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More Baby Trafficking

  A piece in The New York Times about the surrogate motherhood industry focuses on an agency that was “unregulated.” In truth, no regulations or level of accountability can correct the abuses of gestational trafficking and the very existence of this business, which would be illegal in many countries, is a crime. Notice the sense of entitlement […]

St. Anne


Ban Against Carrying Guns in D.C. Struck Down

  FROM Fox News: A federal judge in the District of Columbia on Saturday overturned the city’s total ban on residents being allowing to carry firearms outside their home in a landmark decision for gun-rights activists. Judge Frederick Scullin Jr. wrote in his ruling in Palmer v. District of Columbia that the right to bear arms […]

Armed Doctor Defied Policy

  ANTI-GLOBALIST EXPATRIATE writes: I wouldn’t be surprised if the hospital where he worked tries to dismiss this heroic doctor, who quite literally saved lives by using his firearm. My guess is that the doctor knew that the hospital staff were in danger from mentally unstable patients (including this specific patient with a history of […]

Commander of British Warship Accused of Affair

  ONCE again, we encounter the sheer insanity of putting men and women together on naval vessels, as if it is possible to remake human nature and prevent them from interacting, as well as the farce of a woman commanding a warship. From The Daily Mail: The first female commander of a Royal Navy warship has been […]


Acting White

  OBAMA, to his credit, says it’s okay if blacks act in a civilized way.

A String of Convictions for Accused in UNC Killing

  THE two men charged in connection with the apparent murder of Feng Liu, a University of North Carolina professor in Chapel Hill, both had extensive crime records. One of them was released from probation a few weeks ago. They are charged with hitting Liu with a rock so hard that he was found on the […]

The Soft Eugenics of Melinda Gates

  THIS image of Melinda Gates in a village in India comes from the Gates Foundation’s 2014 Annual Letter. It shows one of the richest philanthropists the world has ever known in face-to-face contact with the people she intends to help. The scene seems entirely benign. It appears filled with good will until one reflects on […]

Facebook and Friendship

  AT New Oxford Review, J. Jacob Tawney discusses the effects of Facebook on friendship. He writes: The danger in the frequent use of Facebook lies in the devolution of the entire concept of friendship. The problem is not in keeping a list of contacts, but in thinking that one actually is in contact with a “friend.” It […]

Why the Unaccompanied Minors Are Not Refugees

  THE UNITED STATES accepts more political refugees than any country in the world. Welcoming the persecuted is good. However, the definition of persecution has been abused, loosened and degraded (we now take victims of “LGTB” discrimination from Africa), partly through the influence of the “non-profit” refugee resettlement industry. Now, in response to the border crisis, […]


  POD OF THE MILKWEED — Robert Frost Calling all butterflies from every race From source unknown but no special place They ever will return to all their lives, Because unlike the bees they have no hives The milkweed brings up to my very door The theme of wanton waste in peace and war As […]

Japanese Supreme Court Denies Welfare to Foreign Nationals

  THE Japanese possess a trait that is alien to most Westerners. Call it cultural self-esteem. Interestingly, they will not be accused of being racist for denying public benefits to foreigners, even though they clearly are flaming bigots.

The Racket Behind the Border Crisis

  HERE, from Associated Press, is a look at the “coyotes” who have been bringing mostly minors and women from Central America to the American Southwest and to cities across the United States. The smugglers are part of a multi-billion dollar organized crime industry. The recent upsurge from Central America was partly the result of a […]

Portrait of a Civic Leader in Multi-Culti Canada

  AT Reclaiming Beauty, Kidist Paulos Asrat writes about this portrait of Hazel McCallion, recently retired mayor of  Mississauga, Ontario. McCallion, who was first elected in 1978, is the longest serving mayor of the municipality and has left politics in her nineties. According to Miss Asrat, “The entire city center is full of her touches, giving this rather […]