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Marriage as Rebellion

May 15, 2015

THE number of people who consider themselves “homosexuals” is so small, they could never have waged a successful campaign to institutionalize same-sex “marriage” on their own. This campaign needed the support of “protohomosexuals,” argues Tyler Blanski in an excellent piece at Crisis. 

Why are so many straight people pro gay? Because the normalization of homosexuality is the premiere achievement of heterosexual ideology. “Gay” and “straight” are not taxonomies but ideologies. They are not orientations but disorientations: whether bi-, homo-, or hetero-, hyphenated sexuality makes us lose our sense of direction toward the truly sexual, and the victims of such ideology are children. Read More »


All Boys

May 14, 2015

WHAT are the odds of a woman giving birth to 13 boys? I don’t know, but it’s extremely rare.

Of course, “Pope” Francis would say these are 13 rabbits. Read More »


The Only True Success in Life

May 14, 2015

FROM Father Frederick Faber’s The Precious Blood (1860):

I reckon failure to be the most universal unhappiness on earth. Almost everybody and every thing are failures–failures in their own estimation, even if they are not so in the estimation of others. Those optimists who always think themselves successful are few in number, and they for the most part fail in this at least, namely, that the cannot persuade the rest of the world of their success. Philanthropy can plainly do nothing here, even if were inclined to try. Read More »


Ascension Thursday

May 14, 2015



CONSIDER the meaning of Christ’s Ascension. Some brief reflections here. And here is a video marking this feast day.

Christ the King has been dethroned on earth. Let us enthrone him in our hearts.


The Female Chauvinism of Valerie Jarrett

May 13, 2015

IN AN interview with a women’s magazine, Valerie Jarrett, senior apparatchik to Obama, says:

A lot of good people are turned off by the nastiness of politics. And we need more people, particularly women. Just imagine what we would get done in Congress if it was comprised of a majority of women.”

Ah, more words of wisdom from the Marxist Polytechnic Institute that is the White House today.

Here’s a few words in response:

There is certainly no need for more people in politics. There are plenty of bodies. But more importantly imagine if any male senior cabinet member were to say, “See how much we get done because Congress is comprised of a majority of men.” He would be thrown out of office or publicly thrashed. More women have said arrogant, nasty things about male rule than prominent American men ever said publicly about women in politics in the days when Congress was all male. Men went around opening doors for women and doffing their hats. Men didn’t go around publicly saying, “See how great we are because we are men.” They didn’t go around abandoning their wives with impunity and still hold major office. They didn’t go around saying, “I married without really appreciating how hard divorce would be” — as Jarrett is quoted as formerly saying.

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Art Today

May 13, 2015



SEVEN cultural institutions in New York and Connecticut are preparing to host coordinated art exhibits on the “Seven Deadly Sins.”  The Katonah Museum will focus on gluttony, reports The New York Times, “with ‘Emilie Clark: The Delicacy of Decomposition,’ an installation that comments on consumption and decay. It will contain an arrangement of Ms. Clark‘s family’s preserved food waste, delicate watercolors that echo the moldering fare and an interactive ‘Research Station’ equipped with a microscope, drawing pad, and jarred and stuffed specimens.”

The Times reports:

Does this predominance of sin mirror greater immorality in society today? Bartholomew Bland, deputy director of the Hudson River Museum, doesn’t think so. Mr. Bland’s longstanding fascination with the idea of sin was the seed for the collaboration. “Sin isn’t more prevalent,” he said. “We’re just more accepting of it. It’s more explicit, more visible, more in your face.” Read More »


Empty Streets and Patriarchal Laws

May 13, 2015

A READER writes from Ireland:

Some months ago, I returned from a week in France where I had taken a holiday with my brother who has lived in France for quite a few years. My brother took me to several picture-postcard towns in the area, where signs such as ‘A Vendre/For Sale’ or ‘A Louer/For Rent’ were most prevalent. The brother said that in these towns these signs have been on show for some 12 to 15 years now, since he started to come to the area. We arrived in these towns in the middle of the day and the streets were empty at a time when the French go to the bars and restaurants to eat lunch. I saw a few teenagers, but absolutely no children on the streets. I did however see plenty of old people with their little dogs — the new children. This is the same France where “mére” and “pére” will soon be non-PC words, if not illegal words.

But the situation is the same throughout the West. Read More »


Title IX Culture

May 13, 2015

IN this heartbreaking profile of a female University of Pennsylvania freshman who committed suicide last year, readers will find many themes discussed at this site, including the phenomenon of weird masculine names for girls, the cult of athletics and success, immodesty and near-nakedness in women, the narcissism of social media and the vitalistic emptiness of modern childhood. This girl died in a calculated act of will, which does not seem that surprising given that her will had been assiduously and expensively cultivated in the sort of hyper-competitive sports that are now pushed on women from all sides, even by the federal government. She clearly wanted out from under the college sports racket. She wanted out, but was seemingly too afraid of disappointing others or shedding the identity of an athlete.

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Stop Surrogacy

May 12, 2015

A NEW organization, Stop Surrogacy Now, has formed to oppose reproductive surrogacy:

We believe that the practice of commercial surrogacy is indistinguishable from the buying and selling of children. Even when non-commercial (that is, unpaid or “altruistic”), any practice that subjects women and children to such risks must be banned.

No one has a right to a child, whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, or single-by-choice.

We stand together asking national governments of the world and leaders of the international community to work together to end this practice and Stop Surrogacy Now.

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Francis Luv

May 12, 2015

CExFX9JXIAAz5NMTHE MISSION of the Catholic Church is to save souls. The mission of  Jorge Bergoglio is to market a New World love-a-thon in which the religious consumer is always right. In a clothing store where the saleswoman tells every customer how fabulous she looks, the message conveyed is: “We love you! Come back and spend some more!” The new logo of Francis’s upcoming visit to the U.S. conveys a similar message. This is a shallow, insincere love. Once again, Novus Ordo Watch nails it:

Overall, the logo appears rather sterile, with no clear identity other than the figure that has its back turned toward you. But really, replace the illustration of Francis with one of the Dalai Lama, and it would fit just as much. As well it should, for it might as well be the Dalai Lama that comes to visit — the message preached will substantially be the same. Read More »


Equality and the Family

May 10, 2015

SINCE all families can never be good families, all families should be bad families, say two Australian “philosophers,” who also argue for polygamy. They say parents who read books to their children are “unfairly disadvantaging” children who do not have parents who read them books.

They do, however, have standards.

‘We do want to defend the family against complete fragmentation and dissolution,’ [Adam Swift] says. ‘If you start to think about a child having 10 parents, then that’s looking like a committee rearing a child; there aren’t any parents there at all.’ Read More »


Women Soldiers at Army Ranger School

May 10, 2015


ALL eight women in the U.S. Army Ranger School failed to pass the infantry course.

That can mean only one thing. The course must be made easier.

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A Mother Who Never Was

May 10, 2015

DAVID C. writes:

This article about a woman in an intentionally childless marriage who dedicates herself to extreme promiscuity is a sad sort of remembrance for those women who do not get to be mothers on Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015



HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers. May you realize the importance of your role. A few thoughts on the cultural institution of motherhood can be found here.


The Model Minority: Manicure Edition

May 9, 2015




Sarah Maslin Nir reports in The New York Times on “The Price of Nice Nails:”

On a morning last May, Jing Ren, a 20-year-old who had recently arrived from China, stood among them for the first time, headed to a job at a salon in a Long Island strip mall. Her hair neat and glasses perpetually askew, she clutched her lunch and a packet of nail tools that manicurists must bring from job to job.

Tucked in her pocket was $100 in carefully folded bills for another expense: the fee the salon owner charges each new employee for her job. The deal was the same as it is for beginning manicurists in almost any salon in the New York area. She would work for no wages, subsisting on meager tips, until her boss decided she was skillful enough to merit a wage.

It would take nearly three months before her boss paid her. Thirty dollars a day. Read More »