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The Face that Should Be on Our Bills

April 22, 2016




Why don’t we just skip all the frog-boiling and go ahead and put Amschel Mayer Rothschild on the $20 bill?James Perloff

“We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us.”—Protocol 16:4


A Bit of Civil Resistance

April 22, 2016


It doesn’t matter that she was Republican.


[I’VE BEEN AWAY from the computer for a few days. I am just catching up on comments.]

SHEILA writes:

While I don’t fool myself that I or any one individual can effect any substantial change in America 3.0, I still do what I can to publicly register my refusal to assent to its usurpation or legitimacy….

I will simply cease to use $20 bills.  While most people will be too lazy to make the effort and instead grumble in private or online only, I will refuse to accept these bills from cashiers as change, and will go into a bank for cash consisting of $50 or $10 bills rather than the “new”20s.  A small protest, and only a minor inconvenience on my part, but an important step for me psychologically.  I will not be like the communist grocer displaying the proper sign outwardly while inwardly seething at my cowardice.  The very minor inconvenience, itself, is an important reminder that maintaining my independence from this regime and my personal sense of honor is a worthwhile endeavor and one requiring numerous alterations in my behavior, small and large.

I only wish that most people weren’t idiots, so that this currency would sit unused in bankers’ vaults, but if that were so, we never would have come to this pass in the first place.

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Mugged by a Philosopher

April 18, 2016


THE greatest academic gig is that of the black philosopher. Spout hackneyed and malicious political slogans and you will be treated as a paragon of wisdom.

George Yancy is a professor of philosophy at Emory University. In addition to being a rising star in the field of “body politics, ” he specializes in Critical Whiteness Studies. That means: “white subject formation, white racist ambush, white opacity and embeddedness, white complicity, white anti-racist praxis.” In other words, he specializes in anti-philosophical racial grievance and intellectual junk.

Yancy’s insights are featured for the second time in the pages of The New York Times today with his latest piece, “Perils of Being a Black Philosopher.” The peril of being a black philosopher is that while the New York Times will treat you as a god when you spew racial hatred, ordinary people will not. They will bombard you with the unkindness you deserve. On Christmas Eve, the newspaper featured Yancy’s stirring essay “Dear White America,” in which he said that all whites are guilty of racism, regardless of their actions, beliefs or politics. Not a very novel insight. You don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to go to Emory to know that. Every kindergartner knows that.  White racial guilt is the sin that can never be atoned for, no matter what one does.

Yancy said in his letter that he would provoke nasty reactions. He now writes with outrage about the nasty reactions he provoked. I guess it was worse than he expected. In “Perils,” he says:

The alarming reality is that the response to “Dear White America” revealed just how much racism continues to exist in our so-called post-racial America. The comments were not about pointing out fallacies in my position, but were designed to violate, to leave me psychologically broken and physically distraught.

Most bullies are psychologically broken.

There were some very nasty remarks that were designed to question my status as a philosopher because I’m black. The implication of those messages was that to be black and a philosopher was a contradiction, because “niggers” can’t be philosophers. So, I agree; the discourse was far more pernicious. But to understand this is to come to terms with the history of white violence in this country used to control and silence black people.

Mr. Yancy unfortunately has not been silenced. If philosophy is the love of wisdom, he is not evidence that a black man can be a philosopher.



April 18, 2016

BRANDON MARTINEZ disputes the idea of a Muslim caliphate prepared to take over Europe:

1) ISIS could be completely destroyed tomorrow if the Western-NATO power bloc actually desired that outcome, but clearly they do not, since ISIS is their weapon of choice to unseat Assad, undermine Iran and defeat Hezbollah for Israel. ISIS has actually grown in strength and territory even as the 60-country anti-ISIS “coalition” has ostensibly been waging a relentless air war on the group since the summer of 2014. Obviously this “coalition” is a fake PR stunt that has no intention of actually defeating ISIS, and has been dropping caches of supplies and weapons to the group instead of bombs on its strongholds. Read More »


Monetary Vandalism

April 18, 2016



THE FACE of the man who did more than any other president to defeat the control of our monetary system by private bankers will unsurprisingly be removed from the $20 bill and replaced with one of two black female revolutionaries (Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman.) Mike King writes:

The architect of this latest act of cultural Marxism aimed at tearing down (and eventually blending-out / genociding) the White Man is Treasury Secretary Jack Lew (cough cough). Lew claims that though the winner of the currency-change pageant will be announced soon, the new bills won’t actually start circulating until years from now. But this too could be part of the trick. By claiming that the actual transition is years away, Lew may be trying to neutralize opposition to his dictatorial move and get this act of monetary vandalism done sooner, rather than later.

Though the sheeple have long since forgotten the great deeds of Andrew Jackson, and will soon also forget the face of ‘Old Hickory’, informed liberty-loving American patriots will continue to honor him as the dauntless hero who paid off the National Debt down to zero (1835), and then “killed the bank” (1836) — the 2nd Central Bank of the United States, that is. It was for those two reasons that the usual suspects tried to assassinate him. They failed to kill him then. They have succeeded in killing his legacy now. Read More »


Benefits of Women in the Military

April 18, 2016

ONE year after a military unit was opened to women, a brawl broke out after a woman soldier was found in intimate contact with one of the male soldiers. Apparently none of the parties involved knew that the laws of nature do not apply to people in the military.

If feminism were a program for increasing violence against women, it would be an amazing success.


A Mentally Ill Country

April 17, 2016

HAS-been, desperate rock stars protest North Carolina’s “bathroom bill.”

As is typical with anything pro-sodomy, Hollywood and corporate America have jumped on the bandwagon. They too want Peeping Toms and rapists in the girls’ room.

The belief that the past is evil must be fostered. Otherwise people might wonder why they are under the control of Hollywood and corporations.

This is indescribably sick.


Is Tax Protesting a Cult?

April 17, 2016

THE lawyer Daniel B. Evans argues that those who claim income taxes are unconstitutional and refuse to pay them increasingly resemble a religious cult:

Tax protesting certainly seems to have many of the characteristics of a religious cult.

For example, a religious cult usually has at least some of the following characteristics:

*Cults claim a monopoly on truth (or salvation). So, for example, members of a cult will believe that only their members are saved, or will go to heaven, and that everyone on earth is damned. Similarly, tax protesters believe that only they know the truth about the federal income tax, and often believe that everyone who disagrees with them is not only ignorant, but a “slave,” “communist,” “statist” (meaing someone who worships government like a religion), or “sheeple” (meaning a sheep-like person). Read More »



April 15, 2016


THE movie Vaxxed has been dismissed as conspiracy theory by the mainstream media. The actor Robert DeNiro recently defended the film after initially rejecting it.

From a recent article in The Daily Mail:

Dr Peter Fletcher, who was Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health, said if it is proven that the jab causes autism, “the refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history”.

He added that after agreeing to be an expert witness on drug-safety trials for parents’ lawyers, he had received and studied thousands of documents relating to the case which he believed the public had a right to see.

He said he has seen a “steady accumulation of evidence” from scientists worldwide that the measles, mumps and rubella jab is causing brain damage in certain children. Read More »


Lutheran Jorge

April 15, 2016

JAMES LARSON discusses an explicit heresy contained in Amoris Laetitia, the recent “papal” exhortation on marriage:

It is not just a “linguistic event” or “stealth reform” or revolution, which is able to fly under the radar of a specific charge of heresy. There is a very explicit heresy, it is the foundation of all the other legitimate condemnations of Amoris Laetitia, and it clearly reveals the agenda which germinates and nourishes all the rest of its errors. It is found in paragraphs 296 and 297:

The way of the Church is not to condemn anyone for ever; it is to pour out the balm of God’s mercy on all those who ask for it with a sincere heart… For true charity is always un-merited, unconditional and gratuitous.” (296).

It is a matter of reaching out to everyone, of needing to help each person find his or her proper way of participating in the ecclesial com-munity and thus to experience being touched by an ‘unmerited, unconditional and gratuitous’ mercy” (297). Read More »


Magnolias in New York

April 15, 2016


RECENT photos of New York City by Kidist Paulos Asrat can be found here.


The Woman at the Well

April 15, 2016



DR. THOMAS DROLESKEY explains how “Pope” Francis’s anti-apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia (or the Joy of Love) distorts the mercy Jesus Christ showed toward the adulterous Samaritan woman at the well in the Gospel of John in order to justify the relativistic approach to divorce and remarriage that has existed in the Vatican II Church for many years. According to Joyful Jorge, Christ “addressed her desire for true love.” This is sheer blasphemy.

From Amoris:

322 That is how Jesus treated the Samaritan woman (cf. Jn 4:1-26): he addressed her desire for true love, in order to free her from the darkness in her life and to bring her to the full joy of the Gospel. 295. Along these lines, Saint John Paul II proposed the so-called “law of gradualness” in the knowledge that the human being “knows, loves 320 Cf. ibid. 321 Relatio Synodi 2014, 42. 322 Ibid., 43. 225 and accomplishes moral good by different stages of growth”.323 This is not a “gradualness of law” but rather a gradualness in the prudential exercise of free acts on the part of subjects who are not in a position to understand, appreciate, or fully carry out the objective demands of the law. For the law is itself a gift of God which points out the way, a gift for everyone without exception; it can be followed with the help of grace, even though each human being “advances gradually with the progressive integration of the gifts of God and the demands of God’s definitive and absolute love in his or her entire personal and social life”.

What garbage. Dr. Droleskey writes:

This is pure Judeo-Masonic naturalism. It is theological malpractice. It is blasphemy against all that God has revealed to us through His true Church. It is the conciliar “canonization” of moral relativism in the name of “love.” It is the formal expression, one that will be inserted into the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, of all that Pope Pius XII warned about when he address the Thirtieth General Convention of the Society of Jesus in 1957 (see Appendix A below for a reminder).

No one can truly love another while persisting in sin with him. Human love must reflect God’s love for us, which is an act of His Divine Will. God’s will for each human being is that we sanctify and to save our immortal souls as members of the Catholic Church.

To love another one must will his good, the ultimate expression of which is the salvation of his immortal soul.

The conciliar revolutionaries do not believe that it is either desire or possible for those who “love” each other to be told to stop sinning, thereby leading themselves and those they counsel directly into the abyss.


Jorge’s words are sufficiently confusing to be open to multiple interpretations: Read More »


Geography Becomes India-Style Blood Sport

April 13, 2016


2015 Winners, National Geography Bee

KATHLENE M. writes:

Does the National Geography Bee competition fulfill its original purpose — to motivate American students to learn geography — when 44% of its state winners are “Indian-American,” thereby changing the competition to the “Desi Hunger Games 2”?   Another competition, the National Spelling Bee, has been so dominated by “Indian-Americans” that it’s now called the Desi Hunger Games.

Within the last four years, “Indian-Americans” have been slowly taking over the National Geography competitions.  This year may be a new record, as 24 of the 54 winners were from India.

Since 2012, Indians have been bragging about their record numbers in the Geo Bee, so word is spreading throughout their insular community that this is the new game in town to dominate.  But when each year passes, as increasing numbers of Indians win these events, it seems that it is “a statistical impossibility…there is more than randomness going on.”

To prepare, the participants go to special ethnic camps or seminars in other states so that they can out-compete each other.   As we also have learned, cheating is rampant overall in the Asian community (which includes Indians) due to the pressure to succeed at all costs.   The National Geo Bee does not allow “written notes” and other forms of recording, but the parents of these high-achieving Indian kids are there, taking notes.  We know because we attended the 2016 California State Geo Bee in Fresno.  That event was dominated by the ubiquitous presence of Indian contestants and their parents and families.

The joy of learning geography has now been reduced to another blood sport with status and money motivators even though the amounts, except for the top prize, are not much.  I wonder if Americans or schools will even care to participate in the Geo Bee and learn about geography once they realize another competition has been turned into a high-stakes event that requires year-long preparation, and that seems statistically skewed against them.

Furthermore since it has become so ultra-competitive and the questions can no longer be recycled regularly, new esoteric questions about “weird-but-true” geography facts must be written.  Are such esoteric facts even relevant when the original purpose of the Bee was to give Americans a broad understanding of geography? As it becomes a Desi Hunger Games 2, the National Geo Bee will have less participation from average Americans and schools, thus defeating its original goal to have Americans learn geography. Read More »


Your Tax Dollars At Work

April 13, 2016

NOT resentful as you file your taxes? You might want to read this.

The National Science Foundation is funding a study that “videotape[s] male engineering students while they work in labs to see if they are causing women to experience ‘micro aggressions.’”

The study is being conducted at the University of Michigan.


A Song, a Bar and a Ballroom

April 13, 2016




ALAN writes:

Late one afternoon or early evening many years ago, I was walking along a street in downtown St. Louis when I happened to walk past a bar.  It was not my destination at that moment and I did not go in.  But the door was open and as I walked past it, I heard the unmistakable sound of the song “Careless” floating out of the bar.  At that instant I felt a kinship with the bartender and the people in that bar.  They were likely of an age to remember songs like “Careless” from when they were introduced years ago and to have grown up with a scale of values that enabled them to understand and appreciate such ballads.  People who enjoyed a classic, sentimental old song like “Careless” were my kind of people.

I never went into that bar, then or afterward, but it was one of those moments that remain imprinted forever in one’s memory.

“Careless” was recorded by bandleader Eddy Howard years before I was born.  I dare say no readers of The Thinking Housewife would recognize his name.   But his orchestra and recordings were very popular in the 1940s-‘50s, especially in the Midwest.  Big Band historian George T. Simon wrote of Eddy Howard:  He “had the cheery, pink-cheeked vanilla appearance one might expect of a clerk in a country store—but he sang with tremendous warmth and expression.”   [George T. Simon, The Big Bands, Macmillan, 1971, p. 281 ]

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Adam or Eve?

April 13, 2016



Adam and Eve, (detail), Lucas Cranach the Elder

LAURA E. writes:

Most Christians would describe the fall as follows: “God makes Adam and then Eve. God tells them not to eat from the tree of knowledge.  Eve does it anyway. Mankind is banished from Eden and original sin is born.” I would have said the same until a few years ago.

My husband and I went through a rather unusual “Pre Cana” [marriage preparation] program. Over a third of the program was dedicated to studying Adam and Eve and what their story means for man and woman, husband and wife.  Adam’s passive stance during the fall was a major theme explored in these classes.  Our class emphasized that, contrary to popular belief, Adam was at Eve’s side throughout the serpent’s tempting spiel (Genesis 3:6).  Then God calls on Adam, not Eve, to account for what has happened (Genesis 3:9). Adam is accountable for both of them before God, as the husband is the spiritual head of his family. But Adam does not take responsibility.  He does not own up to what he has done. Instead he blames Eve. He even blames God a little: “the woman whom you put here with me…” (Genesis 3:12)

During the class, I wondered if the instructor was emphasizing Adam’s culpability to make some kind of dreary feminist point: “See, original sin is not all woman’s fault after all!”

Gradually I realized that the intent was more subtle and noble than that. The fall is an inversion of the right order between husband and wife. Eve got too big for her britches and Adam let her get away with it. Since he is head of them both he is just as much, if not more so to blame. Read More »


Disgusting Comedy

April 13, 2016

HENRY MAKOW writes at his site:

Satanic possession means we are mental prisoners of the Masonic Jewish central bankers.

Cabalist (Masonic) Judaism is Satanism.  The hit comedy Broad City is another example of how these Jews have used the mass media to induct society into their dysfunction and perversity. This show is so offensive I can barely watch it.

Basically, it chronicles the lives of two loudmouthed Jewish broads who have been cut loose from marriage and family by feminism. Socially and biologically redundant, they are going crazy but making the most of it. They have no careers. No boyfriends. No charm. No beauty. The show is non-stop vulgarity, promiscuity, lesbianism and excretory references. Yet it is heralded as a brilliant “comedy” by virtually everyone. “Disgusting” is the new “funny.”

Cabalist Judaism is  about destroying the world in order to conquer it. The show normalizes mental illness, body odor, foul language and sexual obsession. It is pure evil and people are celebrating and embracing it.  Western society doesn’t know it is a Jewish solipsism. The goyim emulate the Jewish experience which is presented as a positive model. Gay Jewish behavior is presented as straight. (See also “TV’s Luciferian message.”) Satanic Jews and their Freemason allies indeed are God. They create a repugnant reality, homage to themselves and Satan.


Straight Talk

April 12, 2016

Do not be deceived; you cannot remain in communion with Bergoglio & retain the Catholic faith. By accepting him, you belong to his religion.

— Fr. Desposito