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In Yemen

January 31, 2017



An 8-year-old girl killed in U.S. drone strike last week

GLENN GREENWALD writes at The Intercept:

In 2010, President Obama directed the CIA to assassinate an American citizen in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki, despite the fact that he had never been charged with (let alone convicted of) any crime, and the agency successfully carried out that order a year later with a September, 2011 drone strike. While that assassination created widespread debate … another drone-killing carried out shortly thereafter was perhaps even more significant yet generated relatively little attention. Read More »


The “Muslim Ban”

January 30, 2017

[Post revised. Read full text of Trump’s executive order here. I have reconsidered some of my initial appraisal of it after giving it further thought.]

RON PAUL says sensible things about foreign policy. From Paul’s Institute of Peace and Prosperity:

President Trump’s recent Executive Order banning entry to citizens of seven mostly-Muslim countries for 90 days has sparked protest and outrage. Lost in the din created by the protests is the fact that these seven countries have something in common: they have been targeted by the US for bombs or regime change. Where Iraq and Syria are now considered terrorist threats, for example, before US regime change and invasion there was no terrorist problem. Iran has never attacked or threatened the United States, but it is on the list of banned countries. Saudi Arabia was [allegedly] complicit in the 9/11 attacks on the US and 15 of the 19 attackers were Saudi citizens, however somehow the Saudis escaped President Trump’s notice. Is this really about protecting us from terrorism, or is it about politics? We discuss today in the Liberty Report. Read More »


Rabbis for Refugees

January 30, 2017

MORE than 1,700 American rabbis have signed a public letter calling for America to take more refugees:

We, Rabbis from across the United States, call on our newly elected officials to keep America’s doors open to refugees.

Faced with the largest refugee crisis in all of human history, the United States must continue to be a safe haven for people fleeing religious persecution, genocide, and terror. Read More »


The War Against Trump

January 30, 2017

THE opposition to Trump in the first weeks of his presidency is so extraordinary, it is arguably a threat to the institution of the presidency itself. In his column, “A Color Revolution is Underway in the United States,” The Saker looks at possible ways Trump could fight back, including attempting to prosecute those who have participated in the 9/11 cover-up and opening a news channel. The Saker writes:

The forces which are currently trying to impeach, overthrow or murder President Trump are a clear and present danger to the United States as a country and to the US Federal Republic. They are, to use a Russian word, a type of “non-system” opposition which does not want to accept the outcome of the elections and which by rejecting this outcome essentially oppose the entire political system. [Note: Has anyone tried to murder Trump? That seems overblown.]

I am not a US citizen (I could, but I refuse that citizenship on principle because I refuse to take the required oath of allegiance) and the only loyalty I owe the USA is the one of a guest: never to deliberately harm it in any way and to obey its laws. And yet it turns my stomach to see how easy it has been to turn millions of Americans against their own country. I write a lot about russophobia on this blog, but I also see a deep-seated “Americanophobia” or “USophobia” in the words and actions who today say that Trump is not their President. To them, they micro-identity as a “liberal” or as a “gay” or as “African-American” means more than the very basic fundamental principles upon which this country has been built. When I see these crowds of Trump-bashers I see pure, seething hatred not of the AngloZionist Empire, or of a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy, but a hatred of what I would call the “simple America” or the “daily America” – the simple people amongst whom I have now lived for many years and learned to respect and appreciate and whom the Clinton-bots only think of as “deplorables”. Read More »


Miserere Mei, Deus

January 29, 2017



On Purifying the Soul

January 29, 2017



St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622)

. . . . true devotion does no harm whatever, but rather gives perfection to all things; but when it is not compatible with our lawful vocation, then, without doubt, it is false. “The bee,” says Aristotle, “extracts honey from flowers without injuring them, and leaves them as entire and fresh as she found them.” True devotion goes still further, for it not only does no injury to any vocation or employment, but, on the contrary, adorns and beautifies it. As all sorts of precious stones, when cast into honey, receive a greater lustre, each according to its color, so every one’s vocation becomes more agreeable when united with devotion. By devotion, the care of the family is rendered more peaceable, the love of the husband and wife more sincere; the service of the prince more faithful; and every employment more pleasant and agreeable. —- St. Francis de Sales

From The Introduction to the Devout Lifeby St. Francis de Sales:

The angels on Jacob’s ladder had wings, yet nevertheless they did not fly, but went in due order up and down the steps of the ladder. The soul which rises from out of sin to a devout life has been compared to the dawn, which does not banish darkness suddenly, but by degrees. That cure which is gradually effected is always the surest; and spiritual maladies, like those of the body, are wont to come on horseback and express, while they depart slowly and on foot. So that we must needs be brave and patient, my daughter, in this undertaking. It is a woeful thing to see souls beginning to chafe and grow disheartened because they find themselves still subject to imperfection after having made some attempt at leading a devout life, and well-nigh yielding to the temptation to give up in despair and fall back; but, on the other hand, there is an extreme danger surrounding those souls who, through the opposite temptation, are disposed to imagine themselves purified from all imperfection at the very outset of their purgation; who count themselves as full-grown almost before they are born, and seek to fly before they have wings. Be sure, daughter, that these are in great danger of a relapse through having left their physician too soon. “It is but lost labour to rise up early and late take rest,” unless the Lord prosper all we do. Read More »


Callista and Jorge

January 27, 2017




Regarding Callista Gingrich, a candidate (apparently) for the position of Ambassadress to the Holy See in the Vatican: As a lifetime connoisseur of science fiction who, in the present semester, as many times in the past, is teaching a course on the topic, I believe that I recognize Mrs. Gingrich.

She is the “person” above from the campy sci-fi flick Mars Attacks (1996).

In Mars Attacks, the nameless woman is not a woman at all, of course, nor is she human; she is a simulacrum cooked up by the invading Martians to seduce the world’s political leaders, preparatory to their invasion. True, Newt Gingrich, although only probably human himself, is no longer a political leader; but I believe that Callista (“she”) married him when it appeared that he was or might be. I agree with you that this entity would be perfectly matched to the Vatican ambassadorship, as I take it for granted that Jorge Mario Bergoglio (also undoubtedly “very spiritual”) is not, as he claims, “from Argentina,” but from the Mothership, which is orbiting somewhere between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt.




Kellyanne Conway and the Feminists

January 27, 2017



WHY isn’t Kellyanne Conway, mother of four and advisor to Trump, hailed as a great model for women? Doesn’t Trump get credit for being pro-woman because of his advancement of her?

Conway is one of the most articulate and fearless women in American politics. But she stands for the wrong politics, in the eyes of feminists, (she’s also Catholic) and therefore she is not really a woman. She is a feminist’s worst nightmare.

Conway will speak at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. today. Watch live streaming here. [Update: Her full speech, which is excellent, is available here.]

After eight years of Obama, who did everything he could to expand abortion “rights” and induce women to kill their unborn children, the March for Life is especially energized this year. This is a march for hope and love, not a march of anger and fear.



Store Owner Rejects Political Pink

January 27, 2017



ELIZABETH POE, owner of a yarn shop near Nashville, Tennessee, refused to sell the nauseatingly garish pink yarn used for Women’s March hats. She wrote in a Facebook post:

With the recent women’s march on Washington, I ask that you if you want yarn for any project for the women’s movement that you please shop for yarn elsewhere. The vulgarity, vile and evilness of this movement is absolutely despicable. That kind of behavior is unacceptable and is not welcomed at The Joy of Knitting. I will never need that kind of business to remain open. Two wrongs will never ever make it right.

As the owner of this business and a Christian, I have a duty to my customers and my community to promote values of mutual respect, love, compassion, understanding, and integrity. The women’s movement is counterproductive to unity of family, friends, community, and nation.

I do pray for these women. May the God work out His love in their hearts and continue to heal and unite Americans.

Yeah, Elizabeth! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!


Callista: Ambassadress to Holy See?

January 27, 2017

Callista 3

CALLISTA GINGRICH, wife of Newt, is reportedly in the running for the position of Ambassador to the Vatican. 

Why not? She claims to be Catholic and to be a “very spiritual person.”

She seems to be the perfect candidate for communication with the Occupied Holy See. The total impostor pope, author of the encyclical Amoris Laetitia, also known as the “Joy of Adultery,” will surely greet this unrepentant adulterer with great enthusiasm. That’s Amoris!



Planned Barrenhood

January 27, 2017


PLANNED PARENTHOOD, which is funded by the federal government, is based on lies. Publicly, at the official level, it proclaims to offer prenatal care. It does not provide prenatal care, something its employees openly admit in daily interactions, as this new video by Live Action shows.


Trump and “Family Planning”

January 27, 2017

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S restoration of the Mexico City Policy which forbids federal funding of foreign abortions is not cause for jubilation, writes Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey.

President Trump has been absolutely fearless in vowing to build a border wall and restoring the rule of law at the border between the United States of America and the United Mexican States, and his demand that so-called “sanctuary cities” simply obey Federal immigration law has been met with a firestorm of opposition from those cities’ self-righteous “mayors” who countenance law-breaking when it suits their ideological purposes of social engineering. Mayors such as Rahm Emanuel of the murder-infested city named Chicago, Illinois, and Warren Wilhelm/“Bill de Blasio” of the nation’s abortion capital, the City of New York, New York, have expressed defiance of the new president in order to persist in their violations of the rule of law.

However, Dr. Droleskey continues:

… President Donald John Trump’s restoration of the Mexico City Policy according to the terms included in then President George Walker Bush’s executive order of January 22, 2001, represents yet another needless concession that there are circumstances in which innocent preborn children may be put to death lawfully with funding provided by American taxpayer dollars.

Moreover, even though President Trump’s iteration of the Mexico City Policy extends to all Federal agencies and not just to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to forbid them from using American taxpayer dollars to promote surgical abortion as a means of “family planning,” “family planning” is itself odious to God, injurious to individuals, destructive to families and fatal to the welfare of nations. Most of our social problems are the direct result of the destruction of the stability of the family, the proliferation of unwed mothers and of children sent off to pre-school and after-school “care” programs, meaning that [they] grow up never having experienced the meaning of a stable family and thus of the true love and sense of security to be found therein. Indeed, many of Federal entitlement programs exist to provide taxpayer assistance to children who live in poverty as a result of the consequences of contraception and the unstable situations in which they live.

Here is the text of President Trump’s presidential memorandum restoring the Mexico City Policy, which extends the ban of American taxpayer dollars being provided to “family planning” agencies in foreign countries that use surgical abortion as a means of “family planning”: [cont.]


In Praise of Unmarried Women

January 26, 2017



Reliquary bust of a companion of Saint Ursula, 1520-1530; Belgian. Metropolitan Museum of Art

THE unmarried woman has always been held in high reverence by the Catholic Church. No  institution in the history of the world has inspired more women to remain unmarried as virgins — and to sometimes even give up their lives rather than marry.

An interesting essay by Fr. Daniel A. Lord is available at Finer Femininity.


Christian Nation?

January 26, 2017


Steadfast in our faith in the Almighty, we will advance toward a world where man’s freedom is secure.

To that end we will devote our strength, our resources, and our firmness of resolve. With God’s help, the future of mankind will be assured in a world of justice, harmony, and peace.

(Harry S. Truman, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1949.)

NO president of the United States has ever mentioned Jesus Christ in his inaugural address. That includes Donald Trump.

If you believe it is good enough for a president to include some generic reference to a Divine Creator in his address then this makes sense to you. But if you believe that Christ, being the True Redeemer of humanity, has rightful authority over all civil government — and can do as He wills with nations, then this state of affairs amounts to dangerous national apostasy.

At Christ or Chaos in 2010, Dr. Thomas A. Drolesky went through all of the inaugural addresses up to and including Obama and demonstrated how none of them were Christian statements. Read More »


Funding Infrastructure — with Less Debt

January 26, 2017

ELLEN BROWN, author of Web of Debt, proposes an economical way to finance Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

If the Trump $1 trillion infrastructure plan were funded at 2% over 10 years, the interest tab would come to only $200 billion, nearly $1 trillion less than the $1.18 trillion expected by private equity investors. Not only could residents save $1 trillion over 10 years on tolls and fees, but they could save on taxes, since the interest would return to the government, which owned the bank. In effect, the loans would be nearly interest-free to the government.


Citizen Activists Foil Inauguration Plots!

January 25, 2017


THE main group of inauguration protestors was infiltrated by Project Veritas, a group of conservative activists, and the plans for extreme disruption were abandoned after they were reported in advance to the police. The Washington Post reports:

Law enforcement authorities said they think that the successful penetration of DisruptJ20, an umbrella organization for a number of groups that police said sought to wreak havoc at the inauguration, forced it to abandon plans to try to shut down Metro trains and block entrances into the District, according to two law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation.

Wow, this is awesome.

Project Veritas’s videos exposing DisruptJ20’s plans to chain Metro trains and release noxious gasses into the subway can be found here.


A Former “Nasty Girl”

January 24, 2017

PENELOPE writes:

I spent my 20s struggling with the morals of my traditional Catholic background and the overwhelming Jewish feminist influence of the world. It created a cognitive dissonance in my mind and a life of acting out as a ‘nasty’ woman, while simultaneously feeling bad. Although I had a Catholic upbringing, I still came from a dysfunctional and personality-disordered family with an emotionally absent father.

This background combined with the intense feminist influence in all realms had me looking for ‘hooking up’ to find a boyfriend and mate. I didn’t know how to actually date until I was 30 years old and spent enough time reading books to figure it out. The common culture of going to a bar and ‘hooking up’ was the culture that abounded. Read More »


Common Sense from Big Joe

January 24, 2017


Read More »

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