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Category Archives: Women in Sports

Maybe Women’s Basketball Fans Should be Paid

  GENO AURIEMMA, the prominent women’s basketball coach at the University of Connecticut, has an idea for getting more people to watch the women’s games. He wants the standard height of the rim to be lowered about seven inches. That way the ball will get in the basket more often (or at least I think that’s how […]

On Moderation in Women’s Sports

  JOHN PURDY writes: On the question of athletics for girls and women I would argue that some hyper-masculine athletics like weight-lifting, boxing and a few other sports are not really for women and it’s hard to understand why women are attracted to them (they weren’t when I was a teenager) but certainly racket sports […]

Equality Still Elusive at the Olympics

THOUGH this is the first year in Olympic history that all of the participating teams, even Saudi Arabia, include female athletes, there are still significant hurdles to equality, writes Jere Longman of The New York Times. For instance, the Japanese women’s soccer team flew coach to London while the men’s team flew business class. On the other hand, […]

Views of Women Olympians

    FOUR out of five Time magazine special-issue Olympic covers feature women athletes, including hurdler Lolo Jones, above. Four out of five.  Magazines often emphasize Olympic women gymnasts and ice skaters, but here we see traditionally male domains such as soccer, which has a relatively small following on the women’s side, and javelin, which has an even smaller following. These photos offer the […]

The Parade of Amazons Begins

    KAREN I. writes: The following photo of two American women Olympic soccer players is on the front page of the The Wall Street Journal today. The woman on the right is not in the newspaper photo, but she is in online versions. The two women embracing are Megan Rapinoe (top) and Alex Morgan. Looking […]

Inequality and Women’s Sports

  TITLE IX, the federal law which institutionalized discrimination against men in collegiate athletics, has not been a success, say sports experts interviewed by The New York Times. That’s because whites are deliberately excluding black women from scholarships and team participation.

Is Golf the Ideal Women’s Sport?

  BEN writes: The prevalence of debilitating sports injuries among young women in my age range (25) is alarming. I suggest an alternative sport for young women: golf. It can be played without great risk of injury. It can be played well in attire becoming to a woman (obviously I am not referring to hat bands masquerading […]

The Female Warriors at the London Olympics

  A READER, Susan-Anne White, wrote the following letter to a Northern Ireland newspaper yesterday: The “sport” of women’s boxing  is listed as an event (for the first time ever) at this summer’s Olympic  games. However, this dubious milestone will not mark the first time that women   have entered a boxing ring, because, for some time […]

Female Athletes Who Play to Please

  MR. TALL writes: There’s an interesting book by New York Times reporter Michael Sokolove called Warrior Girls that documents the staggering rates at which girls playing seemingly ‘safe’ sports such as soccer and basketball suffer both ACL tears and concussions. Sokolove intersperses his research data with the sad stories of girls who have undergone […]

These Title IX Times

  AMERICAN university women have often displayed an intolerance of injustice, joining in activist organizations to oppose mistreatment of the marginal and oppressed. Given this history, when will university women rise up as one against the injustice of Title IX, the federal mandate that colleges and universities make athletic teams proportionally representative along sex lines? The University of Delaware […]

The Athletic Amazon

  SCOTT writes: Here is a puff piece from The Seattle Times about a young woman who has excelled as a pitcher in fast-pitch softball at the Unversity of Washington, and is now coming to the end of her last season as a star college athlete. The reporter tells us that in a “fairer” world, the […]

Amazons or Athletes?

  Karen Wilson writes in response to the post on Serena Williams: You write: “I find even the normal demeanour and appearance of many women athletes disturbing.” That’s because most (and probably all) of them are on drugs. Contrast this picture of Virginia Wade with the recent photos of Serena:   You can see that the […]