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Sacrificing to the Moloch of Abortion

  AT Lifesitenews, Ben Johnson writes about the Scottish “poet” Leyla Josephine and her video on her abortion: That intimation that her daughter died for “choice” – that she offered her baby as a living sacrifice on the altar of abortion – confirms the darkest rhetoric of the pro-life movement: That for some in the movement, abortion […]

The Phony Campus Rape Epidemic

  RAPE is a problem on American campuses, which is not surprising given campus culture. But the epidemic touted by Obama and other feminists is not based on reliable evidence. From Kevin Williamson at National Review: The fictitious rape epidemic is necessary to support the fiction of “rape culture,” by which feminists mean anything other than an actual […]

  FROM Early American Gardens.

The American Constitution Leads to Right to Porn

  MARISSA writes in response to the post about a ruling by a Texas judge protecting “up skirt” photos: It sounds terrible to the liberal’s ear (and yes, I count the vast majority of Americans as liberals, either classical or modern), but this is one of the many problems with the First Amendment, which incidentally receives […]

A Tale of Anglican Prejudice

  OWEN FRANCIS DUDLEY became an Anglican minister in 1911 and worked in an East End parish in London for several years before converting to Catholicism. “What I Found“ is his essay on his conversion. It is the best description of the common mentality of Anglicans toward Catholicism that I have ever read. He begins: My first […]

Understanding the Order of Being

  “[Y]our opposition to the spirit of the age must primarily be an inward attitude rather than outwardly successful rebellion. The current world system knows how to suppress insurrection, so if you judge success by outward standards, looking for the successful public institutionalization of traditionalist ways you will probably become demoralized. You must begin small, […]

Thousands March Against the Common Cold

  FROM today’s New York Times: Under leaden skies, throngs of demonstrators stretching as far as the eye could see moved through Midtown Manhattan late Sunday morning, chanting their demands for action on the common cold. With drums and tubas, banners and floats, the People’s Common Cold March represented a broad coalition of ages, races, geographic locales […]

Killed over Video Game Player

  DAN writes: Hmm, I wonder where Al Sharpton and the media boys are for this one? Oops, wrong race, my bad! Pathetic!

Maniacal Contradictions of the Sexual Revolution

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: According to liberal discourse, one in four college coeds will become victims of sexual aggression during their four-year matriculation. What campus codes call sexual harassment, a term that feminist misandry has rendered entirely subjective, is so terrible and so totally male that college men accused of the infraction find themselves […]

Inside the Pizza Industrial Complex


Power and Liberated Desire

  “WHAT begins in desire liberated from the moral law ends with power liberated from the moral law as well, as the strong force their desires on the weak.” — E. Michael Jones, “Truth of Desire: A Manifesto for Counter-Revolution,” 1994

USAF Removes Reference to God from Enlistment Oath

  HENRY McCULLOCH writes: In the post USAF Denies Atheist Re-Enlistment, Buck noted the Air Force’s denying re-enlistment to airmen who refused to swear the full enlistment oath by refusing to say “So help me God” and asked: Is the USAF provoking a religious test because they want God removed? What other reason could there be? […]

What Two Shepherd Children Saw

  O FOOLISH world, will you ever pay attention? Will you ever wake up? Today is the Feast of Our Lady of La Salette, who appeared to two shepherd children on September 19, 1846 on a mountain near Grenoble in France. This is from Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s essay on the meaning of the apparition to the […]

A Visit to Yale: Reflections on Architecture and Society

  THIS ESSAY was written by an anonymous correspondent: I took the train up to New Haven yesterday to admire Yale’s architecture, which I haven’t done in nearly ten years. It was a lovely day and everything looked perfect. I was lying on the grass in the main court of Branford College just as the late-afternoon […]