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Silence on Daycare Research

June 27, 2016

CARRIE Lukas and Steven E. Rhoads write at Public Affairs on the “uncomfortable truths” about daycare:

There is more research than anyone needs on the dangers of certain fabrics used in car seats and backpacks or the risks of drinking from a garden hose or eating conventionally grown fruit. And sober examination of the actual findings of these studies consistently reveals that the risks are being exaggerated; unless a child eats the fabric on his backpack, he isn’t really at risk.

But when it comes to daycare — something that instinctively worries many parents — few are willing to take a hard look. The media, which seemingly report constantly on alarming new risks to children, rarely present the public with information from studies on the impact of daycare, especially when the findings suggest that daycare is associated with significant negative outcomes. Read More »


Yuck, Sedevacantism!

June 25, 2016


“Eew, sedevacantism”

CATHOLIC writers sometimes perform great feats of intellectual contortion to avoid the sedevacantist position, which is the thesis that a non-Catholic cannot be pope. Serious objections to and arguments against this thesis exist and deserve respectful consideration. But once you enter the field of publicly rejecting much of what a pope says and teaches, as quite a few traditionalist journalists do, you become either an anti-papist (i.e., not Catholic) or a sedevacantist. Serious social and professional ramifications to entering the sedevacantist camp may be one cause for the reluctance of those who are acting as anti-papists to declare themselves sedevacantists.

Novus Ordo Watch examines the contortions of two writers, Hilary White and Ann Barnhardt. The article against White’s position is of interest.

As for Barnhardt, I must simply warn readers to stay away from her altogether.

She reiterated her call once again after the Orlando psy-op for giving the residents of Medina and Mecca 24 hours to vacate their homes before their cities are obliterated with nuclear weapons. Think about that. Innocent men, women and children killed by the tens of thousands because of a purported (and at least partly fabricated) attack on a nightclub in which the alleged attacker will never be tried in any court. Gee, I wonder whom this would most benefit? And Barnhardt has the effrontery to pass herself off as a Catholic. She is not to be taken seriously as a Catholic or, given the obvious scams of Orlando, as a journalist. She is a fraud. She has also maligned the engineers, architects, firemen, physicists, pilots, eyewitnesses and serious independent scholars who have questioned the events of 9/11, calling their work “insane rantings.” The evidence against the 19 Muslims allegedly involved in 9/11 has never been vetted in any criminal or civil court, and yet Barnhardt believed thousands, if not millions, of Muslims should be nuked in response. And people take this woman seriously?

Avoid Barnhardt’s cute, hateful term for Muslims (“Musloids”) and her oh-so-cute pink rifle. I could care less what her position is on the fraudulent “Pope” Francis.

Who is Ann Barnhardt? I leave it to you, dear reader, to draw the logical conclusions. Read More »


Ramadan in a Belgian Church

June 24, 2016


(Courtesy Call Me Jorge) Read More »


Jorge, the Atheist

June 24, 2016

DOES Jorge Bergoglio even believe in God? There are plenty of reasons to conclude he does not. Here’s the latest:

“So many times I find I am in crisis with the faith, sometimes I have the audacity to rebuke Jesus, and also to doubt. Will this be the truth? But it will be a dream?” [Then] Bergoglio explained to the youngsters that this has happened to him, “as a boy, as a seminarian, as a religious, as a priest, as a bishop and even as the Pope.” (Call me Jorge)

There is nothing you can do about Bergoglio’s lack of faith except to pray for him. You can, however, preserve your own faith by refusing to recognize this imposter as a valid pope.


UK’s Independence Day

June 24, 2016

FROM NATHAN MCDONALD on the Brexit victory:

Bought and paid for politicians around the world have engaged in a campaign of fear for months, including President Obama and Hilary Clinton. They have scolded those who wish to regain their independence and told them that they would be sent to the “back of queue” if they were to leave the EU, crippling them economically.

Well, the people know this is a farce. The UK is still one of the most important economies in the world and is still one of the biggest financial hubs. This will continue on. To suggest otherwise is complete and utter ignorance. Read More »



June 24, 2016


LYDIA Sherman writes:

Did you see pictures of that disgraceful sit-in Congress had for gun control? What a bunch of college kids. They draw huge salaries and retirements, for this?

Laura writes:

I bet there are at least three armed guards in that room.

These evil hypocrites should start by disarming themselves and the president. Lead by example. Obama’s bodyguards should not carry guns. Nor should the guards on Capitol Hill. Nor should the guards for presidential candidates or celebrities. If guns are the problem, start at the top. Why is it that they can have armed protection, but the people can’t?

And why do they want gun control if the homicide rate is down?

The new narrative is that “mass shootings,” defined by the FBI as 3 or more people killed in one incident, are at epidemic levels and thus require society to increase restrictions on gun ownership as a means of saving lives and lowering the U.S. homicide rate.

However, this narrative flies in the face of reality as the homicide rate in the U.S. is actually at a 51-year low, according to FBI data. The homicide rate in the U.S. for 2014, the most recent year available, was 4.5 per 100,000. The 2014 total is part of a long downward trend and is the lowest homicide rate recorded since 1963 when the rate was 4.6 per 100,000. The last time the homicide rate in the U.S. was lower than it is now was in 1957 when the total homicide rate was 4.0 per 100,000.

Aservant writes:

Although I am 100% on the same page about gun control with you, Laura, I would be very, very skeptical of these claims that the homicide rate is down. It is also claimed that violent crime is down as well, which just at face value can be seen to be a preposterous claim.

What “the powers that be” are willfully omitting from mention are the massive amounts of disappearances, unsolved deaths and killings that are classified other than homicides. A good reference to get a feel for what I am talking about is Collin Flaherty, author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed A Lot. Check out his youtube channel where you will learn that for example, just in the Philadelphia area in one year, the DA stated that there were somewhere around 3500 confirmed cases of witness intimidation where known crimes and criminals could not be prosecuted.

It is just another shell game of semantics, using manipulated stats to lull the public into a false sense of security, all the while promoting the great accomplishments of racial and gender affirmative action, demonstrated by press release after press release of black and female chiefs of police glowing about their precinct’s great accomplishments. The fact is that violent crime is off the charts these days and getting constantly worse. Once again, check out Collin Flaherty’s channel as a good place to start……and he just profiles the black community. Another way to confirm what I am saying here is just step into reality, such as visiting one of the places that you speak of on your website…..East St. Louis comes to mind first, and after that, every urban area in the country, from LA, to Houston to Charlotte.

It is very important to make this known not only for reasons of personal safety, but now more than ever we need the right to protect ourselves. The “violent crime is down” meme plays right into the hands of the gun control fanatics and is a total fraud.

Laura writes:

Okay, thank you.


A Brexit Victory

June 24, 2016


BREXIT HAS WON, and David Cameron has announced his resignation. Good riddance. The British people have had a say, contrary to my pessimistic forecast, with 52 percent of those participating in the referendum voting to leave the European Union.


This will almost certainly trigger similar referenda in other European countries, and Marine Le Pen in France is already calling for one. Expect Italexit and Portexit too.

The southern tier of Europe, especially Greece, has suffered terribly under the heel of the EU tyranny.  Italy, Spain and Portugal have been treated like the step-children of an overbearing EU dictatorship. The bullies in Brussels have bribed and blackmailed, bullied and browbeat those vulnerable countries into obsequious submission.  Time and again, the autocratic agents of the NWO have foisted economic regimens and financial regimes on nations which did not want them and could not afford them.  The realities of such disaster capitalism were always the same – extreme financial hardship and economic contraction.

The Europe Summer is here and the people will be heard like never before.  Whereas Greece is the real Achilles’ heel, Italy has the size and heft to take down the whole European Union project, once and for all. The Italians, in particular, have the will to do just that.  Spain, too, has the wherewithal and motivation to support Italy in its quest to reclaim its national sovereignty.  Likewise, there are those Central and Eastern European countries that are also aching to take back their power, especially to maintain their territorial integrity which has been seriously compromised. (State of the Nation)

Is this a new day for Britain? Mike King writes:

It’s complicated!

Different players have different motives for wanting to weaken the European Union. Pro-Brexit libtards want London to be even more communist than Brussels. Pro-Brexit neo-cons work for Bibi Satanyahu. Pro-Brexit patriots just want their country back.

Here are some reactions from world leaders:


“We are determined to keep our unity as 27 … I will propose that we start a period of wider reflection on the future of our union.”


“The news from Britain is really sobering. It looks like a sad day for Europe and Britain.”




June 23, 2016


Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

THE European Union was designed to eradicate every separate culture and nation in Europe to concentrate power in the hands of the few, all under the illusion of democracy and open trade. It is a fascist superstate approaching open totalitarianism more and more every day. Will Britain be permitted to leave it? Highly unlikely. But one thing is clear: many Britons desperately want to leave it. The British are enslaved by the EU leviathan.

From State of the Nation on the Brexit referendum today:

There are two extremely courageous Brits who have taken on the whole bloody British System who ought to be pointed out … and highly commended.  UKIP’s Nigel Farage was the real fire-starter.  Quite fortuitously, he was a former commodities broker in London who knows firsthand how the marketplace really works.  The commodities market is perhaps the most manipulated in the world because of how easily it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.  Certainly, Farage saw the underbelly of the commodity trading beast at its very worst.  This education prepared him to speak, as no one else in the world, about the ills and excesses of the nakedly totalitarian nature of the NWO’s march toward globalization. Read More »


A TH Betrothal

June 22, 2016


1470 A Bridal Couple

A Bride and Groom, Swabian Master; 1470

LILY writes:

I have something wonderful to tell you.

Back in August of 2014, you received an email from a ‘George W.’ about finding a wife, and you posted it on your blog.  He asked you about your thoughts on his predicament and what he could do to improve his marriageable chances.  Though he was a financially stable, thoughtful, and intelligent young man, he felt that he was a loser because he had wasted his chances to find a good, traditionally-minded woman by his age.  His shyness towards women made it difficult for him to approach them with confidence which only fed into his severe self doubt and low sense of self worth (I believe he called himself a parasite on society for failing to fulfill his duty to procreate, provide, and protect as a man should).  His post was heart-wrenching for me to read.

I remember feeling similar about myself, in that I failed to achieve the sort of domestic bliss my parents and particularly my mother had for nearly a decade by my age.  The modern world makes it difficult for us sensitive, traditional types. I feared that I would grow into an old maid who lives with her widowed father, partly for economical reasons and partly for companionship.  Read More »


Fake Orlando Doctors

June 22, 2016


THE first two minutes of this video provides details about the phony doctors of the Orlando hoax. The rest is probably familiar to readers. Also, here is a video about one of the primary crisis actors involved, but please don’t watch this with the sound on while children are in the room. The music is frightening. And here is a glitch in one phony news scene, with the studio reflected in the glasses of a crisis actress who is supposedly outside, and more abominable acting by another actor. Anyone who believes the official version of this incident is terminally gullible.


Totalitarian Germany

June 22, 2016

FROM the AP:

Berlin police say they’ve raided 10 residences in the German capital in a crackdown against far-right hate speech on social media.

Police spokesman Michael Gassen said Wednesday the morning raids involved nine suspects who used Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to spread hate. He says authorities want to emphasize “the Internet is not a law-free zone” and that if illegal speech is posted “it won’t be without consequences.”

The suspects, identified as men between 22 and 58, are alleged to have posted anti-migrant messages, anti-Semitic messages and songs with banned lyrics, among other things. They face possible fines if found guilty.

The investigation is ongoing, and police are now evaluating evidence seized in the raids, including computers, cellphones as well as drugs, knives and other weapons.


The Wind-O-Caust

June 21, 2016


UNEMPLOYED coal miners, dead eagles, wind utopianism and more on Obama’s diabolical energy policy by Mike King at The Anti-New York Times.

Read More »


Joe Cox Aided by Dead Man?

June 21, 2016


ACCORDING to Ian Greenhalgh at Veteran’s TodayBernard Kenny, the man said to have come to the aid of Jo Cox, the British MP allegedly murdered last week, has been dead for three years.

This claim needs to be studied further. But could it explain why Ms. Cox appears to be laughing at us?



Fake Funerals and False Flags

June 21, 2016



In this photo of a Sandy Hook funeral, six people are smiling or suppressing smiles.

A READER writes:

I have a question I have always wondered about concerning people who claim mass shootings are fake. How are those “dead” victims explained? Funerals were made. I assume dead bodies were viewed (unless you are assuming every single one was a closed casket).

People who knew those “victims” — faces of all the victims have been shown all over news stations — will never see them again. Read More »


God, Our True Rest

June 20, 2016


Statue of Juliana of Norwich, the fourteenth-century mystic

WE CANNOT know ourselves until we know God. This was one of the insights of Juliana of Norwich, also known as Julian, a fourteenth-century recluse and mystic who was probably a Benedictine nun who lived in Norwich, England. She wrote:

This is the cause why we are not at rest in heart and soul; that here we seek rest in things that are so little there is no rest in them, and we do not know our God who is all mighty, all wise and all good. For he is true rest.

No soul can have true rest until it finds created things are empty. When the soul gives up all for love, so that it can have him that is all, then it finds true rest.

For he is endless and has made us for his own self only, and has restored us by his blessed Passion, and keeps us in his blessed love. And he does all this through his goodness.

God of your goodness give me yourself, for you are enough for me.

[From Daily Readings with Julian of Norwich, Vol. 1; Template Publishers, Springfield Illinois; 1980. Trans. The Julian Shrine]


Academic Progress

June 17, 2016


Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Peter Giles- Photo Credit: Augusta Quirk/IFC

Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Peter Giles- Photo Credit: Augusta Quirk/IFC

THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes at The Orthosphere:

A press-release from the Office of the President at Upstate Consolation University contains an announcement that beginning in the fall semester, a new graduate program, the first of its kind in North America, will offer a master’s degree in Studies Studies.  In the announcement, UCU President Chloe Alexandra Brainepanne expresses her enthusiasm for the new Studies Studies program, funds for which became available when the Academic Senate passed a measure eliminating all literature courses in the English Department, which will henceforth dedicate itself entirely to Freshman Remedial Writing and Advanced Internet Media Appreciation.  Several former English faculty members will transfer to Studies Studies, while the rest have been furloughed.

The designated chair of Studies Studies, Spelvina Malarkey-Delgado, told reporters that, “Studies Studies is the type of vibrant and transgressive program that modern university humanities divisions have long been clamoring for,” adding that, “Studies Studies is where the cutting edge of studies is currently at.”  Read More »


The Grisly Crime Scene

June 17, 2016


THIS reporter is still awaiting publication of photos of the bloody scene that attended the murder of Jo Cox, the British Labour MP who was against exiting the EU and is said to have been slain by a right-wing extremist whom friends and relatives adamantly claim was non-political and non-violent despite his mental problems. Not that I wish to post graphic photos, but merely to verify what occurred.

So far, the only images available have been of these heart-rending high heels. Many people were said to have witnessed the crime and should have been able to record the scene on their phones. Others would have rushed to the scene, surely with their phones. Usually, the police are willing to give a peak at graphic crime scene photos. But we only have photos such as this one of a policeman, dressed to the nines, as if the bubonic plague had just struck, investigating the un-bloody sidewalk and the high heels. Why was this photo released and not others?


The land of Sherlock Holmes is not what it once was.



Jo Cox


Graduation Season

June 17, 2016



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