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What Is Wisdom?

June 4, 2017

“THE GIFT of Wisdom is an illumination of the Holy Ghost, thanks to which our intellect is able to look at revealed truths in their more sublime light, to the greater joy of our souls.”

— Rev. M. Meschler, S.J. “The Gift of Wisdom: Meditations on the Holy Ghost”

O Blessed Light of Life Thou art,
Fill with Thy Light the inmost hearts
Of those that hope in Thee.

Without thy Godhead nothing can
Have any price or worth in man,
Nothing can harmless be.



June 4, 2017



Maid and Mother, pure and kind,
’Tis the Whitsun morning;
June hath wearied sun and wind
For the world’s adorning,—
Earth is blossomed like a bride
For the blessed Whitsuntide.

Thrice the mighty Spirit wrought
For thy soul’s completing:
First, thy stainless self He brought
To the world’s entreating;
Next, to work thy “Fiat” came;
Last, He crowns thy brow with

’Tis Elijah’s olden rite,
Slow the sign preparing:
First, God built thee, altar bright,—
Christ, the Victim, bearing;
Last, from Heaven, at thy desire
Flashed the Lord’s consuming fire.

– Edward F. Garesché, S.J (Source)


Pizza and the Ivy League

June 3, 2017

DAVID R. writes:

I have appreciated your blogs for about a year now. I am not sure I understand your distaste for pizza fully, as you have written several times about it. The photo of “the sleeping woman in subway with pizza sliding to its zero-mechanical state” made my day and I am glad you mentioned it in your blog.

I post this link about a high school senior admitted to Yale after writing an essay on pizza. Imagine getting into Yale based upon a Papa John’s (no less) pizza!

So much for the Ivies. Read More »


The Russians Are Coming, cont.

June 3, 2017


The Russian exclusive interview you posted recently was perfect. There must be other “sleepers” who have adopted the American way of life and are undermining truth, justice and the American way!

We used to have an eccentric Auntie who regularly warned us of foreign invaders coming to our coasts. I always thought the invasions would be foiled by the pizza and the music (noise-ick). The invaders would soon be acclimatized, in debt, distracted and done-in by the culture, though I am not sure what they would do with their weapons.

It’s hilarious how the author poses beside Putin, and posts his photo as a girl.


Soundtracks and Schoenberg

June 3, 2017

ANDREW writes:

In a recent post, a commenter from Tradition in Action mentions how it seems the only decent modern classical music is made for film scores, such as by John Williams for Star Wars or Harry Potter.

Maybe you’ve noticed that since the 80’s, more and more films are scored with recycled music; often the soundtracks are a collection of pop songs from a certain era, with little if any “new” scoring specifically written for the film. Read More »


The Sacred Heart

June 1, 2017



“Through the ages, I have disclosed in various ways My love for men and My burning desire for their salvation. I have allowed them to know My Heart.”

— Revelation of Jesus to Sr Josefa Menendez, 11 June 1923

Devotion to the Sacred Heart is “an aristocratic devotion aiming for the restoration of Christendom.” 


A Devilish Deed

June 1, 2017

THINK ABOUT IT: If you were the devil — I know it’s hard, but try to imagine it — wouldn’t you seek to convince people that you are only a symbol?

— Comments —

Paul A. writes:

Your comment is obviously true. But perhaps more to the point, if you were an unrepentant sinner, would you not try to convince yourself that the Devil is merely a symbol?


Pathologizing Dissent

June 1, 2017

“What a stroke of utterly malevolent genius, to portray opposition to your group’s agenda as a form of psychiatric illness.”

— Andrew Joyce


A Brief History of the Petunia

June 1, 2017

POSTED at Ebenshades Garden Centers:

“The petunias we know today are a far cry from those that first appeared in 19th century gardens, although they’re all based mainly on two species that were discovered in South America in the mid-1700’s and early 1800’s: White-flowered Petunia axillaris and purple-flowered Petunia violacea. Introduced into Europe in the early 1800’s, these species weren’t spectacular garden flowers–they were lanky and rather small-flowered–but breeders even then, especially in Germany and England, began crossing them in search of larger flowers and more colors. The result was the garden petunia–a group of plants in exciting colors, some with large, sometimes double flowers, others with fringed single flowers. Referred to as Petunia x hybrida, the plants weren’t hybrids as we know the term; they were chance crossings of species. Burpee’s 1888 catalog listed a ‘Black-throated Superbissima‘, which had deeply veined, dark crimson-purple petals and a black throat.  Read More »



June 1, 2017


Ariana Grande with one of many occult symbols she has posed with — the Monarch butterfly.

FRANK R. writes:

Here is a photo of the dead.  I think you do yourself a great disservice by rushing to call these attacks false flag.

Laura writes:

Thank you for your concern.

I’m sorry, but the photo you mention does not, in my opinion, prove anything. There are no close-ups of the fatally wounded or realistic images of wounds. It is similar — actually less convincing — than this photo of a terror drill last year at the Trafford Center shopping mall in Manchester.


In this age of cell phones — probably 90 percent of the people at the concert had a cellphone with a camera — it stretches belief that no photos of grisly carnage have emerged on the Internet, especially since the people at that concert would not exactly all have been mature, restrained citizens. I covered many crime stories when I was a newspaper reporter — for The Daily Register in Red Bank, N.J. and The Philadelphia Inquirer. I know what a victim of violence looks like.

But there are other reasons to suspect the story of Manchester. A drill of a similar terror attack occurred in Manchester a year before. Firefighters last week were prevented from helping the victims. Ariana Grande is heavily into the occult, which links her to Freemasonry. (There’s lots about this on the Internet.) The interviews with witnesses (such as here and here) were stilted and those who were supposedly witnesses or victims did not display traumatic effects. People have complained that photos of their dead relatives were posted in collages of the supposed victims. As usual, the suspect was killed and ISIS was instantly identified as the culprit. If rushing to judgment is itself wrong then the whole world should not have been orchestrating the fact that it was the work of ISIS, but should have waited for the results of an investigation. The land of Sherlock Holmes seems to reject investigation. How does one so instantly identify a body that has been blown apart? One more tidbit: Here’s a video showing that concertgoers were told over the public address system after the alleged explosion that nothing had happened — not in itself damning, but one more scrap of counter-evidence.

I wrote that I would be very suspicious of the story until realistic photos emerged. I will continue to believe it was either a false flag or the work of a patsy until more evidence to the contrary comes forward. I am open to being wrong.

I urge you to take seriously the papal warnings about Freemasonry, which has been active in England for a long time.



Read More »


Confederate Symbols: The Backstory

June 1, 2017



Boobus Athleticus

May 31, 2017

ROME wept this week upon the retirement of its favorite soccer player, Francesco Totti. Mike King writes:

… Sports — sports — sports! That’s all the typical TV-addicted European or American male seems to be able to get excited about, is it not? With his mind, his passion and his natural warrior spirit thusly diverted towards endless games and inane “round-table” commentaries about the game, Boobus Athleticus is left with neither the time nor the interest to study the dangerous illusions that have been and continue to be pulled over his eyes — illusions that are enslaving him and destroying his own family’s future. Adding insult to injury, the sports press openly mocks Boobus Athleticus by referring to him as a “fan” — short for “fanatic.”

Mamma mia! What a tragic farce. Read More »


“I Hacked America’s Election”

May 31, 2017

THE ORTHOSPHERE features an exclusive interview with Admiral-Commandant Feliks Danielovich Feliksov of the Great Lakes Submarine Detachment of the Russian Atlantic Flotilla. Stranded in a submarine in Lake Ontario for decades, the commander employed his advanced psychological weaponry to infiltrate the minds of both candidates and voters.

Our hacking operation went very deep, right down to the level of millions of individual minds.  We were even able to hack the minds of American college humanities professors in the voting booth seconds before pulling the lever.


St. Joan of Arc

May 30, 2017

TODAY is the feast day of one of history’s greatest militants.

Thy country’s sin, the insult, and the shame,
The scaffold’s doom, the faggot and the flame–
All these shall pass and be remembered not;
Fair Charity with kindly tears shall blot
From France’s shield the black corroding stain,
Caught from thy blood, O Lily of Lorraine!

The hero’s heart shall lose its thirst for fame,
And truth be dead, and virtue but a name,
Ere men shall cease to honor thee who gave
To France, to liberty, to truth–
In battle’s bloodiest trenches undismayed,
‘Neath insult meek, in persecution brave.
Thy love, thy life, thy stainless youth,
O Virgin, Patriot, and Martyr Maid!”

     — From St. Joan of Arc: The Life Story of the Maid of Orleans by the Rev. Denis Lynch, S.J.

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us


Nominee for 2017 Crisis Actor Award

May 30, 2017


And where are the bodies?


Hell: The Detested Doctrine

May 30, 2017


Psalter of Henry of Blois, c. 1150

FROM the first chapter of the excellent book, The Dogma of Hell, Illustrated by Facts Taken from Profane and Sacred History (1883), by Fr. F.X. Schouppe S.J.:

It has been reserved for modern and contemporaneous atheism, carried to the pitch of delirium, to outdo the impiety of all ages by denying the existence of hell.

There are, in our day, men who laugh at, question, or openly deny the reality of hell.

They laugh at hell; but the universal belief of nations should not be laughed at; a matter affecting the everlasting destiny of man is not laughable; there is no fun, when the question is of enduring for eternity the punishment of fire.

They question, or even deny the dogma of hell; but on a mater of religious dogma, they cannot decide without being competent; they cannot call in doubt, still less deny, a belief so solidly established, without bringing forward irrefutable reasons.

Now, are they who deny the dogma of hell competent in matters of religion? Are they not strangers to that branch of the sciences, which is called theology? Are they not oftenest ignorant of the very elements of religion, taught in the Catechism?

Whence, then, proceeds the mania, of grappling with a religious question which is not within their province? Why such warmth in combating the belief in hell? Ah! It is interest that prompts them; they are concerned about the non-existence of hell, knowing that if there is a hell, it shall be their portion; these unhappy men wish that there might not be one, and they try to persuade themselves that there is none. In fact, these efforts usually end in a sort of incredulity. At bottom, this disbelief is only a doubt, but a doubt which unbelievers formulate by a negation. Read More »


‘The Monetary Defect’

May 30, 2017

FROM AN essay by Louis Even (1885-1974), originally published in his book, This Age of Plenty:

The situation can be summed up in this inconceivable way: All the money in circulation came from a bank. Even metal and paper money come into circulation only after it having been released by a bank.

Now, banks put money into circulation only by lending it out at interest. This means that all the money in circulation came from the banks, and must someday be returned to the banks, with the added interest.

Banks remain the owners of the money. We are only leasing it. If some people manage to hang on to their money for a long period of time, or even permanently, others are necessarily incapable of fulfilling their financial commitments.

An increasing number of bankruptcies, for both individuals and companies, mortgages upon mortgages, and continued growth of public debts, are the natural fruits of such a system.

Claiming interest on money as it is created is both illegitimate and absurd, antisocial and anti arithmetic. The monetary defect is therefore a technical defect as well as a social defect.

As the country develops, production-wise and population-wise, more money is needed. But it is impossible to get new money without contracting a debt which collectively cannot be paid.

We are left with two choices: We either stop development or go deeper into debt; we either join the unemployed or we contract unpayable loans. All countries now face this dilemma.

Aristotle, and later Saint Thomas Aquinas, wrote that money does not breed money. But the banker only creates money under condition that it should breed more money. Since neither governments nor individuals create money, no one creates the interest claimed by the banker. Even when legalized, this way of issuing money remains vicious and insulting.

Forfeiting of power and abject poverty

This way of making the country’s money, by forcing governments and individuals into debt, establishes a real dictatorship over governments and individuals alike.

Sovereign Government has become a signatory of debts owed a small group of profiteers. The minister, who represents millions of men, women and children, signs unpayable debts. The banker, who represents a clique interested only in profit and power, manufactures the country’s money.

This is a striking aspect of the forfeiting of power spoken of by the Pope: “Governments have surrendered their noble functions and have become the servants of private interests.”[1]

The Government, instead of ruling the Country, has become a mere tax collector; and its largest expenditure is none other than the payment of interest on the national debt.


“Classical Music” as Noise

May 30, 2017

A COMMMENTER at Tradition in Action writes:

[Composer Arnold] Schoenberg decided to take the hierarchy and harmony in music and completely trash it by creating a new musical system called atonality. In this system, music has no center of pitch, as it did for hundreds, even thousands of years. He does away with the beauty of traditional tonality and prefers his egalitarian clusters of noise.

This atonality opened the floodgates to all kinds of progressivist movements in music. We see this progressivism starting with Stravinsky, then with Boulez, Stockhausen, Steve Reich, John Cage and, more recently, with Thomas Ades. We have to refrain from calling this “music” – it can only be considered a type of organized noise. Read More »