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America Is One Big College Campus

  ACCORDING to Eric Holder, the Department of Justice must now interpret Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as barring employment discrimination against the “”transgendered.” In other words, if a employer does not like the fact that, say, a salesman he hired is now a “saleswoman,” or objects that the male teacher […]

For the Man Who Has Everything

  ALL THE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – By Phyllis McGinley What shall my true love Have from me To pleasure his Christmas Wealthily? The partridge has flown From our pear tree. Flown with our summers Are the swans and the geese. Milkmaids and drummers Would leave him little peace. I’ve no gold ring And no […]

Women May Be in Combat in Britain by 2016

  BREITBART has the story. The Chief of the General Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter says: If the research recommends that women are physiologically suited to close combat roles then we will be able to make as many ranks and roles open to all our soldiers, within a flexible career structure.

Class of 2018, U.S. Naval Academy

  JAMES P. writes: They really, really seem to want black and Asian women to join the Navy. Front and center in just about every picture. Message to young white men: don’t bother.

Arabic Christmas Carols

    JEWEL A. writes: I found this version of Silent Night. From what I know about music and Arab culture, the Western scales, chord progressions and harmonies are utterly alien to Arabic culture, having only been assimilated in the last 100 years. If you listen to Byzantine Orthodox or Catholic music from the Middle […]

Cafeteria Catholicism

  CHURCHES in Paris desecrated in observance of Advent. (Entry heading comes from Novus Ordo Watch.)

Reporting from Pizza Hell

  CH writes: I don’t want socks. I’m tired of pizza. I’d like home-cooked meals. I’d like someone to share life with. Unfortunately, I’m tied into the Pizza Hell Matrix myself, what with there being hardly naught but cranky, ‘unfulfilled,’ “I Ain’t Cookin’ Crap for No Man” little girls running around in women’s bodies out […]

For the Man Who Has Never Had a Home-Cooked Meal

    FROM Socksmith: Cheesy, saucy, hot and delicious – how can you say no? Show your love for America’s favorite food with our men’s Pizza crew socks! Made of a soft, breathable cotton, nylon and lycra blend, these socks are perfect for a night of snacking and gaming with the guys.

Two Ancient Images

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: This is an image from the Greco-Roman city of Pompeii, on the slope of Mt. Vesuvius, showing Terentius Neo and his wife, equally literate, equally civilized, equally real and actual.  The house of Terentius Neo was buried under volcanic ash in AD 79 during the famous eruption. This image, two […]

Muslim Convert Arrested in “Grisly” Death of Pennsylvania Teacher

  JEWEL A. writes: Last week a horrific murder took place in the home of a sixth grade teacher in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Nicole Mathewson was allegedly murdered by two men who appear to be of mixed race. One is 16 and the other is 25. Police are calling the murder “grisly” but won’t describe the details. What […]

Reports of Intriguing Coincidences at Lindt Cafe

  LINDA N. writes: There are some interesting little coincidences emerging in the wake of the recent Australian terrorist incident. A woman named Nadia El-Mouelhy is said to have left the shop just before the incident began unfolding. According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, she’s the chief executive of the Halal Certification Authority of Australia. […]

Tango Papa

    IT’S NOT every day that you can celebrate the birthday of a papal pretender. Get up and dance, folks! Join in the celebration of a flaming heretic! Red is for Marxism and it’s also for tango. I know it’s Advent, but this is no time for repentance. Grab a partner (preferably an atheist) and […]

For Islam, Symbol of Western Decadence?

  SEE Pete F.’s comment in this entry about why a chocolate cafe at Christmastime would be a logical place for an angry Muslim to attack.

Quote of the Day

  AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER Tony Abbott on the Muslim who took over a cafe in downtown Sydney: “The system did not adequately deal with the individual, there is no doubt about that,” Mr. Abbott said. Thank you, Mr. Abbott. That’s profound. However, the system cannot adequately deal with Islam short of banning it altogether from Australia. […]

Ethnicity and Christmas

  IT is good that God made diversity. The races and ethnicities have their own distinctive personalities. Diversity in the true sense is not diversity in the politically correct sense. Diversity in the politically correct sense was condemned by God as human arrogance and pride: And they said: Come, let us make a city and a tower, […]