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Category Archives: Unidentified Flying Objects

The Saucer Files, cont.

  IN THIS previous post on UFOs, Alan responds to commenters who suggest there is credible evidence that objects seen in the sky have been spaceships from other planets. He writes: In reply to the comments on my Saucer post: 1)  Jim P. wonders why a “professional journalist” would write a book about UFOs.  How about money?  […]

More on Strange and Unexpected Visions in the Sky

  ALAN writes: The Thinking Housewife is being taken for a ride by flying saucer advocates and UFO believers. I do not “imply” that flying saucers do not exist. I assert flatly that they do exist. They are as real as rainbows and just as insubstantial. Decades ago, when I was an amateur astronomer, I studied the […]

UFO’s or Unidentified Angelic Beings?

  ALAN ROEBUCK, and two other readers, have interesting responses to the entry from Roger G., the Thinking Housewife flying saucer correspondent. Mr Roebuck writes: I wanted to give my two cents about the flying saucer thing. The best take on the subject that I’ve ever heard comes from Hugh Ross, former professor of astrophysics […]

From the Desk of Our Flying Saucer Correspondent

  ROGER G. writes: Awhile back, our estimable blogmistress wrote about her sighting of a green fireball.  I am the official flying saucer (and rugby) expert for the THW and VFR websites, so it might be thought that I would have responded. But I am an old and seasoned flying saucer nut. Therefore I’m not to […]