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October 13, 2016


“Severely Backwards Gender Relations?”

October 13, 2016

JOHN HALPIN of American Progress wrote in 2011 to John Podesta, Hillary’s current campaign chairman, expressing his view of Catholics. These comments are idiotic; they are hard to take seriously. But here’s one:

It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy. [bold added]

You decide who has backwards gender relations:




Fra Filippo Lippi, Madonna with Child and Two Angels


Trump on Wikileaks

October 13, 2016

HERE IS TRUMP yesterday — strong, forceful and clear — on the latest Wikileaks revelations from Hillary’s emails:

‘We’re protecting the borders of foreign countries,’ he said, forecasting a new Clinton administration. ‘But not our borders.’

‘These Wikileaks emails confirm what those of us here today have known all along: Hillary Clinton is the vessel of a corrupt globalist establishment that’s raiding our country and surrendering the sovereignty of our nation,’ he said.

‘This criminal government cartel doesn’t recognize borders but believes in global governance, unlimited immigration and rule by corporations.’

Emails by her campaign chairman John Podesta talk of Soros-funded subversion of the Catholic Church. There’s no surprise here (see report from FoxNews, if you can stand a few minutes of Me-GYN Kelly) but probably many are not aware of it. This sort of thing has been going on since Vatican II. (Actually, it’s been going on for 2,000 years.) George Soros is a major influence at the Vatican. See more by Elizabeth Yore at The Remnant.

I expect this will make no serious difference in the “Catholic” support for Hillary.



John Podesta and Hillary


Sunrise in America

October 13, 2016


THE SPIRIT OF INNOVATION — creative, determined, inspired — flourishes unabated in small towns and big cities across the land. Here is but one example: Read More »


Reader: “How Could You Vote for Trump?”

October 13, 2016

SUSAN-ANNE WHITE writes from Northern Ireland:

I cannot understand why you are recommending that your American readers vote for Donald Trump. To say that this is hypocritical on your part is an understatement. You have written at length about his immorality and his support for the LGBT lobby etc. He is an adulterer and as pro-LGBT as he could possibly be and he also seems to waver on the Muslim and immigration issues. He and Hillary Clinton are evil and mirror images of each other. I fail to see how anyone could vote for either of them. The “lesser evil” argument still involves voting for evil yet, incredibly, some in America are claiming this about Trump. Read More »


The Bias Against Female Inventors

October 12, 2016

HAVE you ever wondered why there are not more female inventors? Why not more women like the remarkable Hedy Lamarr, the Hollywood actress who co-invented (with a man) a secret communications system based on work done by her husband (whom she divorced)?



Hedy Lamarr, both sexy and inventive, nurtured her idea for decades.

The reason is less obvious than you may think. It has little to do with the copiously documented superiority of men in mechanical skills and their competitiveness. It also has little to do with the fact that women have been busy taking care of inventors and giving birth to and raising inventors.

The real reason is that for far too long people have been comparing the ideas of inventors to “light bulbs.” This persistent metaphor has discouraged women, whose ideas are more like seeds — not light bulbs. There’s a huge difference, as you know, between a “light bulb” and “a seed.” One takes genius; the other involves lots of care. Male inventors were simply switching on bulbs — and that was pretty easy. Words kill. The wrong words kill the ideas and initiative of invisible inventors.



Thomas Edison had the ultimate “light bulb” idea

The New York Times reports:

Researchers found that we find an idea more or less exceptional depending on the metaphors used to describe it. And not just that: Those metaphors had different effects depending on the gender of the idea’s creator. Read More »


Solving the Refugee Crisis

October 11, 2016

HERE’S a plan in five steps.

These solutions are not promoted by the political establishment of either the U.S. or Europe.


China the Cheap

October 11, 2016


James Palmer describes life in China:

My time in China has taught me the pleasure and value of craftsmanship, simply because it’s so rare. To see somebody doing a job well, not just for its own reward, but for the satisfaction of good work, thrills my heart; it doesn’t matter whether it’s cooking or candle-making or fixing a bike. When I moved house some years ago, I watched with genuine delight as three wiry men stripped my old apartment to the bone in 10 minutes, casually balancing sofas and desks on their backs and packing the van as tightly as a master Tetris player.

But such scenes are an unusual treat. … Instead, the prevailing attitude is chabuduo, or ‘close enough’. Read More »


Playboy Meets Ms.

October 11, 2016



What? This man guilty of vulgarity! What a surprise!

STEPHEN BASKERVILLE writes at The Daily Caller:

This election will be remembered as a metaphor for our civilization.  Though many people dislike both candidates for diverse reasons, one underlying subtext has now emerged into the open that shows there is still a very clear difference: the power of sexual indulgence to determine our politics.

The consequences of uninhibited sexual freedom are now as explicit as a pornographic movie. Both candidates are not only products but pioneers of the Sexual Revolution, and together they personify its political dynamic.

On the one hand, Trump epitomizes the personal hedonism of the Sexual Revolution – the side dominated by men.  (He is not the first, but his case is the most politically critical – more than, say, Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton.)  This side of the Revolution came first chronologically.  Playboy magazine and its imitators came on the scene in the 1950s.  This represents sexual freedom for its own sake, with no pretense at any larger principles.

Shortly after, we began to see the political side of the Revolution.  This began with the “free love” of the beat and hippy generations, which transformed unlimited sexual freedom into a political statement: an act of rebellion against all authority.  This soon transformed itself into the more aggressive and authoritarian feminism.

Read the rest of Baskerville’s article “The Sexual Revolution Triumphant” here. He ends with this:

Trump has one chance, and so do the rest of us.  The only way his apology will come across as sincere is to directly confront the sexual decadence of our culture and start showing us that he understands the full consequences of his own foolishness, not least in handing political power to sexual radicals.

That would mean putting aside his third wife. Fat chance. Trump has lived a long life of unrepentant hedonism. The locker room talk is the least of it.

As for the feminist, the latest confessionals of the traumatized female victims of Bill Clinton, who is the third character in this cast of liberated candidates, suggest that she may ironically meet her undoing the same way she met her success: on the coattails of her man.

To the woman also he said: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband’s power, and he shall have dominion over thee. [Genesis 3:16]


MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES - JUNE 11: Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College talking about student protests which she supported in her commencement speech. (Photo by Lee Balterman/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES – JUNE 11: Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College talking about student protests which she supported in her commencement speech. (Photo by Lee Balterman/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


Is Warmongering a Form of Entertainment?

October 10, 2016

HILLARY Clinton’s accusation once again in yesterday’s debate that Russia has interfered in the presidential election — a claim based on evidence that has not been publicly vetted — was wildly irresponsible.

But then what struck me most in the second round of the presidential boxing tournament (1-1), which is looking more and more like reality TV, was that both candidates seem determined to make enemies abroad. [Read the full transcript here.] With Hillary, it’s Russia. With Trump, it’s Iran.  Trump is hellbent on wrecking the Iran agreement, the chance for lasting peace with that country. And Hillary was even more belligerent toward Russia. Read More »


“Women Are to Be Revered!” Oh, My!

October 10, 2016

I HAD BEEN away from the news, due to pressing obligations, for a couple of days so when I tuned into last night’s presidential debate and heard Anderson Cooper — CIA-trained propaganda artist extraordinaire — mention the explosive release of audio clips of Trump making insulting comments about WOMEN!!! I had no idea what he was talking about. Cooper could hardly contain himself; it took only a few minutes for him to launch into the topic of this great threat to national security. It was clear the incident was some variant of The Big, Bad Misogynist.

Hillary said earlier of the clips, “This is horrific.” So you knew it had to be relatively trivial. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was “sickened:

“Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests,” Ryan said in a statement.

No, Mr. Ryan, women are not always to be championed and revered. We live among sexually aggressive women whose everyday clothing is the fashion equivalent of Trump’s crude, trashy talk.

Odd how those who have no problem with much, much lewder things on an average episode of Saturday Night Live are suddenly scandalized by crude language. There’s no need to defend that language to note the glaring hypocrisy. This is life in the gynocracy. Constant outrage over the offended honor of women who despise feminine honor.

I recommend Heather MacDonald’s take at City Journal on this hypocritical hysteria. She writes: Read More »


Bergoglian Spin

October 8, 2016

JORGE BERGOGLIO’S recent statement on “transgenderism,” made during another in-flight press conference, is a marvel of doublespeak. This stuff is torture to read, but it shows Mr. Humble Pie — also known as “Loose Lips Jorge” — as the crass manipulator and artful mutilator of truth that he is: Read More »


Gabriele Kuby on the Transgendered

October 6, 2016

GABRIELE KUBY, a German sociologist and author of The Global Sexual Revolution, responds to “Pope” Francis’s latest on the “transgendered.” (Warning: Bergoglian blasphemy and gobbledygook at its worst. May cause nausea.)

Kuby is a compelling speaker on the issue of “gender dysphoria.” As she explains, medical treatment does not solve the problem and often make things worse.

It’s not surprising so many people have “gender dysphoria.” What else would you expect in a culture that advocates androgyny?


Abortion in Poland

October 6, 2016



The scene in Warsaw on Monday during a ‘Black Protest’ against an anti-abortion law

THE Western media has been playing up big time this week’s protests in Poland against an abortion ban. (See here and here.)

Natalie Dueholm at Lifesite News offers a counter view to reports here. She contends the proposed abortion law, which would have outlawed most, but not all, abortion, had the support of the majority of Poles and that the reported numbers of the protestors were wildly exaggerated by the media. Even so, the Polish parliament rejected the ban, reversing its earlier position with little discussion, apparently intimidated by the protests.


A Globalist Anthem for Children

October 6, 2016


I just noticed this in a child’s music book.

Labelled “Traditional Melody,” the following words are presented to young piano students in the 2013 edition of Faber and Faber’s piano lesson series. The text notes that the 250-year-old tune has been set to God Save the Queen; was the national anthem of Denmark, Prussia, and Lichtenstein; and became known in the United States as My Country ‘Tis of Thee. Here is another version set to the grand old melody: Read More »


Amber Alert

October 6, 2016

PAUL A. writes:

The case of Lisa Miller is a reminder of why I cannot take any interest in Amber Alerts. Amber Alerts are nation-wide now, and are meant to help provide information on kidnappings, with the intent of finding the child quickly. They are marketed as fighting a crime by some shady pervert in a raincoat. The vast majority of them, however, involve a non-custodial parent whose child is accompanying them with full cooperation. Pretty much anytime an Amber Alert gives the color, make, model, and license plate of a car, you can be sure it is a custody dispute.

If you respond to an Amber Alert, you might be helping to send a child to the woman in this story, or back to the heroine-addicted mother of the four-year-old in the “White America” post from a week or so ago. Since I lack the wisdom of Solomon, I just stay out of it.


A Desire for Humiliation

October 4, 2016


Legend of St Francis: 2. St Francis Giving his Mantle to a Poor Man 1297-99; Giotto

FROM an entry at Christ or Chaos on St. Francis of Assisi, whose feast day is today:

He preferred to hear himself reviled rather than praised, and when people extolled the merits of his sanctity, he ordered one of the friars to assail his ears with abusive epithets. The friar, all unwilling, called him a bumpkin, a money-lover, an ignoramus, and a worthless fellow, and Francis cheered and said: “Lord, bless you, brother! You have told the truth, and I need to hear such things!” The servant of God wished not so much to be in command as to be subject to authority, not so much to give orders as to carry them out. Therefore he gave up the office of general of his Order, and asked for a guardian, to whose will he would be subject in everything. To the friar with whom he was accustomed to go about he always promised obedience and always kept his promise. (Archbishop Jacobus de Voragine, O.P., The Golden Legend.)


The Roots of the Pizza Industrial Complex

October 4, 2016


IS PURITANISM, and the Protestant spirit in general, responsible for the triumph of the mediocre in American life? Here is a tantalizing thought on that subject from John Rao’s essay Americanism and the Collapse of the Church in the United States:

Many Americans continue to anathematize “high culture”. They characterize everything from architecture and music to cooking and clothing as silly, wasteful, and effeminate, the moment that it rises above the mediocre. Other Americans feel the need to escape the blandness around them. They cannot, however, bring themselves to flee from it by cultivating truly serious culture. This would so tie them into the Greco-Roman and Catholic tradition as to frighten them back into their mediocrity. Instead, they develop a new type of “high culture” based upon the mad, individualistic ravings of their tortured puritanical souls. Their “cultural” creations are then guiltily justified by them with reference to deep biological or psychological needs. The one group of secularized Puritans adores the Big Mac as the height of human achievement; the other, a homosexual’s multi-million dollar sculpture of a broken toothpick. In short, the Puritan, after his break with faith as during its full fervor, is unable to grasp the principle of restoring all things in Christ. He manifests his inability in either philistinism or perversion. If he does discover the true heritage of the West, he converts to Catholicism or plays carelessly with it like an adolescent plays haphazardly with things before which he should stand in awe.