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Super Smart Asian Women

  KIDIST PAULOS ASRAT writes: In your “Devouring Screen” post, you briefly mentioned “super smart Asian women” in media. The reality is that these super smart Asian women cave in when the going gets tough. Matt Lauer, of the morning show Good Morning America, had a big media fall out with his co-host Ann Curry. […]

Some Brutally Frank Prodding from a Reader

  JOHANNA D. sends her second donation in a week and writes: I’m so glad you have posted your request for support “front and center.” I think you should keep it there until you reach your goal. Many people may be missing your request altogether. As for those who have seen it and have not responded, […]

In India, Some Large Families Are Honored

  WANDA SHERRATT writes from Ottawa:  I was so sorry to hear about that Brazilian mother of six, and how she isn’t appreciated even in a Catholic country like Brazil.  To compensate, here’s an amusing story from when my family lived in India in the 90s.  My husband is a diplomat, so we mostly associated […]

Please Support This Site

  RELATIVELY few people are willing to support blogs. Those who do have done something. They have done something small to support the right ideas. That’s what is most needed in this world — not big organizations, not expensive political campaigns. Just ideas. Ideas have consequences. Thank you to readers who have given in my latest fundraising campaign. I […]

She Bred Like a “Rabbit”

  A BRAZILIAN woman, the mother of six children, is quoted at length at Tradition in Action: Every day, I face the curiosity, the disrespect, the jokes, the whispers and the comments by many people who think that, just because I have six children, they have the right to give their opinion on what is so sacred to […]

Reflections on the March for Life

  VINCENT CHIARELLO writes about the annual anti-abortion march in Washington, D.C., which takes place every January 22, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade: If you were to read a summary of the March for Life in newspapers – usually relegated to the inside pages, and with a serious undercounting of the numbers involved – rarely will you […]

Another Day, Another Masterpiece


The Curse of Cursing Women

  PAUL writes: Although Huckabee is lame overall as a presidential candidate, he often gets it right such as his criticism of the profanity used by females in his former workplace at Fox News. I never use profanity in the presence of a female using profanity even though my brain screams to hit her when an […]

A Case of Military Rape

  A FORMER U.S. Army prosecutor who once supervised sexual assault cases and complained that he was pressured to expedite them has himself been convicted of sexual assault. Major Erik Burris has been sentenced to 20 years in prison and dismissed from service. Virtually nothing about the case is available to the public.

Donald Trump? You Gotta Be Kidding!

  TK writes: I never could take Donald Trump seriously. I figured any man with such a ridiculous haircut deserves nothing but scorn. I can’t imagine anyone so silly looking even having enough gall to BE an egomaniac. Trump has something in common with the president, in that anytime either one is on television or […]

The Nation as Extended Family

  A MEMBER OF the Australian group, SydneyTrads, writes: In his comments about the Union Flag, namely “who would want to be associated with that” given the United Kingdom is a “dead island,” Paul T makes a typical mistake – typical of those who don’t understand what that flag means. While the grandchildren of the Yankee Revolution […]

Trans-Man Meets with “Pope”

  PERHAPS they discussed what it’s like to pretend you are something you are not.

The Meaningless Maple Leaf

    HENRY McCULLOCH writes: Thank you for posting my recent comments on Canada.  I notice you illustrated it with today’s Canadian national flag.  That banner has only been the national flag since 1965.  Its adoption was one of the first major steps in stripping Canada of her heritage.  The new Canadian flag is the […]

The Church Is Not the Church

  FROM Traditio: … Newchurch is dying around the world. The only time the mobs will turn out is when a Newpope with a rock-star complex creates a flash crowd, as in January 2015 for the Philippines. Then the mob will sacrilegiously steal the phony “bread” that is no longer the Holy Eucharist to put into […]

Feed This Baby

  DID you know that two slices of pizza, plus a large drink of carbonated chemicals, costs almost ten dollars at many pizzerias? Perhaps you might consider giving up the dollar value of one or two of these life-sustaining lunches to support this blog. I realize that profound discussions on the rotting moral edifice of Western […]