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May 13, 2017


Mother full of glory,
O assurance of all people,
O sublimity of thought,
Present us with the reward of life.

Virgin source of grace,
O illustrious nurse of the mighty,
O sweet sustainer of souls,
Forever abolish the sins of mankind.

Our holy defender,
O perpetual light,
O scepter of the King of all men,
Support us in our request of salvation.



May 13, 2017


Elizabeth Corbin (Mrs. Griffin Gatliff) & Daughter Elizabeth, Gilbert Stuart; 1798

IN HIS book The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman, Fr. Karl Stehlin writes about the deeper significance of the institution that we celebrate on Mother’s Day:

All motherhood comes from the Mother of all mothers. The Immaculate Mother of God is the model for every mother; her motherhood is the ideal, the basis, the heart, and the goal of all creaturely motherhood. Here in a surprising new way the nature of woman proves once again to be the expression and image of God on earth. The polarity and complementariness of man and woman…, which in the interdependence of their different and often opposite characteristics reflects the all-encompassing Oneness of God, appears here in the special relation of mother and child. This is probably the most intimate relationship that there can ever be between human beings.

In this sense Mary’s Divine Maternity is the most perfect creaturely image and manifestation of the most intimate relation between Father and Son within the Most Holy Trinity. In Mary this is at the same time a spiritual and a bodily reality: bodily, since she is the physical mother of God, and Christ is flesh of her flesh, blood of her blood; spiritually, since she conceived Him “first in her heart and then in her body” (prius in mente quam in corpore). Thus in her own motherhood she becomes the prototype and ideal of all bodily and spiritual motherhood. If God Himself defines the most intimate possible relationship between Himself and a creature as the relation between mother and child, then we can say that all earthly motherhood finds its deepest meaning in connection with the Divine Maternity. Mary’s  motherhood is the model and standard of every sort of motherhood on earth, and every instance of motherhood on earth is meant to be an echo of the Divine Maternity. That means that the mother (and by analogy the father also) experiences her motherhood fully when she views it in light of Mary’s motherhood.

Madonna of the Fir Tree, Marianne Stokes

The parents see their child as a gift from God; they see in the child the presence of the Child Jesus. Conceiving the child and carrying it in the womb becomes for the mother a living reminder and “representation” of the conception of the Eternal Word and of carrying Jesus Christ in one’s heart. The birth and the raising of the child are understood as symbolic of the divine mission, that is, the sending forth of Jesus Christ into the world and His proclamation which gives birth to Christ in souls. Jesus Himself confirms this way of looking at it when He says that whoever does His will is “brother, sister and mother” to Him (Mt. 12:50).

Mary’s Divine Maternity makes comprehensible to the Christian, and in particular to the Christian woman, the mission that she has to fulfill in her short life. We have to continue the mission of the Son in the world, to be His instruments to help lead people home to Him, to prepare the way for the sake of their eternal happiness. This is nothing less than a spiritual fatherhood or motherhood with respect to souls, which in a certain way become our children. How do they become our children? Through our prayers and sacrifices, our example, and the dedication of our lives, we impart Christ to them, communicate the grace of Christ to them, and act as instruments of the Immaculata, so that she can bear Christ in their souls: and that, of course, is her Divine Maternity. “What do you want me to do?” each one of us must ask God. The answer is always: “Be a father or mother of souls! Imitate the motherhood of My Mother in your life.”

The meaning of spiritual motherhood goes still further, however. In imitating the Mother of all mothers, a woman finds a special relationship to Christ Himself, who wishes to be visible here on earth as a “small and insignificant” child. That is why He conceals Himself also under the unassuming appearances of bread and wine. And He wants us to love Him as Mary loved Him, as a mother loves her child, for there is no more intimate loving relationship on earth than the one between mother and child. Naturally this does not mean the purely natural, physical bond and certainly not the kind of motherhood that has been distorted by original sin and is often full of egotistical needs. This “maternal character” of our relationship to Christ is a compliance with Mary’s being, and it is guided by her maternity. But in what way was she the mother of the eternal Son? How did she raise Him, live with Him, speak with Him? Surely the most profound reverence for His majesty was combined with the deepest possible intimacy of her immaculate love. And so that this might not be something abstract and unreal for us, God gives us a very realistic analogy that is experienced intensely. Read More »


The Illuminati Candidate

May 13, 2017


CONFITEOR DEO writes from France:

The official result for Emmanuel Macron in the election against Marine Le Pen last Sunday was 66.06 percent of votes cast. The resemblance to the number of the beast is quite unsettling.

The name “Emmanuel” means God with us and “Macron” is almost an anagram of monarch. Macron, however, is the complete opposite of what his name suggests and as ever, the devil inverts truth and lies. Note the long lonely walk by Macron from the shadow towards the light in the courtyard of the Louvre.

The walk was accompanied by the music from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, its lyrics matching the aspirations of Freemasonry.

The pyramid in front of the Louvre, with its 666 panes of glass, is the starting point of a Masonic axis that runs in a perfect line from the Louvre to the Grande Arche de la Fraternité at La Défense. This arch is actually an overturned altar complete with altar canopy. Both the pyramid and the Grande Arche were inaugurated under President François Mitterrand. They were inaugurated in 1989 to mark the 200 year anniversary of the French manifestation of the ongoing world revolution against God, the throne and the natural order.


The Louvre pyramid


La Grande Arche de la Fraternité

The enthronement of Emmanuel Macron, is yet one more ritual, such as the ceremony for the Gotthard Tunnel or the 2012 London Olympic opening and closing events, that involve the masters of the earth telling the masses who’s really in charge.

There were irregularities reported that favoured Macron in both rounds of the election but it’s fairly certain that he was going to win against Marine le Pen at least in the final round. The system had to ensure a Macron presidency by getting him to the second round against Le Pen. There are also suggestions that Le Pen deliberately ruined her chances by a dismal performance in the TV debate with Macron. She should have won this debate without even trying. When you only have one shot, you had better use it wisely. Her stupid dance moves after her defeat showed to her millions of supporters a totally carefree attitude regarding the catastrophe that just took place.

Just as Trump was perceived by many as the last chance to beat the system, Le Pen represented a similar electoral promise. Both have failed because ultimately, man without the grace of God can do absolutely nothing, and, neither Trump or Le Pen show any signs of being anywhere close to being in a state of grace.

I will never vote again.


The Alien

May 13, 2017


ALAN writes:

Do-Gooders who are out to make the world over like to advise older people not to live in the past.  That is hilarious.

Not to live in the past—as against what? The increasing ugliness of the culture outside? The supine willingness of grown men and women to go along with trendiness instead of stand firm by timeless moral and esthetic standards?

“Real life today?” And precisely what is “real life today?” It is a festival of inanities and imbecilities, each more preposterous than the next. Why would any self-respecting person wish to live among people who celebrate those things?

I’m confident that many of your older readers will agree with me if I say that memory offers at least some refuge from those indescribable horrors. Memory is the land where we exclude those things in a glorious act of discrimination. Memory is the land where we build our interior castle.  Memory is “the land where the good songs go” (Jerome Kern, 1917). It is the land where the good people go and where we keep them until we join them.

The past—the eternal past—may be the only place where decent people and a sensible tempo and texture of life can be found. Read More »


The Seasons of the Soul

May 11, 2017


Early May, Daniel Garber; 1948

“I perceive that all the seasons of the year are to be found in your soul: sometimes winter, with sterility, distractions, torments, disgusts, and weariness; sometimes the roses of May, with the sweet scent of holy little flowers; sometimes the heats of desire to please our good God. There only remains autumn, when, as you say, you do not find much fruit, but it often happens that, in threshing the wheat and pressing the grapes, we find much more than the harvest and the vintage had promised. You would like always to have spring-time or summer; but it is necessary to have a change internally, as well as externally. In heaven, there will be a perpetual spring as to beauty, a perpetual autumn as to joy, a perpetual summer as to love. There will be no winter there; but here, winter is required for the exercise of self-denial, and for the growth of a thousand beautiful virtues which flourish only in sterility. Let us, then, make our little steps forward; if we have a good and resolute affection, we cannot but advance well. It is not necessary for the practice of virtues to be always attentive to them all. That would entangle and perplex your thoughts too much. Humility and charity are the antiphonarians; all the other virtues are annexed to them. The preservation of a house depends on the foundation and the roof; if we attend to which, the rest will give us no great difficulty. Humility and charity are the mothers of virtues; the others follow them, as little chickens do the hens.”

—-  St. Francis de Sales


“Hideous Hags”

May 8, 2017

FRENCH presidential candidate Marine Le Pen (always identified as “far right” by the media) was followed on the campaign trail by the group Femen, who protest the existence of two sexes by appearing naked in public. In a photo at Galliawatchthese modern-day Furies stand half-nude on the roof of a church.


France for the EU

May 8, 2017

“In the past French politicians have announced their victory to the sound of La Marseillaise, which has stood as their anthem for hundreds of years.

But Mr [Emmanuel] Macron, who has gained support from major European figures including Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel, instead blasted the anthem of Europe ‘Ode to Joy’ from the speakers as he waved to adoring crowds of voters outside the Louvre museum.

The show of allegiance with the faltering European project was condemned by the losing Front National, who have fought to remove France from the crumbling European bloc.

Speaking to the public he said: “I’ll defend France, I’ll defend Europe, and will strengthen links between Europe and its people.”

— The Express


Trump and Refugees

May 8, 2017

ANN CORCORAN, of the website Refugee Resettlement Watchwhich documents how federal refugee contractors (“non-profit” organizations that have a vested interest in more “refugees”) move large numbers of refugees into mostly smaller American cities and towns, was wildly pro-Trump during the election season.

Her enthusiasm has declined dramatically.

As she recently reported, more refugees have entered the U.S. since January than in the previous ten years and there is no sign of a let up. See more here. (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel — all much closer to the home countries of the refugees and thus more logical choices — all take none.) The Trump administration now seems uninterested and “continues admitting refugees as if nothing was ever said (before or after the Presidential campaign).”

Trump has also said nothing about the “Diversity Visa Lottery.”

[Note: Unfortunately, Corcoran buys into the nutty conspiracy theory that Muslim immigrants destroyed the World Trade Center Towers and that Islamic terror is a pressing problem in the U.S.]


Fun at Lourdes, cont.

May 6, 2017


St. Bernadette kneeling at the Grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes

STEPHEN IPPOLITO writes from Australia:

As I look at the priests processing at Lourdes to model the importance of “fun” to the faithful I’m reminded of how I once numbered among my legal clients a couple who operated a small “dating” agency. They mused to me once over coffee and biscuits (never pizza) that the aspect of their business that struck them most forcefully was how, counter-intuitively, the broader a client was in painting a word-profile, the fewer enquiries he or she would draw.

It emerged that most of their clients strove to appear as all things to all men.

The two most popular terms people used to describe their personalities, far and away, were  “fun-loving” and “non-judgmental.” Likewise, in specifying the attributes of those they’d like to meet these people would take care to eliminate absolutely no one and no form of behavior. No one especially wanted to be seen as serious because serious is boring. Read More »


Swedish Multiculturalism

May 4, 2017


SWEDISH journalist Ingrid Carlqvist has created some controversy by looking at the roots of the disastrous policy of multiculturalism in Sweden. The Swedes are on their way to becoming a minority in their own country. Why? How was their famous homogeneity destroyed?

“Most people want to be popular, they want to be loved … I don’t really care about that,” Carlqvist says. “My mission in this life is … when I understand something … it is my duty to tell other people about it. And many times, people say, ‘We don’t like what you’re saying.’ But that doesn’t matter to me. I need to tell it.'”

[I am not a regular listener of Red Ice Radio and this post, as with all posts here, is not an endorsement of all its content. I apologize for the blasphemous aside by Henrik Palmgren in this otherwise good interview.]


The Wearable Baby

May 4, 2017

ALAN M. writes:

In the department of “you couldn’t make this up:” “Couples Are Turning Extra IVF Embryos into Jewelry.

Perhaps they look at all of their children as jewelry.


A Liturgical Atrocity at Lourdes

May 4, 2017



 The above is a video described at Canon212 as “the liturgical disaster at Lourdes.”  I am speechless upon viewing it,  although I think you might find words to describe it.  The procession is especially egregious.  HCPT is a UK charity which funds pilgrimages for disabled and disadvantaged children, which is undoubtedly a worthy cause, and it is encouraging to see so many young people participating.  Something in my soul shrivels aesthetically in the face of it, however.  The priests in ball caps, clown wigs and face paint are truly cringeworthy.  Unfortunately, “liturgical disasters” are not uncommon these days, but this seems particularly brutal.  And I feel bad and petty for noticing!  What would Jesus say? Read More »


An Apocalyptic Photo

May 4, 2017

DAN R. writes:

Are you sure it wasn’t you who wrote the caption to this photo?

“Never has a photo said so much about the current state of humanity.” Read More »


The Merry, Merry Month

May 3, 2017



Totalitarianism To Go

May 3, 2017


CAROLINE writes:

Just had to share these pictures with you. They are photos of a “health service” vehicle at a public university. It was early in the morning when I dropped my daughter off, so the li’l car was charging in the conveniently located charging outlet. It might be redundant, as in many ways we are so far gone as a society, beyond Orwell, but there is so much wrong with this “service,” one hardly knows where to begin.

First of all, the condescension to ethnic minorities (image below) revolts me. Easy to see who educated the marketing firms.

The nauseating coopting of a perfectly lovely color, pink. Before I read the copy on the “car,” I thought, ‘Oh no, more female cancer agitprop.’ (Don’t know what to think about the pig.)

The car advertises “birth control” and services for “safer sex.” It almost looks as if they’ll deliver their products to eager students in their dorms. (Stashed in the back compartment of course.) Don’t know. Perhaps exclusively for TTHW readers, they should add pizza delivery?

As I contemplated this insult to decent people, it occurred to me that in my time of high school and college (and before I think) students carried on their own elicit affairs by themselves, with no help and guidance from the over-preening hand of the university. They had illicit sex, did drugs, got drunk—mostly on their own terms. Not that I advocate this, of course. Still, it seems to be that the elites want to control, illuminate, and manage this part of students’ lives. Encourage, too. (Since we’re just a collection of molecules anyhow. No souls; no spirits; no eternal creation of loving God.)

Weird. But makes sense if you understand the power lust of totalitarianism. How Marx and Lenin must be laughing from their hole in hell.


The Pearl

May 3, 2017


Woman with a Pearl Necklace (detail), Johannes Vermeer; 1662-64

By Archie Sullivan

I WAS made for the smallest hands to press,
For the softest kiss and the still caress,
For the whispered peace of a night in June,
For tired eyes that watch the moon.
I was made for grief and for hearts that break
To passionate tears for the loved one’s sake;
My soul is a mist, my heart a sea,
And I pave the floors of eternity.


Pro-Life, Anti-Life Evangelicals

May 2, 2017

REPUBLICANS have for quite a while been offering lip service and minor action to the anti-abortion movement in exchange for Christian Zionist support for military aggression.

A podcast from the organization We Hold These Truths looks at the “bone” Trump is tossing to anti-abortion “Evangelicals” while he simultaneously ramps up threats of war. Chuck Carlson comments on the hypocrisy of Christian Zionism. The high-paid, carnival barker preachers who have led the masses into unjust wars are, despite their opposition to abortion, child killers.


Beauty in Dress

May 2, 2017


Unknown Artist from Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375); De claris mulieribus

AN allocution by Pope Pius XII in 1958, posted in part at Tradition in Action, asserts that beautiful clothing “concentrates the sight on the spirit.”

The more materialistic a culture, the uglier and the more immodest its clothes.