interesting thread on whether traditionalists should withdraw to safe territory or fight it out at home, commenter Vivek G., in advocating the latter option, talks like a true Crusoe:  And we need to begin wherever we are. There can be informal co-operation amongst various traditionalist movements […]