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The Model Minority: Dignity of Labor Edition

July 19, 2016

A CHINESE woman in a wealthy Minneapolis suburb has been formally charged with labor trafficking, imprisonment and assault in connection with her employment of a nanny, also from China:

[A]ccording to authorities, hidden behind the white columns and red brick of Lili Huang’s $539,000 house on Wellington Lane was the most heinous of abuse.

The nanny, who has not been named, began working for the wealthy Huang family in Shanghai, where she took care of Huang’s minor daughter, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Huangs treated her well in China, the nanny told authorities, so she agreed work for them in the United States. Read More »


Melania: Beautiful Sleaze

July 19, 2016



A MAJOR paragraph of Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention yesterday was lifted from the 2008 Democratic Convention speech of Michelle Obama.

The plagiarism was “discovered” immediately by a creepy, anti-Trump journalist and within hours a full-write up was in the Wikipedia entry for Melania Trump and the story was all over the media, strongly suggesting sabotage or a deliberate set-up of some kind. The Trump campaign made the admission that Melania had little to do with the speech:

“In writing her beautiful speech, Melania’s team of writers took notes on her life’s inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking,”

Politicians are actors.

The beautiful adulteress and former porn model, who “married” Trump in 2005 in a $200,000 wedding gown, becoming his third “wife,” predictably presented herself in her speech as a hard-working, intensely patriotic immigrant and an exemplar of American values. Well, I guess she is, sad to say. Her porn photo-sessions took a lot of good-old fashioned work. Though she came from Communist Slovenia, she has an American work ethic, for sure.

“Donald is intensely loyal,” she stated. Her speechwriters must have been howling till they cried over that one. They romantically stretched out the time the couple had been together to 18 years, which included years in which he was married to another woman or they were just “dating.” Another howler was her claim that The Donald possesses “simple goodness of heart.” Every human being possesses some “simple goodness of heart,” so I am sure there is a grain of truth to this, but no one survives for a day in the mobster-driven casino world or the New York real estate business with “simple goodness of heart.” No one who slobbers indecently over his daughter, as Trump has done, is best known for his “simple goodness of heart.”

Melania has reportedly told The New York Slimes that she wants to be a very traditional First Lady, in the mold of Betty Ford and Jackie Kennedy.

Politicians are actors. Presidents are ceremonial figures, while the real power is behind the scenes. Melania can pretend she’s Martha Washington if she wants. It’s theater. The presidential reality show. Democracy devours souls with its populist seductions.

Many major media figures and celebrities were at the Trumps’ Palm Beach wedding, including Bill and Hillary. Millions of American persist in the naive delusion that the establishment is only against Trump when it has licked his boots for years. Read More »


Sacred Ritual

July 18, 2016



French Rabbi on Islamization of Europe

July 18, 2016



The Garden of the Soul

July 18, 2016

Claude Monet (French artist, 1840-1926) The-Artist's-Garden-at-Vetheuil--1880-large

The Artist’s Garden at Vethueil, Claude Monet

THE Garden of Eden was perfect. Every garden since has been on the brink of obliteration.

The garden is always in need of tending. If you give up on it even for a short time, it goes to weed or disease or overgrowth or drought. The garden is a lesson in not giving up in the face of constant hostile forces.

The soul is also always in need of weeding. God is the gardener. We are not. We can assist him, but he’s in charge and every action — all the daily drudgery of weeding — is as nothing without his graces.

“Let us now return to our orchard, or flower-garden, and behold now how the trees begin to fill with sap for the bringing forth of the blossoms, and then of the fruit — the flowers and the plants, also, their fragrance. This illustration pleases me; for very often, when I was beginning — and our Lord grant that I have really begun to serve His Majesty — I mean, begun in relation to what I have to say of my life, — it was to me a great joy to consider my soul as a garden, and our Lord as walking in it. I used to beseech Him to increase the fragrance of the little flowers of virtues — which were beginning, as it seemed to bud — and preserve them, that they might be to His glory; for I desired nothing for myself. I prayed Him to cut those He liked, because I already knew that they would grow the better.'”

——-   St. Theresa of Avila

And, St. Francis de Sales wrote of the mystical role of plants, which help us to know God:

Men have forgotten that God’s thoughts find expression in the visible, as well as in the invisible, world, and that inner and secret harmonies bind the natural and the supernatural together. The things of beauty which God has bidden arise on the earth lose half their grace, because men do not mount by them to the better understanding of the supernal beauty of the operations of that world which Faith reveals to our gaze.

The God who writes his thoughts in the Book of Nature is the same who writes in the Book of Scripture.


‘Dives and Lazarus’

July 16, 2016


THE British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams composed this work, Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus, for the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. It is based on an English folk song version of the biblical parable.


Dummies for Dummies

July 16, 2016

THE NICE terror event involved dummies, fake blood, the standard I.D. left behind by the perpetrator; bodies left unattended by emergency personnel, in violation of all standard protocol (fake bodies — always covered with sheets — must be used to convey the scene; that’s why they are not taken to hospitals); an absence of independent cell phone video footage in an area where phones are commonplace and the usual calculated, emotionally-charged imagery, such as the heart-wrenching image of a covered body with an intact baby doll next to it. Read More »


Corporal Klinger in the Military

July 16, 2016

CLIFF KINCAID writes at Tradition in Action:

Transvestite and cross-dresser are terms that used to refer to Corporal Klinger wearing dresses and women’s hats as a character on the comedy show M*A*S*H. It was his attempt to get discharged. Today, in real life, Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash Carter has announced the transgendered can serve openly without fear of being discharged.

Under the Constitution, the Congress is supposed to make the rules and regulations for the Armed Forces. Article I, Section 8, clause 14 says, “The Congress shall have Power To …make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces….”

Our media reported the policy change without explaining on what basis, legal or constitutional, the change was made.

CNN simply said Carter had removed “one of the last barriers to military service by any individual,” and that he “had been studying the issue for almost a year.”

There is another term for this change. It’s called totalitarianism. By forcing that part of the population most likely to resist the homosexual agenda to accept it, this rule makes the military an accomplice in the Revolution which seeks to wipe every last trace of Christian civilization off the face of the earth. Most people cannot even conceive of the preternatural hatred that lies behind this.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

July 16, 2016



Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Tunja Protecting Saint Teresa and Saint Simon Stock, Baltazar Vargas de Figueroa (attire.); 1700 c.

TODAY is the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel:

“According to the most ancient Carmelite chronicles, the Order has its origins with the disciples of the prophets Elias and Eliseus. They lived in caves on Mount Carmel. They honored the Queen of Heaven as the Virgin who is to give birth to the Saviour. When the reality replaced the symbol, the pious ascetics of Carmel were converted to the Christian Faith. In the 12th century, many pilgrims from Europe who had followed the Crusaders came to join the solitaries. A rule was established and the Order began to spread to Europe.

Amid the many persecutions raised against the Order of Mount Carmel, newly arrived in Europe, Saint Simon Stock, General of the Order, turned with filial confidence to the Blessed Mother of God. As he knelt in prayer on July 16, 1251, in the White Friars’ convent at Cambridge, She appeared before him and presented him with the well-known brown scapular, a loose sleeveless garment destined for the Order of Carmel, reaching from the shoulders to the knees. It was given as an assurance, for all who died wearing it, of Her heavenly protection from eternal death. An extraordinary promise indeed, but one requiring a life of prayer and sacrifice. Read More »


Sorry, Mom

July 15, 2016


MONIKA SHAEFER has been accused of a hate crime in Canada for making this video. More about Monika here.

Germany has paid an estimated $89 billion in reparations to Holocaust survivors.


Two for the Team

July 15, 2016

Presumptive US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) and Indiana Governor Mike Pence (L) take the stage during a campaign rally at Grant Park Event Center in Westfield, Indiana, on July 12, 2016. / AFP / Tasos KATOPODIS (Photo credit should read TASOS KATOPODIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Mike Pence and Trump

OOPS, it’s not our team.

A little anti-abortion window-dressing and more genocide in the Middle East anyone? Go, team, go!

Here, by the way, is a graphic close-up of the Evangelical brain that falls for this “conservatism:”



Financial Terrorists

July 15, 2016



“How Jews Are Brainwashed”

July 15, 2016

FROM a 2004 piece by Henry Makow:

Jewish children are taught that Jews are disliked or hated due to no wrong-doing or fault of their own. Jews have been persecuted because of an irrational gentile trait, anti-Semitism. Explanations for this weird behavior include envy or scapegoating, or the Crucifixion of Christ.

The Jewish child naturally grows up feeling that he is an outsider and society is flawed. An idealist, he wants to “change the world” so this type of injustice cannot occur. Thus unwittingly he becomes a pliant instrument of the Jewish power elite’s “revolutionary” or globalist agenda. 

Apologists serving this elite continue to mislead Jews. Take this recent article by Dennis Prager for example. Entitled “Blame the Jews?” it begins “No group in the world has been the target of nearly as many twisted and ludicrous accusations.”  Read More »



July 15, 2016


In Nice, the police state advances

FIVE things are striking in the reports of an attack in Nice in which a truck — allegedly driven by a Muslim terrorist who was subsequently killed and thus can never be questioned — went careening through a Bastille Day crowd:

1. In Western countries, when people are injured, even when they are injured lethally, emergency medical personnel do not typically abandon them on roads or in other public places. They take them to the hospital. In Nice, as with Bataclan, we see covered bodies simply left out in the open with no one treating them. It is sometimes possible to resuscitate gravely injured people with advanced hospital equipment. Where is the outrage about this poor treatment? Where was the outrage after Bataclan?

2. There were reportedly government drills in the area before the attack.

3.  Trucks are large, visible and cumbersome. As they move through crowds, they alert people to their presence. If a person is shooting from a truck, people flee. They don’t just stand there waiting to be shot or waiting to be run over. The death toll is very high.

4.  Who will benefit? The security apparatus in France (a state of emergency has already been reinstated), financial interests that want ongoing war in the Middle East, and Israel. No Muslim countries will benefit. Muslims as a group will not benefit.

5.  Bastille Day, a celebration of the French Revolution, has great symbolic significance for Freemasons. Masonry played a decisive role in instigating the French Revolution, which served its aims, not the interests of the ordinary man, above all.

I await a press conference by President Obama on the urgent need for anti-truck laws.


Orlando Sheriffs Dance

July 14, 2016


ON JULY 1, less than three weeks after one of the worst massacres in U.S. history reportedly occurred in its county seat, the Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s Department, which played a major role in handling the Orlando event, released this video.

youtube journalist speculates that these civil servants were celebrating a live drill well done. (Profanity warning.) At the very least, their behavior is, let’s say, not consistent with a major tragedy. You’d think they might at least be sobered or chastened by the fact that government police forces had failed to protect citizens from massive lethal harm. The idea is that they are offering joy in the face of evil, I guess, but that’s an odd reaction, to say the least, for those who have actually seen horrendous bloodshed, with the skulls and chests of dozens of young people blown apart, and families devastated by shock and grief. Real violence never produces joy.

Keep dancing, America. By the time you wake up, it will be way too late.

Speaking of dancing, here is George Bush nearly breaking into a dance at the Dallas memorial for the five police officers reportedly killed last week. Bush is standing next to the very manly-looking Michelle Obama, who briefly joins in his joy. Nothin’ makes you smile like a massacre. (Wink, wink)


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Proven False Flag Attacks

July 13, 2016

A LIST OF fifty-eight examples of government officials in modern history admitting that they staged false flag attacks or spread disinformation.


Feminist Men Persecute Their Wives

July 13, 2016

INSTEAD of blaming their financial difficulties on an inflationary and unjust monetary system (the Federal Reserve) or perhaps their own unrealistic expectations, men commenting at this site bitterly criticize their wives for not pulling in money. The site’s female advice expert, who considers housewives to be infantile parasites, eggs them on.

Thanks, feminism, for improving the condition of women!

Most of these men, I suspect, were initially attracted to and married their wives precisely because they were pretty, feminine and non-aggressive. Now, that their wives are not the busy careerists celebrated everywhere, they are angry. One man even divorced his wife because she did not make money. Thanks, feminism, for turning every marriage into a battleground!!

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The Israelification of American Police

July 13, 2016

I HAVE read elsewhere of the training of American police by Israel. Paul Craig Roberts writes about it today:

The training of American police by Israeli occupation forces is not an Internet rumor or “conspiracy theory.” It is a fact acknowledged by the Israeli press:

Israeli police practices arose from decades of occupying a hostile Palestinian population while stealing the Palestinians’ land and isolating the population in ghetto enclaves. Essentially, Israeli police practices consist of intimidation and violence.

We know from innumerable news reports over many years the behavior of the occupying Israeli Army toward the Palestinian population. In four short words: it is extremely brutal.

For a soldier, especially a female soldier, to execute a child and his mother in the streets of Palestine or in the family’s home requires that soldier to have been desensitized to human life that is not Israeli. This requires Palestinians to have been dehumanized, as the native inhabitants of what is today the United States and Australia were dehumanized by the European immigrants who stole their land.

On the basis of this information, we can infer that the Israeli training of US police teaches the police to see only police lives as valuable and the lives of the public as potential threats to police lives. This is why American police often murder a wrongly suspected person and almost always an unarmed one. The examples are numerous. You can spend much of your life just watching on youtube the existing videos of wanton murders of US citizens by police. Read More »