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The Secret Ingredients in Pizza

  THIS is National Pizza Month, so please pause for a few moments to look around you and take in the physical devastation caused by mass consumption of one of the most disgusting foodstuffs ever invented by man. I am talking, of course, about commercial-grade pizza, not various forms of the authentic Italian food, which sometimes […]

  If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself. —  St. Augustine

Dress Up Games, cont.

  JEANETTE V. writes: We live in evil times populated by fools who declare themselves wise: Transgender military personnel from 18 countries gather for meeting The conference attendees, who are all from militaries that allow transgender service, gathered in Washington, D.C. on Monday.

Men at Wellesley

  THE masculinization of students at Wellesley College, the famous women’s institution in Massachussetts, began long before women started openly identifying themselves as men and having surgery to slice off their breasts. Femininity was marginalized in the feminist era in favor of male standards of achievement. Now there are enough “trans men” among students and alumni […]

Public Art / Public Junk

  ANN H. writes: Tucson is full of “art” such as the McCarthy sculpture in Paris. Tucson is a sanctuary city, full of illegal and legal immigrants from many different countries. The schools are the epitome of leftist ideology and the City Council is composed of Pelosi-type Democrats always in the majority. It is near […]

Observing Parents and Children in Public

  KARL D. writes: Yesterday morning, I decided to go out to a local cafe for a late breakfast. My intention was to have a peaceful bite while reading a guidebook for a vacation I am taking shortly. Big mistake. I forgot it was Sunday which means that the place would be packed with families […]

Hannah Graham Found

  SGT. DALE TERRY (above), of the Chesterfield, Virginia sheriff’s department, discovered on Saturday the skeletal remains of what is unofficially believed to be the body of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham in Albermarle County. It was an uncanny discovery, according to interviews with Terry, because he was just about to suspend search of the abandoned property when he […]

Synod Sidelines Controversial Statements

  THE required two-thirds majority of bishops at the “Extraordinary Synod on the Family” has rejected three of the most controversial paragraphs in a draft midterm report, including one paragraph that spoke of the special “gifts” of homosexuals. However, the original wording will still be published and disseminated to dioceses around the world for discussion. And the […]

Another Form of Modern Nudity

  GORDON writes: Have you posted an entry on contemporary trends in breastfeeding yet? Today, on an overseas flight, I was seated in proximity to two new mothers who seemed to have no qualms about blatantly exposing their nude breasts for all passengers to see. This seems to be a rather curious and shameless phenomenon […]

Public Porn in Paris

  Paul McCarthy’s sculpture “Tree” (it’s supposed to be a Christmas tree) in the Place Vendôme in Paris was inspired by a sex toy, according to the “artist,” who is famous for acts of Marxist pornographic obscenity and who isn’t an artist at all but a well-funded public vandal. Many hate the sculpture and someone cut […]

Decadent Portland

  JON D. writes: As a Portland, Oregon resident, I think you and your readers should know some interesting facts about the liberal dystopia here: 1) Portland, Oregon has (or had) the most sex shops and strip clubs of any U.S. city. The concept of marriage being a sacrament is completely disregarded by Oregonians. They […]

“Cardinal” Timothy Dolan Praises Synod Report as “Invigorating”

  BUCK writes: Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, and Jane Pauley interviewed Cardinal Dolan whose responses reminded me of Baghdad Bob’s unshakeable, counterfactual art of the spin: “On this occasion, I am not going to mention the number of the infidels who were killed and the number of destroyed vehicles. The operation continues.” My transcription: Charlie Rose:  […]

From Marital Outlaw to “Nuptially Agnostic”

  IF Oregon’s First “Lady” Cylvia Hayes had been discovered to have formerly been in a sham marriage with another woman, instead of with an Ethiopian man who wanted U.S. citizenship, she’d probably be enough of a star to the Portland elite to survive politically. As it is, she has had to appear before cameras in […]

Heather Mac Donald on Campus Rape Wars

  HEATHER MAC DONALD writes at The Weekly Standard about the campus rape controversy and the spate of new regulations: If campus rape were the epidemic that the activists allege, there would have been a stampede to create alternative schools for girls. Instead, every year the competition among girls (and boys) to get into selective colleges grows […]

Local Custom

  PAUL writes: I was told in the last year that New Orleans was the only place in America where people in casual conversation with a newly met person routinely will ask what high school they went to once both know they are fellow Orleanians. We might get a clue as to their breeding/class and […]