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Ferguson Riots

  AMONG THE THOUSANDS of people protesting the Ferguson decision in the last two days are those carrying signs that read, “Black lives matter.” That is very true. Black lives do matter. And they have probably never mattered anywhere more on earth than in America, where blacks are treated with a level of judicial respect and […]

Obama Blames the Justice System for Ferguson

  SEE Jared Taylor’s commentary on Obama’s entirely predictable reaction to a grand jury’s refusal to indict Darren Wilson and the subsequent rioting last night: Mr. Obama spoke for nearly 10 minutes, and spent about seven of them blaming the police. He said protesters have “legitimate issues of how communities and law enforcement interact,” and called anger over the […]

On Theistic Evolution, cont.

  MANY CHRISTIANS have tried to reconcile the belief in an omnipotent Creator with Darwinian theories of evolution. Discussion continues in a recent entry on this subject. A reader contends that God could have used randomness to create life forms slowly over time and suggests that this view is compatible with Christian belief. The reader, Mike, […]

Ferguson and Hard Hearts

  PAUL writes: Perhaps only God or Satan could harden the hearts of Americans to the extent we have been seeing for decades.  In Ferguson, Missouri a grand jury with many blacks on it decided not to indict a white police officer despite the whole black and liberal white community wanting the officer to be […]

The Right to Chopped Celery

  JOHN F. writes from Lemoyne, Pennsylvania: Not a day does not go by without checking out your  blog. It is a must read for me every day if I want to hold onto my sanity, or what it left of it after six years of the great Obamgogue. I have a small anecdote about “The Decline […]

“Shame on You”

  EVELYN writes: You are not a Catholic. Nor are you a thinking Catholic. I will pray for you, that you will find the compassion that Jesus, our Lord and Savior teaches us to have for our fellow man. I will pray that idiotic statements such as Mexican people should stay and work on fixing […]

The People and Ferguson

  PROTESTS are scheduled in dozens of towns and cities around the country in response to the pending grand jury decision in the case of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown. Among the organizations planning the protests is A.N.S.W.E.R. Read Lee Cary’s article for details. Brian Becker, above, co-founder of A.N.S.W.E.R is “a former member […]

The Cosby Show

  M. CATHERINE EVANS and Bill Kassel both argue at The American Thinker that even if the recent allegations against Bill Cosby are true, he has been the target of Communist-style character assassination primarily because of his message of self reliance and moral improvement for blacks.

Thanksgiving: The Shopping Holiday

  WHILE more stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day, forcing employees such as those at the Toys R Us store where this notice was posted to work on the holiday, there is also a growing consumer movement to stop the trend.

The End of the World (Coming Soon Near You?)

  THE end of the world may be the most forbidden and censored subject in the history of human discourse. It’s pathetic how few people are interested in talking about it. Well, I guess it’s not surprising. We ourselves are immortal and are so blinded by earthly things that we like to think this world […]

America: A Marketplace, not a Nation

  FROM OBAMA’S speech last night creating amnesty for five million immigrants so that they can someday vote for the Democratic Party and calling for more visas for foreign, high-skilled workers:

The Latest Stats on the Vatican II Religion

    SEE a report on the”faithful departed” at Novus Ordo Watch.

Early Snow

  SNOW on rooftops near Toronto, as photographed this week by Kidist Paulos Asrat.


  RON C. writes: With respect to teeth and diet, I have very sensitive gums and the insides of my mouth. If I eat processed food, I can feel an uncomfortable tingling in my mouth which does not go away until I brush my teeth or rinse with mouth wash. However if I eat a […]

A Cosby Exhibit at the Smithsonian

  THE Smithsonian Museum of African Art embarrassingly has a new exhibit from the collection of Camille and Bill Cosby, who are so much in the news for allegations that Bill drugged and raped white aspiring actresses, quite an ironic twist on the message of oppression that comes through here and there in the exhibit catalogue […]