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The New Mass, CCD and an Exhausted Mother


A MOTHER writes from New Mexico:

I am Catholic and I understand you don’t believe in the post-Vatican II church. Do you take your children to mass? Do they do CCD classes through a local parish? Should I attend these masses? Also I would like your advise on what you think of the Church’s rule of being open to life. I am 28 years old and have four children ages eight, four, two, and four months. I’m not sure I should have any more. I am constantly tired and don’t have family nearby to help. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


Mardi Gras and Lent in Pre-Revolutionary France



IN A 2014 article on Mardi Gras traditions, Charles A. Coulombe wrote:

Our ancestors celebrated [Mardi Gras] to the best of their ability because they kept Lent very strictly: indeed, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the wise author of The Physiology of Taste, tells us what Lent was like in pre-Revolutionary France:

No body breakfasted, and therefore all were more hungry than usual.

All dined as well as possible, but fish and vegetables are soon gone through with. At five o’clock all were furiously hungry, looked at their watches and became enraged, though they were securing their soul’s salvation.

At eight o’clock they had not a good supper, but a collation, a word derived from cloister, because at the end of the day the monks used to assemble to comment on the works of the fathers, after which they were allowed a glass of wine.

Neither butter, eggs, nor any thing animal was served at these collations. They had to be satisfied with salads, confitures, and whitemeats, a very unsatisfactory food to such appetites at that time. They went to bed, however, and lived in hope as long as the fast lasted.

I hope you are planning to enjoy some of your favorite things today, dear reader, (perhaps a triple-stuffed-crust pizza hubcap with extra latex) and then say goodbye to all that until Easter. I personally think that giving up industrial-grade pizza does not count as a form of penance. In fact, I think indulging in it is a form of penance (forty days of Domino’s is the ultimate Lent), but it really depends on what gives you pleasure. Far be it for me to define your sacrifices.


Luscious Pillsbury Pizza Pockets

In a Convenience Store in Brooklyn


HANNAH writes:

I have read your website for some months. I differ with you on several issues but that’s not important now. I agree wholeheartedly on the subject of race, and black criminality in particular and I would like to tell you about something that happened the other day which illustrates this.

I don’t want to go into a long-winded bio, so, in brief: I was raised a liberal. I learned the hard way how to deal with blacks. I will provide anecdotes in future, if you want, but here’s an example from today.

I live in Brooklyn now. And I’ve noticed that any neighborhood except black ones is mixed – because that’s the way it goes in modern urban America. Blacks go where ever they please. Whites and Asians stay out of black neighborhoods. (Continued)

Communism and Race


ALAN writes:

If the FBI Director wants “to learn from our mistakes,” a good place to begin is with his statement that the FBI’s wiretap of Michael “Martin Luther” King was “without fact or substance, and is predicated on the naked assertion that there is “communist influence in the racial situation.”

His statement and implication are utter nonsense.  J. Edgar Hoover said King was the most notorious liar in the country.  He and the Kennedy brothers knew that King surrounded himself with his Communist friends and “advisers.” There is good reason to believe that King was a Communist-trained agitator.  The Communists were involved up to their ears in the “Civil Rights Revolution” of the 1950s-‘60s. It is a sad state of affairs indeed when Mr. Hoover’s successor either does not know or does not want to know or does not want to acknowledge these facts. (Continued)

“The Help”


PAUL writes from Louisiana:

I finally watched The Help a few weeks ago.  It is a 2011 movie about the supposed life of black maids in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 60s. It was wonderfully acted, cast, and directed. But was it accurate? It was fiction. The author is much too young to have witnessed the events.  Maybe she interviewed some maids, or maybe she did not.


Why Race Blindness Leads to Racialism


FROM the unpublished writings of Lawrence Auster:

Deep in the American mind there is the ideal of America as a country where advancement is open to anyone, where “it doesn’t matter who your parents were.” The problem with this lovely-sounding ideal of race-blindness is that it can only work within reasonable limits, i.e., when it is applied to groups and persons who, notwithstanding some mutual differences, share a civilizational commonality. Taken literally, it becomes absurd and dangerous. Applied en masse to radically diverse populations and cultures, the ideal of race-neutrality turns out to be not race-neutral at all, but becomes a weapon used by some groups to dispossess others.


The Weirs




TALES OF CHESTERmy husband’s recollections of his childhood, continues here with his memories of his neighbors, the Weirs.

Weiry, as in “weary,” that’s what we called her, had slicked-back gray hair and a face very much like Renner’s, only puffier with prominent swellings beneath the eyes. She looked like a man, and she had the most unusual walk. With every other step, her head would drop a foot or more, so that if she were walking on the other side of our hideous wooden fence, you would see her head appear and then disappear in a dolphin-like rhythm, as she walked to the end of the yard to water her tomato plants.

After the fire at Renner’s, which happened when I was ten, I began spending more time with the Weirs, who inhabited the ground-floor apartment in the red-shingled building on the north side of our house. Their place was across an alleyway that was so narrow you could shimmy up to the roof by bracing your hands and feet on the brick walls on either side. Their lives had been far different from Renner’s.

We often said that if Weiry had gone on that old TV show, Queen for a Day, she would have walked off with the studio. We watched Queen for a Day every afternoon. Three women chosen from the audience would tell horrible stories about the abject state of their lives. The audience would vote for the most-pathetic case, the results tabulated on an applause meter. They applauded hardship. The winner got crowned by the host, Jack Bailey, and received a gown and a Speed Queen washing machine.

No one we saw could match Weiry.



noah's ark

Noah’s Ark, from the Breviary of Chertsey Abbey; England, 14th century

From the Ruins of St. Louis



ALAN writes:

 A Progress Report from St. Louis

December, 2014:  Black female, 16, shot and killed by black thug, 21, two blocks from the Catholic high school that I attended in 1964.

December, 2014:  Black thug smashes windows at “Nu Fashion Beauty” store to steal “hair extensions”.  This was a repeat performance:  One day in 2006, the two doors and large glass windows at that store were completely boarded up.

This is called “breaking down barriers,” a cultural trend vigorously promoted by Liberals, Progressives, Anarchists, Feminists, Do-Gooders, and the Socialists and Communists who call themselves “Catholics.” The point of “breaking down barriers” is to get what you want.  Blacks understand this perfectly.  That is why they “break down barriers” in the form of inconvenient windows at “Nu Fashion Beauty” and other beauty supply stores, shoe stores, and electronic entertainment stores throughout St. Louis. It is a new and improved way of shopping.

Quintessential black culture:  A store owned and run by blacks that caters to blacks is targeted for theft repeatedly by blacks.  How does that improve my old neighborhood? I want to know.    (Continued)

Muslim as Apple Pie, cont.


DANIEL GREENFIELD critiques Peter Manseau’s recent piece in the New York Times.

FBI Director Genuflects Before Noble Negro


FBI Director James Comey, in a speech at Georgetown in reaction to the Ferguson riots, indulges in transparent historical revisionism to excuse crimes by blacks. There is nothing original in his speech, in which he ridiculously claims that black crime is no worse than the former crimes of Irish immigrants. It’s all been said millions and millions of times, including the idea that white racism is a “hard truth.” It’s all taught every single day in high schools and colleges. Still it is noteworthy when a chief law enforcer denies the very notion of free will in law-breaking.

Do you see the logic here? If lawbreakers are not responsible for their own behavior, or at least some of them are not responsible for their own behavior, then the government is responsible for everything. Comey’s speech is just another bureaucrat’s plea for bureaucratic tyranny. That’s what racialism is about. It’s about power, not benevolence towards blacks. Comey could care less about the true welfare of blacks, who are destroyed by this country’s leniency towards crime and the fatuous insensitivity of people like Comey towards its victims. Instead, Comey demands that his underlings worship at the grave of Martin Luther King:

I am descended from Irish immigrants. A century ago, the Irish knew well how American society—and law enforcement—viewed them: as drunks, ruffians, and criminals. Law enforcement’s biased view of the Irish lives on in the nickname we still use for the vehicles we use to transport groups of prisoners. It is, after all, the “paddy wagon.” 

Luv and Kisses from the Pizza Industrial Complex



Does Art Make Us Better?


THE POET and essayist Mark Anthony Signorelli examines the idea that art, particularly high culture, is not an elevating influence on human nature because some individuals who have committed great moral crimes have been either cultured people or actual artists,. He cites the example of Nazi officers who listened to Mozart.

It appears very likely to be the case that the corrosive politics of the era simply exerted such a fierce influence over that generation, that no amount of erudition or aesthetic refinement could consistently counteract it. (Continued)

Bombarded From All Sides


JEANETTE V. writes:

I can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by perversity. Here’s a military spouses’ site sympathetic to same sex couples. And at Redbook magazine, once for housewives, a mother publicly sentences her daughter to a lifetime of mental illness.


A Convert Tries to Convert the “Pope”



A CONVERT to Catholicism desperately attempts to persuade “Pope” Francis to become a Catholic. Weird, eh? Dr. Maike Hickson writes in a letter posted at Rorate Caeli:

I came out of a world that is now more and more subverting and invading, if not permeating, the life of the Catholic Church and a world to which you now seem to bow down and to pander. I grew up without any faith, from a broken family, in a cohabiting, aborting, divorcing and selfish world. I did not even know fully the Ten Commandments. I certainly did not live them. Nor did I have an intact family to give me a strong identity, a safe haven, or moral guidance. This way of life led me into many an impasse and even into depression. It was when I met my future husband that the light of Christ seemed first to enter my heart, slowly but steadily.

If Jorge Bergoglio officially approves divorce in the next installment of the Synod on the Family, Dr. Hickson will be required to approve it too. No Catholic can resist the pope’s official teachings.

Or Dr. Hickson will come to the inescapable conclusion that a non-Catholic such as Mr. Bergoglio cannot be a pope and that he is in fact an anti-pope whom Catholics must shun and reject.