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The Last Supper

  FROM the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians, 11. 20-32, which is the Epistle for Holy Thursday in the Traditional Latin Mass, Paul criticizes those who treated the Eucharist with irreverence and those who did not recognize the real presence of Christ in the bread and wine: Brethren: When you come therefore together into […]

They Only Needed Mentors

  IN the wake of the Nathan Trapuzzano murder, a woman whose husband was also recently murdered by black teens in Indianapolis (not that it’s a trend or anything) has called on men to mentor young black boys to prevent brutal crimes, reports The Daily Mail. Sgt. First Class Jim Vester, 32, of the Indiana National Guard […]

A Murder in Multicultural Canada

  WANDA SHERRATT writes: The top news in our city this week is a murder case which seems to draw together a lot of themes that I frequently read about on your blog. This awful murder story in Ottawa is a stew of multiculturalism, infidelity, religion, physical appearance and women’s work outside the home. A […]


Crux Fidelis

  THE Consortium Vocale Oslo sings Crux Fidelis (Faithful Cross), from its CD of Gregorian chants for Lent and Holy Week, Exaudium Eum. Crux Fidelis is sung as a hymn on Good Friday during the Adoration of the Cross and in the Liturgy of the Hours during Holy Week. It is part of a larger sixth-century composition by Saint Venantius Honorius Clementianus […]


The Government Just Wants to Know You Better

  KADIE writes: Recently, we received something in the mail called the American Community Survey.  Initially, I thought it was junk mail due to the fact that is was addressed to “Resident.” But, upon further investigation, I realized it was legitimate.  In asking around among family and friends, no one had ever heard of it.  […]

Government, Indian-Style

  ANTI-GLOBALIST EXPATRIATE writes: “In India, Politics is Criminal.” According to The Diplomat: In total, one-third of all of the MPs in India’s current parliament, elected in 2009, are accused of crimes ranging from electoral misconduct and rape to murder. Despite the seriousness of these charges few, if any, will ever face a judge or jury. […]

Facts about the Resurrection

  THE Resurrection of Christ is most often thought of as a religious event, but it was first and foremost an historic event. Here is a brief summary of what we know from the New Testament accounts, which were consciously written as history and have as much authenticity as most universally accepted (by professional historians […]

Leo the Great on the Resurrection

  THIS excerpt is taken from a sermon on Our Lord’s Resurrection by Pope Leo I, also known as St. Leo the Great, who died in 461 and whose feast day was traditionally observed today. Pope Leo is famous for having persuaded Attila the Hun in 452 to turn back from his invasion of Italy. The whole of the […]

Accused Murderer Laughs

  IT IS a common belief among whites that blacks commit terrible crimes out of despair. Perhaps despair over fatherlessness. Or despair caused by poverty. Or despair over the difficulty in finding a job. Or despair due to racism. This idea may involve some projection on the part of whites for blacks in general appear to […]

A Bereaved Wife

  IN a moving interview with The Daily Mail, Jennifer Trapuzzano, pictured above with her parents and brother, talks about her husband, Nathan, who was shot to death in a mugging during a morning walk in Indianapolis on April 1. Jennifer, 25, is expecting her first child next month. “‘He had told me he thought he was made […]

The Vatican II Church Becomes Luther’s Church

  THERE are few things a true Catholic wishes more than unity with Protestants. God loves unity. He is unity. His revelation could not possibly be consistent with the doctrinal chaos that sprang from the Protestant revolution. A Catholic could not possess true charity toward the Protestant unless he wished with all his heart for the latter to […]

“Friends” Help Woman Starve to Death

  WESLEY J. SMITH at the Center for Bioethics and Culture has a good post on the sad story of Dorothy Conlon, a Florida woman who at the age of 86 decided to end her life even though she was still in good health. As extensively reported in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Dorothy recruited a group of […]

Coming to a “Catholic” Church Near You

  WHO are you to judge? There are several links at Novus Ordo Watch about the baptism last week of a child of lesbian “mothers” at the Cathedral of Cordoba in Argentina, initially reported at Tradition in Action. It was all done with the approval of the Novus Ordo hierarchy and the enthusiastic support of Argentinian President Cristina […]