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Pius XII on Woman and the Home

April 25, 2015



Balthasar van der Alst

IN light of the feminist poison that continues to come from the Vatican II Church, it’s worth recalling Pope Pius XII’s beautiful words in 1942 on the role of women in the home. The Holy Father speaks of ideals that many of us fall short of, but that deserve our deepest admiration:

The mother is the sun of the family. She is its sun by her spirit of generosity and sacrifice, by her constant readiness, vigilance, delicacy and tact in all that touches the happiness of her husband and her children; she radiates light and warmth. …  Read More »


Bakers Fined $135,000

April 25, 2015

AN Oregon administrative judge has fined Aaron and Melissa Klein $135,000 for refusing to sell a wedding cake to lesbians. As reported at WND:

Bureau prosecutors sought $75,000 for each woman – $150,000 total – during a hearing on damages in March. Under the current ruling, Rachel Bowman-Cryer should collect $75,000 and her “wife,” Laurel Bowman-Cryer, will collect $60,000. The couple testified in March to the emotional stress they attributed to their experience with Sweet Cakes, including the glare of media attention that followed. Read More »


Housing Matters

April 24, 2015


HERE is Part IV of my husband’s recollections of growing up in Chester, Pennsylvania during the 1950s and ’60s. Earlier installments can be found here.

Renner was going on trial. The neighborhood drama, which had receded to the haunting reality of Renner’s ransacked property, was getting new life.

His fate was the only subject of discussion during the daily afternoon gossip sessions at our dining room table, sessions specifically convened to address the crisis and enlivened with beer. The assembled talked of adult matters that I was not to be part of, and I was expected to have the good sense and courtesy to be in another part of the house. They themselves were too courteous to ask me to leave the premises, and I voluntarily consigned myself to the living room, where I was free to watch “Bandstand.” Read More »


“Country Roads” in Japan

April 23, 2015


PAUL C. writes:

I have been watching this Japanese group’s charming songs.  They can sing in almost perfect American English but choose here to use their sweet little accents to sing John Denver’s Country Roads in mostly Japanese.  Amazing how languages can be adapted to sing foreign songs. Music, song, and mathematics are international languages.

I expect your Asian observer, Anti-Globalist Expatriate, has seen strong ethnic identity (which there is nothing wrong with) and bad thinking, driven by parts of an old culture, by some to come to his overbroad conclusions about Asians, who have adopted Western dress and obviously music and movies.  But they really look down on us?  I think not.

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The Election You Should Ignore

April 23, 2015

IN CASE you mistakenly plan to invest emotional energy in the 2016 presidential election and place your hopes in Republicans, I offer this story on Marco Rubio’s support for “gay marriage.”

As Thomas Droleskey wrote ten years ago:

It is my view that the national establishment of the Republican Party is so corrupted by careerism and the moneyed interests which support contraception and abortion, to say nothing of active homosexual behavior, that it is irredeemable. Strong words, yes. But what is it going to take to convince good people of the stark reality that has been hitting us in the head again and [again] in the last two decades? Is it really worthy continuing to fight a battle in a political party that is committed institutionally first and foremost to its own perpetuation in power as an end in and of itself?


Did Dinosaurs and Humans Coexist?

April 23, 2015


An outdated image of Tyrannosaurus

AN article at the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation explores the historical evidence that human beings walked the earth when dinosaurs were alive, supporting the biblical assertion that every kind of land animal was created at the same time as man.

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A Terrible Surrender

April 23, 2015

ALAN writes:

In response to your excellent remarks about the imbecility called “gay marriage,” Bill R. wrote that Americans now live under “a tyranny that grows harder by the day.”  I agree essentially with that statement.  But may I suggest that that tyranny was not forcibly imposed on the American people by a monster government; it was the American people who made their government into a monster by surrendering more and more power to it over a span of years, partly by intent but largely by default. Read More »


St. Joseph

April 22, 2015




Hymn: Te, Joseph, celebrent

O Joseph, heavenly hosts thy worthiness proclaim,
And Christendom conspires to celebrate thy fame,
Thou who in purest bonds wert to the Virgin bound;
How glorious is thy name renowned.

Thou, when thou didst behold thy Spouse about to bear,
Wert sore oppressed with doubt, wert filled with wondering care;
At length the Angel’s word thy anxious heart relieved:
She by the spirit hath conceived. Read More »


The Political Meaning of the Hijab

April 22, 2015



Why Women Seek “Bad Boys” — and Men Seek “Bad Girls”

April 21, 2015


Illustration for Pride and Prejudice; Anna and Elena Balbusso

GUILAIN writes:

I agree with the following statement you wrote:

Men and women are too interdependent for one to fall without the other.

That is so true that most men still intensely desire women. If men had not fallen with women, they would not seek their approbation; they would realize it has no value.

Some time ago, when I roamed the manosphere, I was struck by the fact that many criticisms of modern women could be directed at modern men as well. Among the men writing or commenting on those “red pill” websites, no one seemed to notice this fact.  Read More »


The Drug-like Effects of Video Games

April 21, 2015

FROM an article at Tradition, Family and Property:

It could be argued that video gaming is simply a pastime, a way to combat boredom.  But what is the point of engaging in a pastime that has no palpable goal, no real accomplishment and no deeper meaning?   Since the purpose of gaming is undefined, players often find themselves compelled to play more and more.

According to the Boy Genius Report, “there are currently over 34 million core gamers in the United States, and they are playing video games for an average of 22 hours every week.”2 Read More »


Bias in Favor of Women in Science

April 21, 2015

HEATHER MAC DONALD describes a study of 371 colleges and universities conducted by the Cornell Institute for Women in Science based on three hypothetical applicants for tenure-track positions in science:

The job-search packages for the applicants included a search committee’s report, quotes from letters of recommendation, and an overall numerical score. The academic qualifications of two of those hypothetical candidates, a male and a female, were equal. A third male candidate was slightly inferior to the other two.

The nearly 900 faculty members, half male, half female, from all four fields preferred female applicants over identically qualified males by two to one. Only male economics professors showed no gender preference; female economics professors chose the female candidate by a ratio of two to one.


The Big Money Behind “Transgendered Rights”

April 20, 2015

AT Gulag Bound, Cliff Kincaid writes:

Years ago the idea of a man dressing like or appearing as a woman was good for some laughs. Comedian Flip Wilson evoked that response as the character “Geraldine.” Corporal Klinger did likewise in the comedy show MASH.

But now we’re supposed to take all of this seriously. It’s tempting to laugh now, except that the campaign for transgendered rights has big money and Big Media behind it. Read More »


Ripped Off at the Sperm Bank

April 20, 2015

TWO lesbians are suing an Atlanta sperm bank because the sperm they purchased and used to conceive a now-seven-year-old child came from a criminal schizophrenic, not the intelligent neuroscientist described on paper.

The sperm donor is also the biological father of more than 30 other children conceived the same way. The women in question might have applied, you would think, a modicum of suspicion to the ejaculations of a successful scientist, but shopping fantasies have a life of their own and it’s all too easy to avoid the truth. It is unclear if the child knows that a huge mistake was made and that his grades in chemistry might not be as high as expected and in fact he might experience serious mental illness, in addition to the alienation he will suffer from being raised by two “moms.” In any event, it is only a matter of time before he finds out, now that his loving “moms” have made his laboratory beginnings and their commercial disappointment in him public.

“Gay marriage” is a boon for the eugenics industry even with these occasional mishaps, but then it always has had strong commercial interests behind it. It’s about money, money, money.

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A Vatican II Theme Song

April 20, 2015

PLEASE see the excellent commentary at Novus Ordo Watch on this Good Friday performance in Vienna.