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The Suspicious Clock

September 22, 2015


ED H. writes:

Being inherently skeptical of almost everything produced by the mainstream media networks, I was a bit suspicious of recent reports about a 14-year-old boy in Texas who was treated quite poorly by police due to “Islamophobia” on behalf of school administrators and law enforcement. However, all initial reports were mostly from the big media outlets and the reports I read from smaller news outlets or individual bloggers which contradicted the “Islamophobia” narrative either appeared somewhat biased (i.e., neocons) or had no references to back up their opinions. Whenever I observe the big media networks use any word with the “phobia” suffix (homophobia, Islamophobia, etc.) it seems they’re usually pushing a false narrative, aside from being annoying, as with the post-Watergate trend of naming all scandals with the “gate” suffix. If media reports are to be believed, this budding genius had “invented” some type of electronic clock or similar device and put it into a suitcase to transport it to his school. Then after arriving at school, the horrible, bigoted Christians immediately suspected the boy of bringing in a bomb because Christian, bigoted bigots are big on bigotry. Especially in Texas dontcha’ know. Read More »


Gaddafi Predicted Refugee Crisis

September 21, 2015

In March 2011, [Muammar] Gaddafi warned that without unified and stable Libya there would be no one to control countless migrants from Africa and the Middle East from fleeing to Europe. Unlike Western leaders, he apparently understood that millions, not thousands will come, should Tripoli fall.

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The Silent Woman

September 21, 2015

Justus Juncker (1703-1767) The Maid in the Kitchen

Justus Juncker (1703-1767) The Maid in the Kitchen

IN A 2010 essay on “The Art of Verbal Swordsmanship,” sent in response to the verbal duel in this entry, the writer Caryl Johnston makes an important point about the role of women as listeners, a role undermined by the busyness and extrovertedness of the feminist way of life:

What if the relative historical silence of women has existed in order that the faculty of hearing might become spiritualized? It is the principle of reculer pour mieux sauter — hold back in order to leap forward. Both to hunger and to hear enable us to form an empty space, a silence, fit for reception and waiting. Such a contrast to the spilling of our substance in the moment, the consumption and wastage of the spirit in fitful politics.

Here is an entirely different thought from that offered by the vulgar cause of Feminism. Feminists would detest to hear me say that a woman’s highest possibility lies in Obedience (which means, by the way, hearing, being able to hear)– that is, to the solar principles of thinking. But the woman who embarks upon the Path of Honor has already left feminism far behind. It is but a new theory of repletion, and she has learned it is much more interesting not to be


Two Peas in a Pod

September 21, 2015


“Pope” Francis and Fidel Castro

 FRANCIS met with Fidel Castro but dissidents were blocked from seeing Francis.


Francis in Communist Cuba

September 21, 2015


Jorge Bergoglio and Cuban President Raul Castro

THOMAS DROLESKEY writes at Christ or Chaos:

Going just a step or two beyond what “Saint John Paul” or “Pope Benedict XVI” did upon their own respective visits to Cuba in 1998 and 2012, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka “Pope Francis,” expressed his “respect” for a mass murdering Marxist-Leninist thug, Fidel Castro, doing so when giving his welcoming address upon arriving at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuba, on Saturday, September 19, 2015, the Feast of Saint Januarius and the Commemorations of Ember Saturday in September and of the Vigil of Saint Matthew the Apostle.

Here’s what Jorge Mario Bergoglio said upon his arrival in Havana, Cuba, a nation that has been imprisoned by the torturing likes of Fidel Castro and his brother Raul, who succeeded him as President of the Council of the Ministers of Cuba on February 24, 2008:

My gratitude also goes to Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino, Archbishop of Havana, the Most Reverend Dionisio Guillermo García Ibáñez, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba and President of the Episcopal Conference, the other bishops and all the Cuban people, for their warm welcome.

I thank, too, all those who worked to prepare for this Pastoral Visit.  Mr President, I would ask you to convey my sentiments of particular respect and consideration to your brother Fidel.  I would like my greeting to embrace especially all those who, for various reasons, I will not be able to meet, and to Cubans throughout the world. (Antipope Jorge rrives in Cuba, encourages reconciliation.)

Respect for Fidel Castro?

Respect for an avowed Marxist-Leninist?

Respect for a mass murdering atheist?

[ ….]

There will be many in the “conservative” and semi-traditional blogosphere who will claim that Bergoglio is attempting to convert Fidel Castro by giving him a book written by a former teacher of his, Father Segundo Llorentea, S. J., whom Castro sent into exile shortly after he overthrew Battista in 1959, a little fact ignored by the news report from the Vatican Propaganda Office, and a compact disc with Fathr Llorentea’s voice. Such a contention, however would fall into the “nice try” category as any such “conversion” would be premised upon Fidel Castro’s coming to understand that there is little difference between his version of “social justice” and Jorge’s own beliefs, which is why the false “pope” gave the Jesuit-educated butcher a copy of Laudato Si, May 24, 2015, and Evangelii Gaudium, November 26, 2013. To believe that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is attempting to “convert” Fidel Castro to what almost everyone alive today believes is the Catholic Church and to abjure his support for Marxism-Leninism, is illusory. [cont.] Read More »


Lone Congressman to Boycott Francis

September 20, 2015

Traditio writes of U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar’s boycott of Francis’s upcoming speech before Congress:

Gosar originally thought that Bergoglio was going to address the persecution and execution of Christians and by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and other terrorist Mohammedan Infidel organizations, condemning their heinous slaughter of Christians, and the rape and enslavement of Christian women and children. Gosar also expected Bergoglio to address the infanticides being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood, currently a hot topic in the United States because of its public funding.

Instead, Francis is expected to talk about global warming.


A Finishing Touch on the Army

September 18, 2015


Eric Fanning, left

KARL D. writes:

All is now right with the world. Our glorious leader has nominated Eric Fanning as our first openly homosexual Secretary of the Army. Besides this, as far as I can tell, he has never served in uniform in any branch of the service. I don’t know if that is the norm or not, but I would think that that at least would be a must? Anyway, while morale goes down the toilet this nomination will make up for it. As long as there are female toilets on submarines, women and transexuals in combat positions, and homosexuals running the Army, we have nothing to be concerned about.

Every day brings Rome just a little bit closer to collapse. Read More »


Not Nice

September 18, 2015


not-very-nice exchange between a reader and me can be found here.

Read Christopher Bollyn’s book, Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World.


In the Soft Belly of Protestantism

September 18, 2015



WHEELER writes:

In the entry “Before the ‘Happy’ Church,” Alex writes with power and precision of his memories of the traditional Roman Catholic Church of his boyhood. I say “power” because of the evocative nature of his descriptions, and also because of the melancholy his words engender in my own heart when I think on the vast difference between his experiences and my own.

With apologies to Alex, may I describe the Protestant world in the South, during my boyhood in the late ’60s? Read More »


September 17, 2015



Flying the Kite, Laura Knight



September 17, 2015

A NEW PODCAST on “Catholic” divorce and the Kim Davis case can be found here.


Poisoned by Depo Provera

September 17, 2015

EARLIER this year, Abby Johnson described at Lifesite News the frightening medical condition she has suffered since taking “birth control” injections of Depo Provera. Anti-Woman Feminism strikes again.

I thought for a long time that my headaches must have been related to my Depo Provera use, but I didn’t have that confirmation until I was diagnosed. My neurologist told me that he very often saw this condition manifest after women took hormonal birth control…particularly birth control containing progestin. So I had to deal with the fact that because I was so desperate not to get pregnant, I put something in my body that gave me a life-long disorder, and could make me go blind.

Bill and Melinda Gates are spending some of their immense fortune in bringing Depo Provera to women in 69 “developing” countries. Their foundation aims to give this toxin to a staggering 225 million women. How’s that for global, oligarchic ambition? Aside from harming women, preventing births and undermining social order, this evil plot will inevitably create a backlash against the West once women in the “developing” world realize they have been poisoned.



The Sinking Anglican Ship

September 16, 2015

THE break up of the Anglican Church is very, very complicated. I think the bottom line is: We’ll all go our own way but pretend we are still affiliated.


Taking Back America Through the Precincts

September 16, 2015


NETWORK AMERICA is an organization seeking to renew American politics through the existing precinct system. Form contacts and friendships now through this system of local interaction. Forget the Trump rallies, folks. Start anew. Hope for the best. But plan for the worst.



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The Talmudic Kat

September 16, 2015

MARK JAWS writes:

I commend your excellent work on exposing the essence of The Talmud. I can assure that while today very few Jews know what is in the Talmud, an unhealthy percentage of them nonetheless go into Ashkenazi Apoplexy when Gentiles merely mention the name, Talmud. It is like, “Oh stoot! Who let the Kosher Kat out of the bag?” I am only half Gentile and a practicing Catholic to boot, and my comparison of the Talmud to the Quran in a family email has branded me an outcast among my mother’s Jewish family circle. No more Bar Mitzvahs for me – which is a shame, because they are the only place you can get really good chopped liver. Read More »


Before the “Happy” Church

September 15, 2015


ALEX writes:

Shall I say what the Church was when I was growing up in Chicago in the late ’50s?

Six a.m. mass said in the cold, dark of winter with one little old lady dressed in black occupying the back row.

Ringing the church bells for Mass and allowing the rope to carry you up 15 feet to the ceiling.

Christmas High Mass at midnight with hundreds of parishioners and many altar servers.

The doors to the church open late everyday so you could pray when it came on you. Read More »


“Everything We Provide Is Fresh”

September 15, 2015

THE CENTER for Medical Progress’ grisly tour de force continues with the tenth undercover video of Planned Parenthood personnel who admit to trafficking in the bodies of babies.

From Breitbart:

“We’ve just been working with people who want particular tissues, like, you know, they want cardiac, or they want eyes, or they want neural,” Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, Senior Medical Advisor for Planned Parenthood for America tells a hidden camera. “Certainly, everything we provide–oh, gonads! Oh my God, gonads. Everything we provide is fresh.”

But don’t hold your breath waiting for Planned Parenthood to be defunded or expect anyone to be charged with a crime. The organization continues to get millions in federal funds and the mainstream media continues to underplay the story. Read More »


The Inevitable: A Childless Mother

September 15, 2015

THE ACTRESS Kim Cattrall says she’s a mother even though she has no children.

Cattrall is right that one can be maternal without having children, but she takes that idea too far. Read More »