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Resistance to Homosexualism


ONE gets the impression from the news that the homosexual agenda is approaching almost universal acceptance. At Tradition in Action, Stefano Gennarini writes:

The most powerful countries and institutions in the world promoting homosexual “rights” are finding resistance even where gay activists thought the battle had been won.

The goal of normalizing same-sex relations through legislation is hitting roadblocks in legislatures, courts, and among people around the globe. (Continued)

More Witnesses to Brown Shooting


THEY confirm the account of Dorian Johnson.


Looking for a Wife


Carl Spitzweg - Der Rabe. 1840

Carl Spitzweg – Der Rabe. 1840


GEORGE W. writes:

I am an avid reader of your blog. You have been influential in my evolving thoughts and opinions on society and its structure. Suffice it to say that I am a strong traditionalist and always have tended toward conservatism in political and life philosophy (not the degenerate “neo-con” variety that is practiced by so-called conservatives on the national level). In this, my interests have led me toward the application of judgment, based on traditionalist values, of personal human behavior. My interests are such because I have held grave self-doubts about my worth and value to society for some time now, and I would like your opinion from a traditionalist perspective on these matters, since I respect your insight greatly.


The Algonquin Hotel




KIDIST PAULOS ASRAT recently wrote about the storied hotel in New York City.

One Man’s Nightmare with False Sexual Assault Charges


IN The Washington Examiner, Ken Parisi describes his experience at Drew University in New Jersey.


More Lethal Kicks to the Head



Unfortunately, I have another addition from my home town to your Summer Victims post.

Scott Simerson, who was white, was beaten and kicked while watching some kids on a playground in Grand Rapids, Michigan in May. He was defenseless and police say the attack was unprovoked. He finally died from his injuries this past Sunday. Four black males allegedly ganged up on him. The two who are being charged in the crime are Robert Kelly and Donmard White.



Petula Clark on Motherhood



“I wasn’t a good mother because I was away so much. I tried hard to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, and a great performer. I thought I could do it all but it can’t be done. Sorry, but it just can’t. I had a good stab at it, but being a parent and married is a full-time job.” 

Singer Petula Clark speaking at age 80

The Downfall of Robin Williams





It is surprising that there are not more celebrity suicides. A celebrity is a human being commoditized, as the Marxists like to say, and thereby robbed of the self that he or she might develop in the course of life normally lived. At the beginning, the celebrity-to-be is probably pitiable because he or she is the victim of his or her agents, managers, publicity spokesmen, and so forth, whose collective design of marketing the person as though he or she were a product entails depriving that person of personhood. At some point, however, when the celebrity-to-be achieves actual celebrity and begins to identify with dehumanized object-of-celebration, he or she becomes culpable in the charade and loses the privilege of being pitied. Commercial culture creates narcissists, many of whom are destructive narcissists, dangerous not only to themselves but to those near to them.

The narcissist is interesting to other people because he or she, showered constantly with orchestrated adulation, appears to the narcissist in everyone to validate narcissism. But the narcissist is a hollow person, a being of demonic emptiness, which cannot exist except by a constant infusion of one-way admiration.

Robin Williams always struck me as the epitome of the mass-entertainment celebrity-narcissist. His early nightclub and late-night television standup routines were addressed to the “hip” audiences, overwhelmingly young, of the 1970s and 80s, whom they impressed as “edgy’ because they were so frantic, incoherent, and seemingly cocaine-driven.  According to the rumors, they often were cocaine-driven.


Friend of Michael Brown Describes Shooting



YOU can see Dorian Johnson’s description of the Michael Brown shooting here. In my opinion, he appears to be telling the truth.


Stars Drop from the Sky



THERE must be few fates worse than being a movie star today. Think of having to spend your life in that galaxy of black holes and bright, shining anti-stars. Think of that world of brutal competition and expensive divorce, that vast field of stumbling alcoholics, suicides, and drug addicts with their fitness trainers, oceanfront palaces and the latest in cosmetic dentistry. The average movie star spends thousands of hours in the dentist’s chair, millions of hours on the treadmill, trillions of hours lifting weights. Whenever I see celebrities on the red carpet at awards ceremonies, like Greek gods lining up for deadly sport, I think of all the dull hours these semi-divines had to spend looking at themselves in the mirror or getting fitted for their costly shreds of clothing. All for the sake of movies that involve real artistry and technical virtuosity but are more often than not still bad movies. Talk about selling your soul. There is no rehab center that can keep these gods from weeping.


Robin Williams and his third wife. 

More Reaction to Michael Brown Shooting


jonathan_capehart 1

JONATHAN CAPEHART, of the Washington Post, says that he might someday be killed by a policeman too. He writes:

When you’re black and especially male — in the United States — you have to go to these seemingly overboard, extra lengths in the off-chance they might save your life. But none of those things would have helped me if I were in the shoes of Michael Brown or Renisha McBride or Trayvon Martin. We don’t know yet if Brown was asked for identification, but we know the other two weren’t. Perhaps their assailants saw all they needed to know.

What frightens me more than anything in the world is that the chances are very high that one day I might be in their shoes and might meet their tragic end. The so-called victims of the nonexistent “war on whites” have absolutely NO idea what living under that kind of siege, that kind of very real threat, is like.

Statistically, I believe it is much more likely that Mr. Capehart will be killed by a black mugger. Most of those protesting the shooting face a much greater likelihood of being killed by their neighbors or friends.


The Hug vs. the Handshake


LYDIA SHERMAN writes at Home Living:

In this day of the “social gospel,” the common courtesy of a handshake has fallen by the wayside. Everyone must be exhuberantly hugging, instead. Will the handshake ever be recovered? There was a time when a handshake was the sharing of something great and a high honor. Today it seems to be considered too trivial, but how did the historical and dignified handshake ever become not good enough?


Reaction to Police Shooting in St. Louis



RESIDENTS of Ferguson, Missouri, near St. Louis, held vigils and protests Sunday in response to the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, 18. Word of the shooting quickly spread on Saturday via text-messaging. Rioting also broke out yesterday. Stores were looted, one was set on fire and bullets were fired at a police helicopter. According to police accounts, Brown was shot after he and a friend had a physical confrontation with a police officer in which Brown attempted to take the officer’s gun. Brown had recently graduated from high school and was planning to attend college in a few days. Benjamin Crump, the lawyer who represented Trayvon Martin’s family, has been retained by Brown’s family.


Leslie McSpadden, Brown’s mother

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports:

A Post-Dispatch photographer on the scene moments earlier saw broken glass and people rushing into the store, with someone yelling, “Everything’s free at the QuikTrip!” (Continued)


DILLENS, Adolphe-Alexandre Capture of Joan of Arc 1847-52

DILLENS, Adolphe-Alexandre
Capture of Joan of Arc

A Minority Among Minorities


WHITE students will be a minority of U.S. public school children for the first time this fall.

George Aldolphus Storey - Orphans

George Aldolphus Storey – Orphans