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Sonia and Sarah

  It is interesting to contrast and compare two of the most prominent women in American politics this summer. They are dramatically different figures.  Let’s leave aside their sharply differing political views for a moment. It’s interesting to look at these women simply as models for women. What do they have to say to the young women of America about their […]

Graham, the Feminist

  America’s women were unfairly and unnecessarily denied entry to the legal profession, Sen. Lindsay Graham said today during senate confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor. For years, women were asked only, “Can you type?” when considered for legal jobs. “Count me in,” Graham said, referring to hopes for many more women as lawyers and judges. Given that almost […]

Legal Feminism

  On my recent ballot for Common Pleas Court judges in Pennsylvania, eight out of the fourteen candidates were women. If the trend in law education continues, women could be a majority of lawyers in the coming years. About 47 percent of law school students are currently female, but women have been gaining steadily in undergraduate enrollment […]