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The Man Behind “Sexual Orientation”

August 30, 2016



John Money

EVER wonder who coined the Orwellian term “sexual orientation?” Or who first referred to “gender” instead of “sex?”

The man behind these innovations is John Money, a Johns Hopkins psychologist and “sexologist,” who also was largely responsible for the first sex change operations in this country.

Mr. Money, who died in 2006, started the Johns Hopkins Sexual Identity Clinic and had a full academic and clinical career. But in any normal society, Mr. Money would have been an outcast and would have spent time in jail for his part in the mutilation and sexual abuse of a young boy and the sexual abuse of his brother.

The modern-day transgender movement began in child abuse.

Max Roscoe wrote a full account of the case of David Reimer in Return of the Kings last year. When Reimer was injured as a baby in a botched circumcision, Money convinced his parents to have further surgery; treat the boy with synthetic hormones and raise him as a girl. It was a living experiment on Money’s thesis that sex is a social construct. He also later conducted “therapy” on David, which involved exposing him to pornography and having him and his brother play-act sexual intercourse.

Both David Reimer and his brother killed themselves as adults.

Mr. Money was affiliated with Johns Hopkins up until his death. When he died, he was honored with this highly respectful obituary in The New York Times. The University of Minnesota hosts a John Money lecture series in “pediatric sexology.” And now there are literally thousands of David Reimers. Most have not had surgery, but they are encouraged to deny their biology by their own parents, thanks to perverts like Mr. Money. Many will be scarred for life.

The modern-day transgender movement began in child abuse and it continues in child abuse. But then few societies have been so committed to destroying the innocence of children as ours.

So now when you hear or read the terms “sexual orientation” or “gender,” you can put them into historical context.


“Northern Lights”

August 29, 2016


THE Northern Lights, also known as ‘Aurora borealis’ in the northern hemisphere and ‘Aurora australis’ in the southern, are the fallout from solar magnetic storms. They appear as pulsating curtains of light in the night sky. This magnificent show can appear as far south as Virginia in the Northeastern United States. It actually acts somewhat like neon lights. Electrons collide with the earth’s magnetic field; the collision excites atoms and molecules and they give off light as they return to lower energy states.

The Latvian composer Ēriks Ešenvalds (above) has brilliantly captured the lights in his composition Northern Lights. The choral work includes a Latvian folksong, for which I do not have the translation, and the text by two Arctic explorers Charles Francis Hall (1821-1871) and Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930).

You can listen to this spectacular soundscape which captures a man coming up from below deck on a ship at sea — “Come above, Hall, at once! The world is on fire!” — and being confronted with the brilliant pulsing sky here.

Northern Lights

Cik naksnīnas pret ziemeli
Redzēj’ kāvus karojam;
Karo kāvi pie debesu,
Vedīs karus mūs’ zemē.

It was night, and I had gone on deck several times.
Iceberg was silent; I too was silent.
It was true dark and cold.
At nine o’clock I was below in my cabin,
When the captain hailed me with the words:
“Come above, Hall, at once! The world is on fire!”
I knew his meaning, and, quick as thought,
I rushed to the companion stairs.
In a moment I reached the deck,
And as the cabin door swung open,
A dazzling light, overpow’ring light burst upon my startled senses!
Oh, the whole sky was one glowing mass of colored flames, so mighty, so brave!
Like a pathway of light the northern lights seemed to draw us into the sky.
Yes, it was harp-music, wild storming in the darkness;
The strings trembled and sparkled in the glow of the flames
Like a shower of fiery darts.
A fiery crown of auroral light cast a warm glow across the arctic ice.
Again at times it was like softly playing, gently rocking silvery waves,
On which dreams travel into unknown worlds.


Video Manipulation of Hillary Speech?

August 27, 2016

SEE analysis by James Tracy at Memory Hole Blog.


“Judeo-Christian” Is an Oxymoron

August 27, 2016

VOX DAY writes at his site:

Anyone who is using the term “Judeo-Christian” is referencing, consciously or not, left-wing anti-Christian agitprop. There are no historical “Judeo-Christian” values; to the extent there is overlap they are Christian values. Read More »


The End of Women

August 27, 2016

CAROLINE writes:

There is so much to say about the emasculation of our world. I don’t know where to begin. I often think of Marx and the Communists (and indeed the left) and the goal of creating the “new man.” I think this is where we are. As I look around me and see all these tattooed young women, with no air of mystery about them, especially in how they dress, it seems so sad that perhaps they’ll never know the true joy of being a woman, as in being a mother and a wife and being loyal to one man, and knowing their position as women and (sometimes) reveling in it. Of persevering in a marriage because it’s the right thing to do, because marriage is bigger than the two of you. Of waiting for marriage to experience the mysteries of conjugal love. Of raising children and not feeling like they have to have a job or be powerful, great, strong, macho etc. Of finding joy in housekeeping and being satisfied.


The Secret of Existence

August 26, 2016


William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Pet Bird

Pet Bird by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

THE SECRET of existence — a golden rule that will never fail no matter what happens  — is to remain always, in some essential part of one’s being, a child.

Not a child physically or intellectually, of course. But in the supernatural order, in our souls, we should always be children. Children are immature, willful, stubborn, emotionally unstable and unknowledgeable. But they are trusting. They are highly conscious of the benevolence that lies behind all things. A child knows he is loved and he loves in return with his undivided heart. He has momentary fears, sometimes they are severe, but he does not suffer from existential anxiety or dread. He is not plagued with worry. It is often when adults don’t understand the complete trust and love of the child that they mistreat him. The child has confidence that he is protected even when he lives in miserable surroundings or has irresponsible parents.

And so it is with us — or should always be with us.

We are loved and protected. Benevolence surrounds us — and if we are not conscious of it, something is terribly wrong with us. Everything that happens expresses the will of God in some way. He wants the best for us in his fatherly protectiveness. But he cannot know him as a true Father unless we are true children. We can turn everything to good if we trust in his love and fatherliness.

Even when we are in our busy prime years, with important affairs and responsibilities, and even when we are old, this beautiful truth holds — we are children all the same.

Yoga instructors say we should empty ourselves. But nothingness cannot love us. Nothingness cannot satisfy us. Nothingness is nothing. The child knows there is something. He is never seduced by blankness. His heart is too full for blankness. He cannot attain that aridness.

Instead we should seek to fill ourselves.

We should fill ourselves with the simplicity and littleness of the child and through it obtain the elevating grace of God our Father. The more important and successful a person is, the more he needs to strive against the currents of his own complexity and bigness. That’s why important and successful people are so often shallow. They think they are self-sufficient. They have forgotten they are little — or they are too absorbed in the world to orient their littleness toward God. The child is little, weak and he owns almost nothing. It is really quite amazing when you think about it. If the child is not loved — and usually he is loved intensely — he cannot survive at all because he has so little to himself, is entirely incapable and is so little.

He has his simplicity — to which God in his simplicity responds. The child’s littleness and weakness ensure that he is loved. His vulnerability and poverty touch the hearts of those who love him with such profound and moving pangs of sympathy and tenderness. It is the same with us in our relations with God. He is even more approachable than the most loving human father. He is moved by our awareness of our littleness.

St. Therese of Lisieux was a great master of this doctrine of spiritual childhood and believed it was her destiny to spread this truth. She taught that we should emulate the littleness of the child in our relations with God. We advance spiritually the more we uncover our littleness in our suffering and faults:

I have many weaknesses, but I am never astonished because of them. I am not always as prompt as I should like to be in rising above the insignificant things of this world. For example I might be inclined to worry about some silly thing I have said or done. I then recollect myself and say, ‘Alas, I am still at the point from which I started.’ But I say this with great peace and without sadness. It is truly sweet to feel weak and little.

(Novissima Verba, St. Therese of Lisieux, quoted in The Complete Spiritual Doctrine of St. Therese of Lisieux, by Rev. Francois Jamart, O.C.D.; Society of St. Paul, 1961)

It is truly sweet to be a child.

Always and everywhere, in a secret and essential part of our being. Read More »


Not Guilty, Not Bitter

August 26, 2016



AFTER spending 25 years in prison for a murder and rape which he contended for years he did not commit, Anthony Wright (previously convicted as a juvenile of hitting a police officer with a piece of lumber that broke his nose, jaw and teeth) was freed this week. He was acquitted in a new trial based on DNA evidence.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Wright had this to say in a press conference:

“Who am I to hold a grudge against somebody? I don’t do that, man. I worship a merciful God. And I believe in him, and all the chips will fall where they may. We’re here today because of that.”


Hillary on the “Alt-Right”

August 26, 2016

PETER BRIMELOW responds to Hillary Clinton’s speech attacking Trump supporters and the “alt-right” movement. Overall Brimelow does a good job of responding.

Hillary’s speech was standard, boiler-plate shaming of white Americans from a woman who is constantly inciting nonwhites to consider, and feel pride in, their collective, racial interests. The European people are on the verge of becoming a minority in America as a result of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act and only they are considered hateful for fighting to preserve their heritage and culture. Most major urban newspapers in America have black columnists who openly discuss their racial identity and interests. They are never accused of hatefulness.

As Brimelow says, the problem isn’t that whites are hateful, it’s that they are hated.

Those who consider race to be the highest, or most important, factor of life are wrong. But so are those who claim race is nothing — an idea usually only advanced when it comes to whites. Read More »


Yellow Journalism for Russia?

August 25, 2016

BRANDON MARTINEZ writes at Non-Aligned Media:

Does Western big media slant its coverage to favor the whims of their respective governments? Absolutely. Should we be skeptical and cautious about certain claims and narratives being fostered? Certainly. But so does Russian media like RT for its side, yet the Russian outlets are universally hailed by the same “alt-media” sheeple as trusted news sources despite their obvious function as mouthpieces for the Kremlin.

A true non-aligned journalist or even opinion writer would acknowledge the inevitabilities that arise during wars of significant magnitude where both sides commit excesses, abuses and crimes, both sides do “propaganda” and both sides lie about their enemies. This “team choosing” cheerleader hobbyism of the alt-media has shown that it is by and large effectively no better than the mainstream sources they criticize. On top of that, much of the alt-media has shown that they are not non-interventionists or against militarism, but only selectively so when it is the “wrong”  powers engaged in the action.


Trump’s Reversal on Immigration

August 25, 2016

FEW CANDIDATES have been catapulted to a presidential nomination so exclusively on one issue as Donald Trump, who is running because he promised the American people that he would stop illegal immigration and indicated that he would send violators of the law home. Millions of people, at the risk of being slandered as bigots and Nazis, supported him as a result. They supported him not because in most cases they were categorically against immigration, but because they were against excessive, ruinous immigration.

Now, however, Trump has made statements reversing his stand.

In a public appearance on television last night, the Republican candidate did not “soften” his stand, as some are contending. He reversed it.

Trump said he would offer illegal immigrants a “path to legalization.” Another term for that is amnesty, however much Trump may deny the term. Ann Coulter, call your publisher immediately. You have a lot of explaining to do.

NPR reports: Read More »


MacArthur Kicked Out of Russia

August 25, 2016


HERE’S a little background, courtesy of The Anti-New York Times, on the recent expulsion of the MacArthur Foundation from Russia.


Good News from India

August 24, 2016

SHEFALI writes from India:

I’ve never felt more proud than today. Our ‘right’ wing regime, slammed across the globe by leftist media, has given them another reason to hate it. A new bill has been cleared that prohibits commercial surrogacy. Couples living together, homosexuals, couples with existing children, foreign couples (old, white liberals) — in other words those who want children the most (right!) — can no longer buy the services of a surrogate mother.

In recent years, India had turned into a surrogacy hub of sorts for the Sex-in-the-City generation that just had to have it all, even if it meant using a Third World tribal woman like a cow. Imagine the tears.


The Conspiracy behind “Conspiracy Theories”

August 24, 2016

HERE’S one heck of a conspiracy theory: Some contend that the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA. Wow, what will they do next? See more by Paul Craig Roberts.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, a black assistant professor at Oberlin College was recently suspended from her job for rejecting the official story of 9/11 in her posts on Facebook. The liberal Oberlin dissing a black professor? Hmm, her heresy must have been quite serious. Yes, the American KGB (that stands for Anti-Defamation League in Russian) found out about it and said Joy Karega must go. Well, you know, someone has to destroy careers.

Oh, dear. Oh, dear, dear, dear. This is something.

I am sorry for the courageous Ms. Karega, but no one bothers to suppress fiction.


Rabbis: “Muslims Welcome in America”

August 24, 2016

TWELVE hundred American rabbis are united in their desire to bring more Muslims to America and to assimilate them to American life.

How interesting. It’s funny how rabbis see eye-to-eye when it comes to the cultural and demographic obliteration of America.

Rabbis never welcome Muslim refugees to Israel! In fact, they have created one big concentration camp for their Muslim refugees. File it under, “Strange and Intriguing Contradictions.”


Wendy McElroy on “Rape Culture”

August 24, 2016


The vile Emma Sulkowicz of mattress fame

Emma Sulkowicz, the rape-culture icon, with her mattress

IN JANUARY 2014, President Obama announced he was establishing a special White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. He justified what would turn out to be his assault on the constitutional liberties and moral status of male college students by saying, “It is estimated that one in five women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted during their time there. … It’s totally unacceptable.”

What a liar.

To call this one-in-five figure, which quickly achieved cult-like legitimacy, an exaggeration is an understatement. In her new book Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Women and Men (Vulgus Press, 2016), Wendy McElroy, a Canadian author and longtime skeptic of the feminist narrative on rape, addresses this falsehood. Not only is the incidence of sexual assault among college women much lower, it has been declining in recent years.

McElroy is a libertarian feminist who does not accept some of feminism’s more extreme claims. In her book, she heroically wades into the intensely ugly and fanatical debate over college rape and the notion that a “rape culture” exists. Though I do not share some of her basic premises and go beyond her solutions, I recommend McElroy’s book for anyone who wants to know more about this particular area of mob psychology and state-sponsored Bolshevism.


The scene at the University of Virginia after a fraternity was falsely said to be the scene of a vicious gang rape.

The scene at the University of Virginia in 2014 after a fraternity was falsely said to be the scene of a vicious gang rape. The university never apologized to the fraternity for accepting the accusations without adjudication.

McElroy writes:

On December 11 [2014], the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released its report, “Rape and Sexual Assault Among College-Age Females, 1995-2013.” [17] The report’s findings contradicted the claims of the White House and of rape culture zealots. For one thing, it indicated that campuses were not the most sexually dangerous places for women. The BJS found, “[ t] he rate of rape and sexual assault was 1.2 times higher for nonstudents (7.6 per 1,000) than for students (6.1 per 1,000)…. The rate of completed rape for nonstudents (3.1 per 1,000) was 1.5 times higher than for students (2.0 per 1,000).” Read More »


Baby Trafficking

August 22, 2016

INDIAN women struggling for money are enticed into renting their wombs. The BBC interviewed three women who were “surrogate mothers.” One of them said:

For three months after giving birth, I spent sleepless nights, I would get headaches thinking about the baby and I had to take medicines to calm down.

Every year, on 4 November, the day the baby was born, our family celebrates its birthday. I do all the rituals that I do for my other children. Read More »


The Immaculate Heart

August 22, 2016



Being wise, Our Lady is against all vain pride; being immaculate, she is against sensuality. Therefore, devotion to the Heart of Mary from this perspective is par excellence the devotion of the Counter-Revolution, since the Revolution is moved forward by pride and sensuality. Those two points that the Revolution hates most, wisdom and purity, must be the points that are most strongly affirmed by counter-revolutionaries.

Our prayer on this feast day should be: “Make our hearts like unto thy Heart.” This does not imply some vague similarity. It means to make our hearts as closely identified as possible to her Immaculate Heart, insofar as it is in the plans of God. “Make me wise, according to thy wisdom. Make me pure with a purity partaking of thy own purity.”

We may add: “My Mother, I am not strong enough to give myself to thee. Enter into my soul with graces that I am unable to resist, shatter this door that in my misery I do not want to open. I will be awaiting thee behind that door with all my appreciation and gratitude.”

— Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, The Immaculate Heart of Mary

From the Ghent Altarpiece

From the Ghent Altarpiece

Read More »


Mrs. Kane

August 21, 2016

NEIL writes:

If Kathleen Kane’s husband/ex-husband (I’ve read contradictory things about this) had the resources to contribute $1.5 million to her campaign, then he obviously had the capacity to support her as a homemaker. Most men would only dream of taking care of their families with that level of financial support. Maybe her children can touch the glass wall between the prison visitors and her, just like in the old TV shows.

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