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Culture-Haters at the ‘Libarry’

December 2, 2016


ALAN writes:

Depravities like the “Teen Drag Show” in the library in Ames, Iowa, [Nov. 15] would not be taking place today if American libraries were still run by grown-ups worthy of that name.

You suggested that American libraries today are temples of junk.  That is a charitable description.

What we should realize about libraries is that our greatest enemies are shrewd enough to permit them to continue functioning qua libraries while at the same time using them as focal points for cultural subversion.

Not that they are needed, but here are three more examples of this:

1)  Last May, the St. Louis Public Library promoted its third annual “Hip Hop Appreciation Week”, during which “workshops” in “beatmaking” and “music production” were offered.  There were also live performances in the building of the noise called hip hop “music.”

Observe the qualities in such “music:” Loudness, arrogance, anger, self-righteous bombast, Ebonics, profanity, and contempt for restraint, women, and law.

Compare that with these words that appear on a lunette above the entry to the Library’s Main Hall:

“Speak low – tread softly through these halls;
Here genius lives enshrined, –
Here reign, in silent majesty,
The monarchs of the mind.”

 These words are the first stanza in Anne Lynch Botta’s poem “Thoughts in a Library” (1852). Read More »



December 2, 2016


Miley Cyrus, pizza aficionado

Miley Cyrus, pizza aficionado and emblem of the Pizzagate child abuse that surround us everyday.

WHEELER writes:

I know you share my disdain for the alleged “food” called pizza. I was wondering if you’ve read or followed any of the allegations about pedophilic sex rings in the Clinton circles, dubbed “Pizzagate?” It’s an offshoot of some of the Wikileaks stuff. I won’t feed you any links, because I know you like doing your own research….just curious if you’d heard/thought about this vile possibility.

May you and your family be blessed during this season of Advent. Read More »


Second Protest Planned for Hampshire College

December 2, 2016


A GROUP of veterans and other patriots are planning a second protest at Hampshire College in Massachusetts for this Sunday after the school removed the American flag from campus flagpoles after the election of Trump. Hundreds attended a protest last Sunday. The turnout must have been a shocking development for faculty and students at the expensive, private school, which receives federal aid. They are accustomed to being on the side of protestors.

The flag has been of concern since last year when a group of faculty of color sent a letter to [President Jonathan] Lash after the flag was lowered to half-staff following a terrorist attack in Paris but not lowered after an attack in Beirut.

That, the faculty members wrote, conveyed the message that “not all bodies are equally grievable … not all lives matter equally.”

The election of Donald Trump as U.S. president rekindled the discussion, but the removal of the flag was not a political statement, Lash said.


Chaos in Buffalo Schools

December 1, 2016

A TOTAL of 85 languages are spoken in Buffalo public schools. From The Buffalo News:

Yakub speaks Somali; Faustina Palmatier speaks Burmese; Laura Revilla speaks Spanish; Eh Knyaw speaks Karen; Nagham Ar-Rawi speaks Arabic; and Lamin Tamang speaks Nepali. All six share space in a room near the entrance to the [language] center. Read More »


A Club for One Percenters

December 1, 2016

WILBUR ROSS, the billionaire financier who is Trump’s pick for Commerce Secretary, is chief of Kappa Beta Phi, a secret society for elite Wall Street bankers. A journalist reportedly snuck into a gathering of the secret society in 2012.


A Litmus Test

November 30, 2016



Bloodthirsty Ann Coulter

November 30, 2016


BRANDON MARTINEZ writes at Non-Aligned Media:

Ann Coulter has been getting props from certain quarters of the alt-right because of her stance against immigration, but her substantive track record of warmongering and shilling for Zionism cannot be forgiven. She vigorously spewed untruths that enabled the 9/11 wars and was a key media voice propelling forward the neocon agenda in those crucial years after the attacks. She vocally supports the indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinian children by Israel.

Moreover, she is a Johnny-come-lately to the immigration debate, and has opportunistically jumped on the alt-lite (not alt-right) bandwagon, like so many other mercenary hacks in that milieu, now that those talking points have a larger audience. She should be added to the long list of US government and media insiders who should be tried at the Hague as accomplices to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Martinez also has a post about Rudy Giuliani and 9/11. Read More »


Modern-Day White America: Endangered Species Edition

November 30, 2016



THE Daily Mail reports:

More white people are dying than being born in a third of the states, according to new research.

The death rate among Caucasian Americans outstripped the birth rate in 17 states in 2014, compared to just four in 2004, the University of New Hampshire found.

While Latino, black and Asian populations continue to grow, soaring death rates among white middle-aged Americans – combined with the fact that white families are having less children – mean certain states are seeing falling Caucasian populations.

White Americans are reportedly dying faster thanks to a silent ‘epidemic’ of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning.


Feminists in Antartica

November 30, 2016



JAMES N. writes:

This article about an “all-female Antartica expedition” ran in the UK, Ireland, and Australian mass media today. The events described in the article are only tangentially related to reality.

They are going in late Spring/early Summer (naturally). They are going by ship, not flying. They will “set sail from Argentina”, even though their group is gathering in Australia. This means they are going to the coast, not the interior. The closest part of Antarctica to Argentina is the Antarctic peninsula, which reaches all the way up to 62 degrees south longitude. The weather forecast for December 2 (the day they leave) at that location is for a low of 32F, so the “subzero temperatures” they are braving will be (at most) in the high 20s Farenheit, possibly as low as –2 Celsius.

And, best of all (according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), “once they arrive, they will spend 20 days at sea carrying out important scientific work”, in other words, they aren’t even spending a night on land, not land even at 62 degrees south.

The ship, no doubt, will have an all male crew.

There are thousands of girls, maybe more, who, reading this, will imagine that these women are repeating the exploits of the great polar explorers, spending hundreds of days on foot under life-threatening cold and wind, with primitive survival equipment, which feats they have hitherto been denied because of “sexism.”
Read More »


A Miniature Cradle

November 29, 2016



Crib of the Infant Jesus, Metropolitan Museum of Art

IN THE 15th and 16th century, small cradles for the Christ Child were used as devotional objects. They were sometimes given to women taking their vows. This example was made in 15th-century Netherlands and comes from the Grand Béguinage of Louvain, Belgium, which was opened in the 12th century for lay women. I saw this crib, which is only 13 inches in length, last weekend at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and was struck by its exquisite detail, with biblical scenes carved on the end pieces, angelic sentinels atop the posts, embroidered coverlet and tiny bells. Silk, gold thread, pearls and enamel are still visible all these years later.

This lavish object suggests the royal character of the humble infant born in the stable, the infant both divine and human who would change human history forever. A tender and supernatural love must have inspired the cradle’s creation and stirred those who venerated it.


The Male Breadwinner Is Bad

November 29, 2016


From Market Watch:

“If you’re a young man and the breadwinner for your family, beware: It could harm your health and well-being.

A new study — presented Friday at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Seattle — found that when young men are the family’s breadwinner, it may not be good for them. “We find strong evidence that, for men, breadwinning has adverse effects,” write the authors of the study. “As relative income increases — that is, as men take on more economic responsibility in marriage — psychological well-being and health decline.” Read More »


The Purpose of the Recount?

November 29, 2016

“BARRY SOETORO” contends the real purpose of Silly Jilly’s recount effort (which cannot possibly succeed) is to clean up the traces of voter fraud before Trump takes office and orders an investigation.

It’s an interesting theory.


“A Social Credit Proclamation”

November 29, 2016


M. OLIVER HEYDORN of the Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute writes:

The financial system, that is, the banking, cost accounting, and tax systems, can either serve the common good, or else it will serve an oligarchic elite at the expense of the common good.

The present system serves, to a greater or lesser degree, an oligarchic elite. Ever-increasing indebtedness, the rising cost of living, heavy taxation, environmental damage and decay, lack of leisure, poverty and social unrest, physical and psychological ill-health, and incremental totalitarianism are the price we pay for running the financial system as a privately owned, self-serving monopoly.

In order to restore the financial system to its proper place as a humble servant of the genuine interests of the common citizens, it is not necessary to nationalize the banks nor to alter, in substance, the nature of their day-to-day operations.

All that is needed is to prohibit the banks from filling, as they do at present, the economy’s underlying price-income gap with additional debt-money and to fill that gap instead with ‘debt-free’ credit issued directly (in the form of a National Dividend distributed independently of work status) and indirectly (in the form of a National Discount on retail prices) for the benefit of each citizen.

To this end, Social Credit proposes the establishment of a National Credit Office, free from political manipulation, to monitor and regulate a country’s financial system in line with what would be a truly common and mutually supportive monetary policy.


Two Infidels in a Pod

November 28, 2016


“Pope” Francis and Fidel Castro


THOMAS DROLESKEY writes at Christ or Chaos:

The nonagenarian mass murdering tyrant, Fidel Castro has died. He was an unrepentant Communist revolutionary. He was an atheist. He sanctioned terror and death by firing squads before his takeover of Cuba on January 1, 1959, and thereafter, noting that he handed over the presidency of Cuba on February 24, 2008, to his partner in crimes against God and man, his brother Raul Castro. Various counts of the executions conducted by the Castro regime number between 85,000 and 100,000. Countless other thousands were tortured and imprisoned. Hundreds of thousands fled from Cuba in the initial aftermath of the Communist takeover, and many others still flee from this “people’s (one-party) democracy every year.

Although Jorge Mario Bergoglio was very friendly to the late murderer, I was heartened to see the following statement from him on Saturday morning, November 26, 2016, the Feast of Saint Sylvester the Abbot and the Commemoration of Saint Peter of Alexandria:

“On the feast of Saint Catharine of Alexandria, there died and descended into Hell the Grand Communist Murder and Tyrant, former President of Cuba, called Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, who for more than fifty-eight years had been waging war cruelly against the Christian faith, his own people, and the nations of the Americas. All Christendom in general takes great pleasure in this death, for no one can imagine the great terror that barbarous despot had instilled in the hearts of all Christians, because of the lands he had terrorized, and those he would seek to gain each day. All Bishops are to hold held great processions through their cities, and to offer sacrifices, and many other devotions and alms, because it pleased God to deliver Christendom from so mighty an enemy.”

As readers can recognize quite readily, that message of jubilation upon the death of a murderous tyrant was not issued by Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

No, the message above is based upon the following summary of the reaction in the Christian world to the death of Mohammed II on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, September 14, 1481: Read More »


Castro and The N.Y. Times

November 28, 2016


THE ANTI-NEW YORK TIMES examines the role of The New York Times in installing the brutal, Communist dictator Fidel Castro, who died on Nov. 25.


Soros and the Recount

November 28, 2016

SCOTT CREIGHTON writes at American Everyman:

Four of the five people involved in that Nov. 17th phone conference which started this whole recount psyop are directly connected with or on the payroll of George Soros.


Though we can’t prove at this point that George Soros is behind the funding of this action, we do know that they aren’t being exactly transparent when it comes to publishing the names of the donors. In fact they are being quite opaque.

What we do know is this: almost every one of the players involved in this process have a direct link to George Soros who spent a lot of money trying to usher in the Age of Hillary this year. And he also tends to enjoy destabilizing various nations so that once chaos ensues, he is able to insert himself into the political mix and make some more money. Read More »


Who Racialized Politics?

November 28, 2016

HEATHER Mac Donald at City Journal eviscerates the claim that Trump supporters introduced racial divisiveness into American politics. As Lawrence Auster pointed out many times, whites were forced to respond to the systematic, institutionalized hostility directed against them:

The Democratic Party is now merely an extension of left-wing campus culture; few institutions exist wherein the skew toward Democratic allegiance is more pronounced. The claims of life-destroying trauma that have convulsed academia since the election are simply a continuation of last year’s campus Black Lives Matter protests, which also claimed that “white privilege” and white oppression were making existence impossible for black students and other favored victim groups. Black students at Bard College, for example, an elite school in New York’s Hudson Valley, called for an end to “systemic and structural racism on campus . . . so that Black students can go to class without fear.” If any black Bard student had ever been assaulted by a white faculty member, administrator, or student, the record does not reflect it.

These claims of “structural racism and institutional oppression,” in the words of Brown University’s allegedly threatened black students, overlook the fact that every selective college in the country employs massive racial preferences in admissions favoring less academically qualified black and Hispanic students over more academically qualified white and Asian ones. Every faculty hiring search is a desperate exercise in finding black and Hispanic candidates whom rival colleges have not already scooped up at inflated prices. Far from being “post-racial,” campuses spend millions on racially and ethnically separate programming, separate dorms, separate administrators, and separate student centers. Read More »


Advent in Chester

November 27, 2016



The John Hancock Life Insurance Christmas Carol Booklet

TALES OF CHESTER” continues here with a few words from Anthony Wood on the important season of Advent:

EVERY self-respecting kid in Chester was a school resister. But Sonny Trenjic [pronounced TRENCH-ick] raised the art of dodging school to a new level.

One day in early December, Sister St. Reginald (they called her “Reggie”) asked Sonny’s sister, Babe, why he was absent from his eighth-grade class. Babe said that a terrible mishap had occurred at home. Sonny was conducting an extra-curricular science experiment. He was attempting to electrocute a spider and the spider bit him, seriously injuring his hand.

Sister Reggie immediately left her class in the charge of a student proctor.

She marched to the Trenjic house, knocked on the door, grabbed the uninjured Sonny by the collar and escorted him back to class. This was part of a nun’s job description. She physically, as well as spiritually, battled the forces of evil. The profane waged its eternal war with the sacred in the streets and living rooms of this small industrial city by the rat-gray Delaware River. Reggie and the other sisters were the shock troops.

The profane was somewhat weakened during the four-week liturgical season of Advent. Our small minds were uplifted with greater frequency. Expectancy was in the air. It was pure anticipation, not fulfillment. Just before Advent, Thanksgiving was still Thanksgiving. It wouldn’t have remotely crossed our minds to go shopping for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. We went to play football on the concrete playground of Larkin School.

We didn’t put up Christmas trees or wreaths during Advent. We didn’t have parties until Christmas week. As usual, the John Hancock insurance man came to our house on Madison Street weekly to collect payment. (Sometimes my mother was “not at home” when he came.) In the first week of December, he brought us a copy of the John Hancock Life Insurance Christmas Carol Booklet, which could be banged out on the old grand piano in the living room. (The piano had been sent to us in pieces from Germany, a gift from my much-older cousin, Bobby Kerrigan, when he was stationed there, many years before he took his own life.) But other than that, we did not prepare the house for Christmas until the 22nd or 23rd. Sonny Trenjic aside, we still retained the ancient sense of Advent as a time of anticipation, but also, in a fading sense, of self-mortification, not festivity. Read More »