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Maniacal Contradictions of the Sexual Revolution



According to liberal discourse, one in four college coeds will become victims of sexual aggression during their four-year matriculation. What campus codes call sexual harassment, a term that feminist misandry has rendered entirely subjective, is so terrible and so totally male that college men accused of the infraction find themselves in the condition of being presumptively guilty; furthermore, campus policy systematically deprives them of due process. Feminists, good liberals all, routinely deplore the sexually demeaning representations of women in popular culture. But a liberal judge in Texas has said that a law criminalizing “upskirt” photographs” snapped by perverts with miniature cameras deprives the accused of their constitutional protections to free speech.


Inside the Pizza Industrial Complex


Power and Liberated Desire


“WHAT begins in desire liberated from the moral law ends with power liberated from the moral law as well, as the strong force their desires on the weak.”

— E. Michael Jones, “Truth of Desire: A Manifesto for Counter-Revolution,” 1994

USAF Removes Reference to God from Enlistment Oath



In the post USAF Denies Atheist Re-Enlistment, Buck noted the Air Force’s denying re-enlistment to airmen who refused to swear the full enlistment oath by refusing to say “So help me God” and asked:

Is the USAF provoking a religious test because they want God removed? What other reason could there be?

In reply, I wrote: (Continued)

What Two Shepherd Children Saw



Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat.

O FOOLISH world, will you ever pay attention? Will you ever wake up? Today is the Feast of Our Lady of La Salette, who appeared to two shepherd children on September 19, 1846 on a mountain near Grenoble in France. This is from Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s essay on the meaning of the apparition to the two shepherds, who in their photos radiate that same innocence and profundity seen on the faces of the children of Fatima:

There have been three major apparitions of Our Lady in the last 150 years: La Salette, Lourdes and Fatima. In all of them the Church accepted the authenticity of the apparitions and endorsed them by making special feasts to commemorate them. In each of those three apparitions Our Lady left a secret.

In all of them, Our Lady manifested herself as profoundly sad because of the state of mankind, and predicted an enormous chastisement that would come at a chosen moment. Therefore, in the last 150 years Our Lady has adopted a position very similar to that of counter-revolutionaries.

You all know members of the High and Low Clergy as well as Catholic lay people who are very happy, who think that everything is going very well. If you tell these people that a chastisement is being prepared for mankind, they respond that it is absurd. They affirm that Religion is experiencing an extraordinary progress.

Next to such persons, we look gloomy and sad. We play the role of the pessimistic hypochondriacs who do not fit into the joyful, carefree atmosphere of our days, which always disseminates an optimistic and positive opinion about everything. (Continued)

A Visit to Yale: Reflections on Architecture and Society


Branford Courtyard, Yale University

Branford Courtyard, Yale University

THIS ESSAY was written by an anonymous correspondent:

I took the train up to New Haven yesterday to admire Yale’s architecture, which I haven’t done in nearly ten years. It was a lovely day and everything looked perfect.

I was lying on the grass in the main court of Branford College just as the late-afternoon sun was pinking the towers, wondering how anyone could fail to be inspired by such beauty to defend the culture that had created it. Then the answer came to me: modernism, whose true significance is that it destroyed people’s emotional, aesthetic attachment to existing society.

It was also crystal clear to me, wandering about Yale (and I walked all the way from the train station to the Divinity School), that this is the architecture of a specific race and culture. Modernism, of course, which used to be called quite frankly the International Style, is the opposite. Yale’s architecture is far more specific in this regard than the Italian Renaissance campus of Columbia University, which alludes strongly but vaguely to the general Western humanist tradition. Yale is unmistakably Anglo-Saxon and Christian, and frankly, certain human types just look ridiculous wandering its campus, as if you had planted a palm tree in front of Stirling Library. Such aesthetic harmonies should be part of our instinctive emotional equipment, and I suspect they once were. (Continued)

Are White Women Intoxicated by Black Men?


ARTHUR H. writes:

I have a question about something that really bothers me and makes me feel very threatened and ashamed.

What is it about white women who go after black men?

I live in Chicago, and the stereotype is that black men chase after the white women, but what I see in public is that white women have this stare, this gaze at black men. I am white and have a good job. I am a blonde and blue-eyed athlete. When I pass a white woman walking by, chances are she won’t even look at me because she is already staring at the black man walking behind me. The multiculturalist and feminist advertising has created a really bad mixture in Chicago; it’s in commercials, billboards, on buses, and ads everywhere, even public service announcements. There’s this encouragement and social pressure for people to date interracially, especially the white female and black male pairing. In TV and movies, black men are always hypersexualized and depicted specifically as sexy and always in the presence of white women. The advertising agenda targets toward the younger crowd under 18, but it’s had an influence on the older crowd 18-30 which is my demographic. (Continued)

A Book Recommendation



JOHN G. writes:

I just finished reading The Awakening of Miss Prim by Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera, and I thought it was excellent. Just the sort of thing you might write if you went in for light fiction instead of essays.

The author is clearly a traditional Catholic, which makes it even more notable that the book has become an international bestseller. I wonder if that is a sign of a yearning for traditional values among the generation of young women?

I think your readers would enjoy reading the book, and in addition it might come in handy as a fun and not heavy-handed introduction to traditional Catholic values for secular friends and acquaintances who find our way of thinking and of life incomprehensible.

The Transformation of Italy


A RIVER of migrants flows into the towns of Sicily. So far this year 120,000 people from Africa and the Middle East have been picked up by Italian ships in the Mediterranean and 2,800 people have died in transit in poorly equipped, overcrowded boats.


Alice von Hildebrand on Feminism


STARTING at minute 25 in this interview in New York, Alice von Hildebrand, the Catholic author, teacher and wife of the deceased German philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand, refutes the premises of feminism. “Feminism is the greatest enemy of femininity,” she says. At the age of 90, von Hildebrand remains a woman of great charm and eloquence.


Mass Psychosis Continues


JOE A. writes:

This story of a “transgendered” boy who was elected homecoming princess at a Colorado Springs high school is a farce and I can’t believe governments are playing along with “modified” birth certificates and such.

A note on the language of perversion:  They call it “gender” while everyone else calls it “sex.”

Sex you see is a matter of chromosomes:  Male and female he created them, XY or XX, or a variety of freakish mutations that “prove the rule.”

People are of one sex or the other. (Continued)

A Man at a Coffee Klatsch


SUZANNE writes:

I read your recent post on the transgender person, Kyle, and just thought you may be amused in hearing my thoughts.

I have long believed that, generally, when a man joins a group of women, the conversation will either revolve around what he finds interesting or else will zone out entirely. So, it was telling last week when I had coffee with a group of women and a transgender man (so it was a man dressed as a woman) was there. This man was totally bored unless the topic was something that he was interested in and then he dominated the conversation. And I just thought, no matter how you try to hide it, nature will out.

I love your blog, and visit most days.


Mother-Daughter Couple — Why Not?



Vertasha and Mary Carter

“We are the NEW face of hope. I will bear the brunt of the attacks. I will wear the scarlet letter. I will change America.”

—- Mary Carter

UPDATE: Fortunatelythis story appears to be a hoax or a joke. Thank you to the readers who emailed me to inform me of this.

I am not surprised that it is a hoax, nor would I be all that surprised if it was true. Nothing much surprises anymore. When fully licensed doctors are offering to freeze any woman’s eggs before she “transitions to a man” so that she can have children with another woman, well, is there any limit to the insanity out there?


Practical Advice from St. Padre Pio


That which proceeds from God begins with a salutary fear and finishes with peace of mind. That which comes from Satan begins with calmness and ends in storm, indifference and apathy.

Padre Pio



Children's Games, Pieter Bruegel the Elder; 1559-60

Children’s Games, Pieter Bruegel the Elder; 1559-60