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Category Archives: Women and Work

Fighting Feminist Discrimination in Britain

  FEMINISTS, such as Anne-Marie Slaughter, often claim that  companies have an obligation to create an equal number of positions for men and women because equality is profitable. The expenses of accommodating women employees in demanding jobs, so the argument goes, are ultimately compensated. If employees devote much less time to their jobs and are often distracted, productivity increases. This fantastical argument, rehashed in Slaughter’s […]

The Paycheck Unfairness Act

  THE SENATE this week rejected the second effort by Democrats to pass the draconian Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have multiplied the number of sex discrimination suits and further eroded the autonomy of the private sector under feminist tyranny. This is one small victory. Phyllis Schlafly writes of the bill: This bill is another costly item on […]

What Women Need to Hear

  In the previous entry on female sexuality, Matamoros described a pragmatic approach to recovering the lost honor of women. He wrote: A movement that argued that the current political culture was pulling women in too many directions and resulting in the destruction of the family, with accompanying policy proposals that would involve a nationalist revitalization of […]

A Spineless Man in Action

  If you want to get a sense of the sort of bootless, flap-mouthed man who leads America today, read this Washington Post story about Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert F. McDonnell. Two decades ago, McDonnell stated in a master’s thesis that working women and feminists were “detrimental” to the family. Now, though he still claims to be […]

Conservative Feminism

  Conservatives have long tried to have it both ways when it comes to feminism. They aggressively attack the silliness of women studies departments and the absurdities of feminist chic. At the same time, they happily embrace careerism in women. They secretly believe a benign feminism is possible and that they might go on lampooning radical feminism without any logical contradictions and […]

Global Deadbeats

  A breathless report on global poverty in today’s New York Times makes no bones about the cause: Rotten Men. There must be a “women’s crusade” to save the world. Forget about men; they’re useless and cruel. Every peasant woman in India must be transformed into a Hillary Clinton. Here are a few of the strikingly misanthropic statements in this harangue […]

Girlie Brown

  The American Philosophical Society, Oxford University Press and Smith College seem far removed from the mass appeal of Cosmopolitan, the trashy women’s magazine that glorifies sex, career and the unremittingly plunging neckline. But, in a world in which discriminating taste is non-discriminating, whatever is popular must be good. Oxford, you see, is the publisher of Jennifer […]

Women and Work

  It is an axiom of modern life that women must work. The days of single-income families are irretrievably gone. This statement is repeated so often that very few question its validity. More importantly, very few ask why this is so. Why must women work? What has changed?  There have been significant changes to the […]