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What do Fathers Want? II

June 24, 2009


Bill writes the following in response to earlier entry on fathers and daughters:

I think (decent) fathers want for their daughters what they have always wanted: a home and a life which give them the greatest chance of rightly-ordered flourishing.  For a long time, back to say Greek antiquity, giving her the best chance at this or something close to it meant preparing her for her role in a rightly-ordered home and helping her find a proper mate.  But this is much less true today and is becoming less true as we go along.

Women cannot simply expect that they will be able to find a suitable man who wants a traditional marriage.  The norms supporting that expectation are weak and are perhaps getting weaker still.  In northern europe now, most babies are born out of wedlock.  Among the American underclass, the same is true.  Even among the more functional elements of our society, the expectation that wives will make large contributions to the family’s financial support is nearly universal.

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