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A Love Song

February 14, 2017


THE famous tenor Mario Lanza (1921-1959) sings “Una Furtiva Lagrima,” an aria from Gaetano Donizetti’s opera “L’Elisir d’Amore” (“The Elixir of Love”).

In the opera, a poor peasant falls in love with a wealthy woman and, having no hope that she will return his love, he buys a love potion, which is actually cheap red wine sold by a quack. In the aria, Nemorino, the peasant, sings of his belief that the potion has finally worked after seeing “a furtive tear” in the eyes of his beloved, Adina.

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The Long Hello

February 14, 2017

Stowe 955


— Richard Wilbur

After the clash of elevator gates
And the long sinking, she emerges where,
A slight thing in the morning’s crosstown glare,
She looks up toward the window where he waits,
Then in a fleeting taxi joins the rest
Of the huge traffic bound forever west.

On such grand scale do lovers say good-bye—
Even this other pair whose high romance
Had only the duration of a dance,
And who, now taking leave with stricken eye,
See each in each a whole new life forgone.
For them, above the darkling clubhouse lawn,

Bright Perseids flash and crumble; while for these
Who part now on the dock, weighed down by grief
And baggage, yet with something like relief,
It takes three thousand miles of knitting seas
To cancel out their crossing, and unmake
The amorous rough and tumble of their wake.

We are denied, my love, their fine tristesse
And bittersweet regrets, and cannot share
The frequent vistas of their large despair,
Where love and all are swept to nothingness;
Still, there’s a certain scope in that long love
Which constant spirits are the keepers of,

And which, though taken to be tame and staid,
Is a wild sostenuto of the heart,
A passion joined to courtesy and art
Which has the quality of something made,
Like a good fiddle, like the rose’s scent,
Like a rose window or the firmament.


Hello Young Lovers, Whoever You Are

February 14, 2017



 DEAR Young Lovers,

I am thinking of you today. I hope your troubles are few.

May the Sovereign Heart enlighten your hearts. Be brave, young lovers.

Red is for lovers — and for martyrs too.

I wish you — whoever you are — a Happy St. Valentine’s Day.


9 St. Valentine

St. Valentine


The Sound of Snow

February 13, 2017


DANISH composer Bo Holten’s First Snow:

You lucid, lustrous, tender snow,
Who paint the landscape all one shade,
The living, dead, ugly, fair,
You color all things white.
You fled your mother’s tender arms
Into the air as blueish mist;
Turned home again one blizzard night,
So pure, but grim and cold.


Feminism and Symplectic Geometry

February 13, 2017


NO field, including obscure specialties in mathematics, is left untouched by feminist social engineering.


A Blasphemous Play about Mary

February 13, 2017


STEPHEN IPPOLITO writes from Australia:

I do hope this finds you and your family well.

A reader’s comment to you on February 7th under the post “Disgusting Pictureswas timely for me as I happened to be on the brink of writing to you at that time to express just the opposite impression of your site.

One of the most important of the many edifying features of The Thinking Housewife, it seems to me, is your regular publishing of beautiful works of religious-themed art, especially of the Madonna and Child, for which you must be commended.

As someone who daily struggles to maintain, let alone to grow, his faith, I particularly enjoy the  life-affirming devotional art you sprinkle through the site depicting Our Lady and Lord together.

Such images recall to my mind the beautiful thoughts expressed upon our Lady’s nature by both St Maximilian Kolbe and St Louis Marie de Montfort. The former ventured of her: ” The creature most completely filled with God himself, was the immaculate...” whilst the latter observed: “She is an echo of God,  speaking and repeating only ‘God’. If you say ‘Mary’ she says ‘God’ “.

These are, surely, succinct expressions of the very essence of Our Lady’s  nature and the key to the standpoint from which she must always be approached, namely that Our Lady’s will is always and wholly at one with God’s own.

We know this to be true because we first see it in her initial meeting with the divine in the form of the Angel Gabriel at the annunciation when, according to St Luke, Our Lady freely consented to God’s revealed plan for her to bear and rear Christ: “Behold I am the servant of the Lord; Let it be done unto me according to your word” and because we have the credible modern testimony of numerous seers such as the little shepherds at Fatima and of St Bernadette at Lourdes that Our Lady even today steps back into human time to bring to us her son’s wishes and counsel.

It is for this reason that I was very disappointed, although hardly surprised,  to recently read  a newspaper’s  interview with the playwright of the latest “important” play to open here, staged by what is arguably Australia’s premier theatre company. I don’t know if the subject would be of interest to your readers or not, but here are my thoughts on the play for what they are worth:

“The Testament of Mary, based on the book by Colm Toibin, purports to explore the truth behind Our Lady’s own lived experience, as a woman and mother,  in the face of Our Lord’s final sufferings and sacrifice on the cross.

The subject matter is, of course, not necessarily objectionable of itself, as we know that Our Lady was and remains a fully human and loving mother and a person of the most exquisite sensibility and therefore must have felt immense pain as she witnessed her son’s final sufferings. Although generally a believer in the old saw that one should trust to the tale rather than to the teller, and so I will often see a play or film that has been poorly reviewed in order to judge it for myself, Toibin is so emphatic in this interview about what he was trying to achieve with the play and about how he perceives Mary, that I could not bring myself to attend it and make no apology for that. Read More »


Trump’s Anger at Mexico

February 10, 2017

WHILE many Americans want to stem the invasion of Mexican immigrants, the man they have elected to the presidency appears to have a personal grudge against the country. The language of his comments during the campaign were often hostile to the Mexican government itself, as if government operatives were actually sending criminals into America. Fred Reed offers a theory for this hostility: Trump was shortchanged in a business deal there.

The repeated assertion that Mexico is cheating the US, exploiting it, being unfair, (Oh! Poor widdle Colossus of the North) is either garishly ignorant, personally vindictive or, more likely, both. Mexico is governmentally weak, corrupt, and utterly under the thumb of the United States. Is NAFTA a Mexican plot against the US? Actually it forced Mexican farmers into competition with hopelessly superior American agriculture and drove them into the cities, where there are no jobs. Along the border American maquiladoras pay poor Mexicans miserably low wages. Mexico crawls with DEA agents forced on it from the north and loses countless lives fighting America’s drug war. On and on. Read More »


Le Pen: No Dual Citizenship for Israelis

February 10, 2017


FRENCH presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has announced that if she is elected in May, French citizens will not be able to hold simultaneous citizenship in Israel. In the United States, citizens of Israel may hold dual citizenship and even hold influential government posts.

This is a common sense measure that prevents conflicts of interest. Trump should do the same. In Israel, one cannot become a citizen unless one can prove one is genetically Jewish. Le Pen is, of course, being accused of anti-Semitism. Citizens of the United States and all other countries outside the EU would also have to choose between citizenship in France and their home country, she said.

See commentary on other recent developments in France, including the Le Pen ad above, at Galliawatch.


The Refugee Contractors

February 10, 2017

ANN CORCORAN at Refugee Resettlement Watch continues to report on Trump’s suspension of the refugee influx:

One more thing before I give you a few snips from the “chaos” news.  Don’t allow anyone to use the argument made at the end of this article that we only take a fraction compared to say Turkey or Pakistan. Our refugees become permanent citizens and those presently swamping those countries will not be accepted as citizens.  They will be expected to return to their own countries when the conflict ends.

Mark my words, if this flow from Syria to America gets going full steam, as it has for Somalia, we will still be taking Syrians for decades no matter what happens in their homeland.


Happy National Pizza Day!

February 9, 2017



I HOPE I am the first to wish you and your families a most joyous and love-filled National Pizza Day!

This is a time to celebrate. A holiday established by the bigwigs in the Pizza Industrial Complex is indeed a special occasion. And celebrate you should. Instead of having just four slices today, have eight! Instead of giving your children just pizza bagels for breakfast and Pizza Crunchables for lunch, go on and have yummy pizza burgers (above) for dinner too. It’s the patriotic thing to do. Pizza may have originated in Italy, but America has devoted so much culinary creativity and capitalist energy to this dish that pizza, in its modern industrial form, can rightfully be said to be American, not Italian. Who needs home-cooked meals when you can have a hot dog pizza with FREE mustard dip instead?! Who needs Mom when Papa Johns is just a phone call away? Pizza stands for progress.



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From the Archives of Feminism

February 9, 2017



Emma Goldman

“From infancy, almost, the average girl is told that marriage is her ultimate goal; therefore her training and education must be directed toward that end. Like the mute beast fattened for slaughter, she is prepared for that.”

— Emma Goldman, “Marriage and Love,” 1914

[BRIEF AND INSUFFICIENT COMMENT: Have you met many women, except those suffering from unfortunate handicaps, who are mute? A great many women excel — far more than men — at expressing their feelings and interests. As for Goldman’s comparison of women preparing for marriage to animals, need we say more about the thinking of this Marxist bully whose writings are still disseminated in institutions of “higher” education throughout the American Waste Land?]


From the Archives of Misogyny

February 9, 2017


John Ruskin

John Ruskin

“IF there were to be any difference between a girl’s education and a boy’s, I should say that of the two the girl should be earlier led, as her intellect ripens faster, into deep and serious subjects; and that her range of literature should be, not more, but less frivolous.” 

— John Ruskin, Sesame and Lilies1865


Truculent Trump

February 9, 2017


Regarding your reader who objected to your posting the picture of Lady Gaga and the reference to Mike King’s website — I applaud your gracious accommodation to the reader. And, of course, you do not recommend your website for children because of the serious and worrisome content.

Good grief! For that matter, I don’t recommend your website for me!!! I find the content too serious and worrisome, and I am 70. Same goes for Tomato Bubble.

You are so correct, however. You can’t “cover the cultural apocalypse without objectionable evidence.”

More disturbing content on your website: “Kabbala Comes to the White House.” Dr. Drolesky nails it. And that’s a really disgusting picture — LGBT for Trump. Read More »


Gerontius in Purgatory

February 8, 2017



Italian relief; c. 1430-35

IN “The Dream of Gerontius” by Cardinal John Henry Newman, a guardian angel delivers the soul of a man to Purgatory:

Softly and gently, dearly-ransom’d soul,
In my most loving arms I now enfold thee,

And, o’er the penal waters, as they roll,
I poise thee, and I lower thee, and hold thee.

And carefully I dip thee in the lake,
And thou, without a sob or a resistance,

Dost through the flood thy rapid passage take,
Sinking deep, deeper, into the dim distance.

Angels, to whom the willing task is given,
Shall tend, and nurse, and lull thee, as thou liest;

And Masses on the earth, and prayers in heaven,
Shall aid thee at the Throne of the Most Highest.

Farewell, but not for ever! brother dear,
Be brave and patient on thy bed of sorrow;

Swiftly shall pass thy night of trial here,
And I will come and wake thee on the morrow.


Social Credit and the Family

February 8, 2017



Children’s Breakfast, Frederick Daniel Hardy

OUR monetary system places great burdens on families and makes it difficult for men to be providers and women to be nurturers. Furthermore the policy of full employment is ineffective and unnecessary — and difficult to achieve with advanced technology, which eliminates many jobs. The basic problem is not simply jobs, but availability of money.

Michael Watson at the Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute for the Study and Promotion of Social Credit writes that there is a better way.

Social Credit, by wresting control of the overall policy of the monetary system from the private banks and placing it back in the hands of the public via the establishment of a National Credit Office, would break the monopoly of the private banks regarding the issuance of new money. The NCO’s new compensatory consumer credit (meant to balance the flow of incomes with the flow of prices) would be ‘debt-free’ and it would be issued in the form of a national or citizen’s dividend that is distributed equally to every individual, employed or unemployed, as a kind of credit for the work of the vast and abundant production made available by machinery. All citizens who receive the dividend are effectively shareholders in the total national production. The National Dividend will ensure at least basic economic security for individuals and by extension, their family units, without making employment a strict necessity. Read More »


Trump on 9/11

February 8, 2017


THOUGH Donald Trump now fully supports the official version of 9/11, he was probably the first major figure to question it publicly.

On that very day, he said the buildings could not have been brought down by plane collisions alone. Trump employed the engineers who built the Towers and was a real estate developer whose business was skyscrapers. He was highly familiar with the structure of the Twin Towers and insisted the closely-aligned steel beams could have withstood planes. Yet many, including civil engineers and architects, who have said the exact same thing during the past 15 years have been mocked and derided as “conspiracy theorists” and have been ignored by the mainstream media.

This is still timely. The foundation of the ongoing War on Terror, as Trump himself recently said, is 9/11.


Hardline Neocon for State Department

February 8, 2017



Elliott Abrams

PRESIDENT Trump endorsed non-interventionism during his campaign, but he is now considering Elliott Abrams for Deputy Secretary of State. Abrams is an arch-supporter of the failed and destructive interventionist foreign policy of the last 15 years. This would be refilling the swamp big-time. An extreme interventionist, Abrams does not have a squeaky clean background. He was convicted of crimes for withholding information from Congress during the Iran-Contra affair. He has never seen a regime change he didn’t like and is committed to overthrowing the government of Iran. Daniel McAdams, in the exchange with Ron Paul below, says, “Everything (Abrams) has promoted has been a disaster.”

I especially recommend Paul’s comments, starting at roughly minute 11:00, about empire building and the War on Terror. In response to Trump’s plan to invest more in the military because it would be good for the country, he says, “This is disinvestment. This is taking wealth and capital away from our country and throwing it down the drain and creating more enemies. This is so negative, this whole policy.”

“I am convinced that the people who have to fight and pay for the wars, they don’t want this. But once it’s driven that there’s a Hitler out there and you have to destroy them … then [you’re told] you don’t love America” if you don’t support the War on Terror.

An Abrams appointment would be a big step toward further war in the Middle East. Interestingly, Abrams was adamantly anti-Trump during the campaign. Weird.


A Priest, a Doctor — and the Centurion

February 7, 2017


THE REV. Anthony Cekada, of St. Gertrude the Great Roman Catholic Church in Ohio, recently received ten months of treatment for bladder cancer under the supervision of an accomplished oncologist.

At the end of this period of surgery and chemotherapy, both of which were apparently successful, the priest thanked the doctor. He then returned the favor and gave the doctor, who had described himself as “spiritual but not religious,” a theological diagnosis.

In a sermon called “Faith, Feelng, Authority, Healing,” Fr. Cekada recounts their interesting conversation. Read More »